The technique of Japanese anti-wrinkle massage at home

Facial massage will help you get rid of wrinkles.

Facial massage will help you get rid of wrinkles.

The first wrinkles are always stress for almost every woman. Waiting for their appearance or daily viewing in the mirror is painful, because no woman can watch the beauty disappear from her face. However, more and not necessary: ​​modern procedures, and especially massage techniques, allow you to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, and significantly smoothen existing ones. Its effectiveness is allocated to the Japanese facial massage against wrinkles - it's not for nothing that women from all over the world are successfully resorting to its help.

  1. Contents:
    1. How to regain youth with your own hands
    2. Thinnesses of self-massage: basic rules and massage movements
    3. Preparing for massage
    4. Facial massage technique at home

    How to regain youth with your own hands

    Over time, women's skin loses its elasticity and shape,flabbiness and weakens the muscles of the face, causing loss of elasticity and a clear outline. And the fault of this is not the ruthless run of time, but the usual reluctance to engage in his appearance. After all, when the body needs improvement, a person goes to the gym or to expensive procedures, where everything comes back to normal. When a person needs help, women most often exacerbate the problem by applying a large amount of cosmetics, which only hides the shortcomings, but does not help to get rid of them.

    If a woman decides to eradicate the problem of aging, then the surest way is a facial massage, shown on a variety of videos. Correct actions, first of all, increase blood circulation and normalize the lymph flow. As a result, this leads to saturation of skin cells with oxygen, elimination of toxins and other harmful substances. At the same time, muscle tone is acquired, which means that the muscle tissue is tightened and the person returns to the old forms. That is, after regular and proper massage, you should expect such an effect:

    • With regular massage, your circles under the eyes disappear.

      With regular massage, circles under your eyes will disappear.

      Mimic wrinkles are smoothed;

    • Deep wrinkles become less noticeable;
    • The complexion is equal;
    • The skin turgor is restored;
    • Circles under the eyes disappear;
    • Improves skin condition in general.

    And massage of the face against wrinkles is very effective to start before the first age changes - as a preventive measure. This will not only make the face even more beautiful, but also will delay aging for a certain period. Therefore, it is recommended to start at the age of 28-29 years, but not earlier than 25, because a very young face does not need a massage. If you start when wrinkles and wrinkles fill your face, you can combine massage with gymnastics and special tools designed to rejuvenate the skin.

    Subtlety of self-massage: basic rules and massage movements

    Frequent visits to beauty salons and expensive cosmetics are not always available to women to restore youth. On the other hand, facial massage, which is very popular in these very beauty salons, can be performed even at home, and independently. This requires only 10 minutes of time per day, video with movements as an example and knowledge of the main subtleties of massage. The main thing is that all movements in the massage should be strictly according to the current of the lymph. Otherwise, you can only aggravate the situation.

    It is desirable to perform self-massage in front of the mirror. The first time strictly follow the video, and later you yourself will learn how to perform a massage. For the first time, 5 minutes of massage will be enough - then you should increase the time to 10-15 minutes. Perform a massage in a row 10 days, and then give the skin 2 weeks of rest and repeat the course again. You will notice the result if you correctly perform the established massage movements:

    1. Strokes. Performed by either the fingertips or the entire surface of the palm from the periphery and to the central points. Usually used for resting the skin, at the beginning and end of the massage, as they increase blood circulation, cleanse the skin and relax the nervous system;
    2. Rubbing. The superficial ones are performed by the tips of the fingers, the deeper ones by the edge or base of the palm. You can do in different directions, but to effectively stimulate blood flow, remove fat deposits and smooth the scars should be performed in circular motions.
    3. Muddling. Most often, the skin is caught by the pads of the fingers. Less often - work with the palm and thumb. Relieve stress and improve skin nutrition.
    4. Beating( patting).Performed first with only pads of fingers, after the edge of the palm and the full surface of the palm. It is important that pats should be light, frequent and certainly from a close distance. Increase muscle tone, accelerate blood circulation.
    5. Vibration. Fingers or palms perform light vibrations or tremors.

    No matter how useful the above exercises shown in the video are, they can not be performed more than once a day. And some of them are prohibited at all. So, Japanese facial massage against wrinkles can not be used to rejuvenate women who have on their face inflammation, warts, large moles or herpes. It is also undesirable to use this technique for chronic diseases that weaken immunity.

    Preparation for massage procedure

    Before the massage you need to wash your face thoroughly to remove all makeup.

    Before the massage you need to wash your face thoroughly to remove all makeup.

    It is advisable to perform massage before going to bed, for several hours. Moreover, purification is very important. First, you need to thoroughly clean the face of cosmetics, creams and other used products, then dry it dry. Secondly, the skin of the hands should be perfectly clean, because with dirty fingers you can only pollute the face more strongly. To massage more effectively affect the skin, it must be pre-heated, for example, herbal compress.

    Before performing massage movements on the skin, you must apply a night cream or massage oil. A wonderful alternative can be oil against wrinkles: coconut or almond, and against wrinkles under the eyes - castor oil. For oily skin, you can use a mixture of olive oil with lemon juice. Now the face is ready for massage - you can safely proceed!

    Technique of facial massage at home

    Immediately after preliminary preparation, it is necessary to begin facial massage. The video shows the main massage movements and their sequence in order to effectively rejuvenate the face for ten minutes a day. This is an effective Japanese facial massage against wrinkles, which, in addition to smoothing the skin, will also remove toxins, excess fluid and give the person beautiful shapes. The explanations for its implementation at home are given below:

    • The first movement - stroking - is aimed at accelerating the current of the lymph. It is important that the fingers should be as tight as possible, and strong strokes are carried from the center of the temple to the clavicles, without touching the chin line.
    • The second exercise is performed, like the previous one, just starts from the center of the forehead. Remember: strong pressure, effective smoothing of all folds.
    • Circular stroking around the eyes should be gentle, because the skin there is very sensitive. Pressing can only be done with your fingers over the eyebrows or along the line of the eyebrows. Do everything smoothly, and at the extreme points of stretching, delay for a few seconds.
    • Stroking around the mouth is performed by strong pressure, then in a circular motion, treat the area of ​​nasolabial folds and smoothly rise to the bridge of the nose, rubbing it along straight lines.
    • The next exercise on the video will effectively tighten the cheeks: from the center of the chin, strongly-bypassing the corners of the mouth, pull the skin up and hold it for a few seconds. It is very important to finish this action by stretching the skin on the sides.
    • Next, keep in mind that you need to move your fingers strictly diagonally: from the tip of the ear to the center of the eye.
    • After you have massaged the area under the eyes, the ribs of the palm should be placed clearly in the center of the chin. Strong-strong pressure, smoothly and slowly, pull the skin to the tips of the ears.
    • Then, similar pressure is applied to each side separately. It is important to move just under the chin, feeling the bone.
    • For the penultimate exercise, fold your arms and place them so that your thumbs are under your chin. While doing this, make sure that only the 4 upper fingers do not move, and the thumbs do not change positions.
    • Finish not by strong, relaxing motions-stroking your forehead.

    This technique was developed by a well-known Japanese cosmetologist, and therefore, if done correctly, it will certainly bring success. The main thing - try it, and the changes will not stop!

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