All causes and effective treatment of pigmented spots formed on the face

Pigmented spots on the face

Pigmented spots on the face of

Some of us sometimes have( or already have) pigment spots. Their formation on the skin, especially on the face, creates certain inconveniences and troubles. After all, the emerging spots and freckles do not just affect the appearance of the girl. There are cases of very serious psychological experiences in this regard. Therefore, it is very important to understand the causes of this phenomenon, in order to know what treatment is possible, or not to allow the appearance of pigment spots on the face.

Table of contents:

  1. What can be caused by spots?
  2. How to eliminate stains on the face?
  3. It's best not to let them appear

What can be caused by spots?

The reasons why the pigmentation spots are formed on the face are quite diverse, as are the numerous varieties of spots. So, the following types are distinguished:

  • Freckle causes freckles

    Freckles freckles

    freckles( medical name - epheliny).They are formed mainly on the face of a maximally prone to pigmentation group of people. It's about red or blondes. Everyone knows that the cause of the formation of freckles is the "attention" of the sun. With age, the number of such spots on the face decreases due to the fact that the skin gradually learns to distribute all the incoming amount of sunlight;

  • lentigo. This kind of pigmentation spots is manifested much later freckles, usually to 40 years. In fact, lentigo comes to replace freckles, but these spots are much more difficult to disguise;
  • melasma( or chloasma).It is formed due to the fact that several spots of relatively small size are combined together. As a result, there are quite large pigmented areas having an irregular shape;
  • is not a nevus. These are all known birthmarks. In essence, they are moles, i.e.cells of the skin of the face( of course, other parts of the body are possible), which are overcrowded with melanin.

Each of the listed types of pigmented spots is formed due to various circumstances. Of all the reasons, it should be noted the age. The fact is that during the so-called "Balzac age", women are more susceptible to pigmentation on the face. This is explained as follows:

  1. first, in adulthood, the amount of melanin produced by the body increases substantially;
  2. secondly, again, by virtue of age, a characteristic feature of all life processes is the periodic carrying out by the body of its own hormonal changes.
Excessive solar activity

Excessive solar activity

As another cause of pigmentation on the face, it should also be called solar activity. In the spring, when the amount of sunlight sharply increases, slightly unaccustomed to this kind of exposure, the skin is exposed to an adverse attack of the heavenly body. That is why the springtime can be called the most favorable for skin pigmentation.

What other factors can cause the appearance of age spots on the face? In fact, the series can be quite long:

  • lack of vitamins in the body;
  • excessive infatuation with the reception of "sunbathing";
  • malfunctioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • dysfunction of the liver, gallbladder, kidney;
  • presence of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • stress;
  • pregnancy, often enough age spots on the face are formed after childbirth due to hormonal changes;
  • exposure to chemical components. As a rule, we are talking about those elements that are contained in cosmetics and household chemicals.

Absolutely all these circumstances have an effect on melanin. This pigment is designed to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. If the distribution of melanin throughout the skin is uneven, then there are pigmented spots.

How to eliminate stains on the face?

Of course, one knowledge of the causes of the appearance of age spots on the face is not enough. After all, we are much more interested in the question of how to get rid of such spots;how their treatment is carried out. There are various ways to remove pigmentation spots on the face, all of which are completely safe.

Getting rid of age spots

Getting rid of age spots

In the first place, you should call a peeling. There is a special procedure called bleaching peeling, the essence of which is as follows:

  • , the surface layer of the skin is being killed;
  • then this layer is completely removed;
  • as a result of this, the skin is updated, i.e.to become light, homogeneous and healthy.

The peeling itself can be different:

  1. Laser Removal

    Laser removal

    The first kind is ultrasonic peeling. In this method, special preparations are made into the epidermis by means of ultrasound, with the aim of bleaching the skin. Complete treatment with ultrasound peeling should consist of at least 10 sessions;

  2. Laser peeling. Here, the removal of the upper layer, and, consequently, of the pigment spots on the face is carried out using a special laser. The maximum result when using a laser can be achieved in winter, since it is during this period that the sun's activity is the least. However, it is important to understand that the laser itself is a rather painful procedure. With this type of peeling, renewal of the skin is accompanied by trauma, and therefore, along with the laser, it is also necessary to use preparations that promote healing. For this reason, treatment in this way is somewhat inferior to the previous one in matters of removing pigment spots from the face;
  3. Finally, there is also chemical peeling. The essence of it is that the upper layer of the skin is removed due to the effects of special chemicals. They act quickly and very qualitatively, which determines the relative popularity of this method of peeling.

Traditional medicine also contributes to the removal of pigment spots on the face. There are many different recipes, tested by many years of experience, which allow you to whiten the skin with high quality and reliably remove pigmented spots. As a rule, various kinds of masks are used. They are very numerous and diverse, but mostly based on the use of components such as: radish, lemon juice, cucumbers, sauerkraut, oat flour or dandelions.

As an example, one of the prescriptions providing effective treatment:

  1. for the preparation of the mask will require starch and lemon juice;
  2. starch in an amount equal to 1 spoon( dining room), it is necessary to dilute with freshly squeezed lemon juice;
  3. starch dilution is carried out so that as a result a thick cushy mass is obtained;
  4. the obtained mask is applied directly to the spots on the face;
  5. after 20-25 minutes the mask is carefully washed off.
Vitamin C helps prevent pigmentation

Vitamin C Helps Prevent Pigmented Spots

Regular application of this mask will quickly eliminate pigmented spots on the face.

It is better not to let them appear

However, how effective the described treatment of spots is, it is best not to allow their formation at all. Prevention includes a number of activities, namely:

  • eating foods with a vitamin C. This is especially effective on the eve of spring, when solar activity resumes;
  • directly in the spring( and also in the summer) it is recommended to resort to the help of special cosmetics, whose action is aimed at protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation. For example, there is one proven tool that will reliably protect your face. This is a sunscreen that has a protection factor in the range of 4 to 60.

As you can see, it is quite possible to provide effective treatment of the pigmented spots formed on the face. Each of the above-described removal methods is characterized by high performance indicators, the difference is only in the sensations of the procedure: as already noted, laser peeling is the most painful. However, the most appropriate is to prevent the formation of pigmented areas on the face, which is quite possible and feasible. In a word, be attentive to yourself!

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