8 most effective cosmetic procedures for fighting cellulite

1. Massage with lipotropic drugs

Performed by skilled hands, it literally works wonders: it improves blood circulation, prevents swelling of tissues, activates the metabolism, helping anti-cellulite cream penetrate deep layers of the skin and thereby strengthening its effect. Independently to make such massage it will not turn out: only the professional can estimate a stage of a cellulitis then will select lipotropic preparations taking into account individual features. To fix the effect, swimming exercises are perfect.

2. Contour massage with wrapping

After the contour massage, which activates the blood circulation, the body is tightly wrapped with bandages soaked in a special composition: mineral water, herbal infusion, mud, menthol, camphor - each cosmetic center has its own special recipes. They necessarily include the extract of field horsetail, which helps to remove excess water from tissues, as well as fucus, which cleans the body of toxins. Caffeine and iodine from seaweed stimulate the breakdown of fat. Sometimes they also make dense bandaging with the help of bandages, hot, cold, gel-film, full and partial wrapping.

Cold wraps are not suitable for those who suffer from angina, asthma or cold allergy, and from hot ones it is better to refrain from varicose, hypertension, cardiac pathology, blood vessels, gynecological and oncological diseases. If there is an ultrasound phonophoresis in the salon, then use it. It improves the absorption of nutrients and prolongs their useful life.

3. Vacuum pressotherapy

The procedure resembles folk treatment by banks - only special, cosmetic. Banks cause a rush of blood to the subcutaneous adipose tissue and accelerate the outflow of lymph. There is a so-called lymph drainage, as a result of which the metabolism in cells is accelerated. The vacuum chamber slides over the body, lifting the skin along with the fat and smoothing it. The disadvantages of this procedure are two: persistent bruises and unpleasant sensations. True, it will take two or three minutes. Another option of this procedure is vacuum vibromassage with a special roller, which kneads the skin and destroys the fibers creating the notorious "orange peel" effect.

4. Dermotonia( reflexotherapy)

This is the last word of vacuum massage. The procedure begins with the hands of a doctor who will walk through your body, identifying problem areas. Then the specialist will choose from 500 possible the optimal variant of the action with frequency pulses. Through Teflon bead-nozzles, the signals are transmitted to the skin receptors, and from them to the brain, opening the reserve beds of the circulatory system in the cellulite-affected tissue. After the procedure in the body, recovery processes are activated, as a result, the skin is leveled.

5. Electrolipolysis( cellulolyolysis)

The procedure invented by the French has gained popularity in many countries. The needles connected to the generator of a weak low-frequency current are implanted under the skin of problem zones: the electric field splits fat.the device looks intimidating: long as a porcupine needle - up to 15 cm - is injected in pairs at a distance of 4-5 cm from each other, but you practically do not experience pain, only a slight burning and itching. The full course is 15-20 procedures. The best result is obtained when electrolypolysis is combined with massage and ultrasound therapy.

6. Ultrasonic pulsotherapy

The procedure is completely painless - as long as the doctor processes the planned areas, there are no unpleasant sensations. The principle of operation here is the same.that at a crushing of kidney stones ultrasound. Only in this case the cellulite cell target and the subcutaneous scars deforming the body cover. Ultrasound therapy beneficially affects tissues, reducing swelling, often associated with the disease. For six sessions.which are held every three days, the volume of the problem area is reduced by 3-4 cm. This method is recommended to combine with massage or hardware lymph drainage.

7. Electromyostimulation

This is a physical exercise for the lazy. With the help of computer diagnostics, the physician calculates the ratio of fat and muscle tissue and makes a detailed program of action on the "critical" area. On the body, electrodes are installed and pass through them a weak current, which causes muscle contraction. Two modes serve to increase skin tone and weight loss( within 20 minutes the volume of the problem area decreases by 2-5 cm).If during a session you experience unpleasant sensations, ask to reduce the amount of current. The procedure is contraindicated in gynecological diseases, oncological predisposition and pregnancy.

8. Mesotherapy with ozone

This method is based on the use of ozone in combination with special "anti-cellulite cocktails" with extracts of sweet clover, Indian chestnut and artichoke juice. They burn fats, promote the excretion of cholesterol, have antioxidant properties and release fat cells from the end products of metabolism. Even neglected cellulite can not resist this method. During 8-12 sessions, the volume of problem areas decreases by 5-10 cm. But note that the standard course does not do without bruises. Mesotherapy is contraindicated in those who have suffered from hepatitis or have cardiovascular insufficiency. Unpleasant sensations in the heart area