Different means for epilation: without annoying hair for a long time!

It has been so since long ago - in order to match fashion, a woman needs to endure pain. Today it is associated with the removal of excess hairs on the legs, face, in the bikini zone and underarms. A simple shave does not give a good result, because a day or two, and you have to go through the entire procedure again. Therefore, there were various means for epilation, designed not only to make the skin smooth, but also to reduce the number of procedures necessary for this.

Means for epilation

Many women choose epilation, not depilation. The difference between these two types of procedures is that during the first hair is removed along with the root, and at the same time it is possible to hope that it will not appear again. During the second, the hair itself is simply removed, and its root remains in the skin and again quickly "lets the germ".

So, what are the types of hair removal?


It is clear that the hair is removed using an electric current. One minute of such epilation costs about 20-30 rubles plus a fee for the needle - about 80 rubles, and for anesthesia about 250 rubles.



There are several ways to use such a tool for epilation: electrolysis, thermolysis, blend-method, flash method:

  • Thermolysis. First, the skin is covered with a special substance-anesthetic. Then the master brings a thin metal needle through the current to the bulb of the hair. The bulb heats up and collapses. This is a rather painful method, so sometimes you have to resort to additional anesthesia. But the result is excellent.
  • Electrolysis. Here the galvanic current operates. Again, as for thermolysis, a needle is fed to the bulb. But in this case an anodic-cathodic reaction occurs, as a result, hydrochloric acid is formed, which decomposes and becomes alkali. This procedure takes longer than thermolysis, and it too is not painful.
  • The blend method. These are the two methods described above, combined into one. The first effect on the hair is the thermolytic, the second electrolytic. This method is fast, like thermolysis, and less painful, like electrolysis.
  • Flash method. This is a kind of accelerated thermolysis - the procedure is very fast and less painful. But still do not forget about the remedies after epilation.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Hair follicle is destroyed by heat, as an excellent means for epilation of intimate places, upper lip, armpits - anything. There are several types of lasers, each of which is suitable for different skin and different hair. Such epilation is quite effective, but the procedure also does not do without pain. In addition, it does not fit blond hair - the laser does not perceive them, and can not remove them. Vegetation will not appear soon, and will not be so thick and stiff. But remember that after the procedure you can not sunbathe. The price fluctuates around 1000-3000 rubles, but it can vary depending on the salon that you have chosen, and what part of the body you need to clean from the hair.


Unlike laser, it can rid of hairs of any color. Again, the follicles are destroyed by the action of heat. To achieve the desired result, you will have to go through several procedures. All the hair will not disappear after the first treatment, but will gradually disappear from the procedure to the procedure. The average price for the procedure is 1000 rubles.


The most natural way - the wax is applied to the skin, the napkin is put on top. The mass freezes, and then the sharp movement is removed from the skin along with the hairs. Of course, this is not painless, but it is perfectly suitable as an excellent means for epilation of intimate places and other areas of the body. Wax repeats all the bends of the body and captures all the hair. Usually the price for the epilation of the legs is a little over a thousand rubles, the armpits are about 400 rubles.



Of course, each of the methods of epilation has strengths and weaknesses, as well as contraindications and side effects. So, choosing one of them, you need to consult a dermatologist, and make a well-considered decision. Also, do not forget to purchase funds after epilation, and observe all the precautions - and then you will just have to rejoice in your renewed skin.

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