How to make masks from black dots on the face at home?

Very often on the faces of young girls and mature women, men and adolescents appear annoying trouble in the form of black dots. The attractiveness of the appearance is noticeably reduced, and the skin looks untidy. And the sebaceous glands are to blame for everything, or rather the violations in their work. Fix the situation can mask from the black points, which is not difficult to do at home.

Mask from the black dots on the face

Mask from black dots on the face

Table of contents:

  1. What causes black dots on the face?
  2. How to eliminate the causes of black spots?
  3. Popular remedies for comedones
  4. The best face cleaning masks

What causes black dots on the face?

Their appearance is preceded by several reasons:

  • Black dots on the face

    Black dots on the face

    enhanced production of sebum, which clogs our pores;

  • a keratinized layer of skin in the form of dead cells also clogs them;
  • natural and production factors( dust, dirt, chemicals) clog pores;
  • hormonal failures in the body;
  • unbalanced power;
  • use of substandard cosmetics.

Places of obstruction are shown by black dots, which are called comedones. Of course, it's the easiest to visit cosmetology salons. But it is quite expensive, especially since it needs to be done all the time. Home treatments such as mask, peeling, lotions, scrubs, etc., have almost no less effect than salon services. Unless, the process will last a little longer.

These products are natural and effective, and you will prepare them for yourself: home conditions are convenience and cleanliness.

But if the cause of the appearance of black points on the face is internal, then without its elimination your efforts will have a short-term result.

An unpleasant flaw will appear again and again.

How to eliminate the causes of black spots?

To have a healthy and radiant skin, adhere to a few simple rules:

  1. The permanence of skin care, or rather, cleaning - is a guarantee of its attractiveness. Do not let yourself relax, thoroughly clean the skin in the morning and especially in the evening after a hard day. Means for washing quite a lot. Twice a week, a cleansing mask and peeling should be done.
  2. If the appearance of black spots is due to fatty foods, alcohol, smoking and excessive consumption of sweets and coffee, then all this must be abandoned. It is better to make your diet fruit and vegetable, with sour-milk products and fish. Eat spinach and broccoli and a unique remedy that normalizes the work of the intestines - flax seeds. This will not only help to remove the flaw, but will make you much healthier.
  3. When the cause of black spots is hormonal disorders, consult a doctor.
  4. Choose cosmetics according to your skin type and age, and above all high-quality. It should be a proven product of well-known manufacturers on the market, which you can trust.

Popular remedies for comedones

Some young ladies consider the best way to clean the face of black spots - to make steam baths and after them squeeze out comedones. Yes, this is the most effective method and the fastest. But it's better not to do it. Too many risks: you can freely carry the infection, and then blackheads will be acne or worse - abscesses. In addition, steam trays significantly overdry the skin. But if you still decided on such a cleaning, then do not forget about hand hygiene and disinfection with alcohol or vodka. Extrude should be through a gauze to prevent damage to the skin. The places that have been removed from the black spots should also be wiped with alcohol. Do this at home four times a month. If you have problems with dilated vessels, then steam baths are prohibited to you.

Mask from black dots based on clay

Mask from black dots based on clay

The best masks for cleaning the face

You can prepare a lot of different masks that will perfectly cope with the problems of black dots, and all this in familiar, home conditions.

  1. The mask of steamed rice has an excellent effect. At night, pour 2 cups of boiling water 1 cup of rice. In the morning, stir it well and use it as a mask.
  2. Mask protein - one egg protein is mixed with a tablespoon of sugar. Use after completely dissolving sugar. Apply half of the formulation and allow to dry. Then apply the second half of the mixture and begin to slap intensively with your fingers until they no longer stick. Forming between the fingers and the skin, the sticky mass easily draws all the dirt from the pores, which removes the black points.
  3. Kefir mask - pour kefir on one st.a spoonful of oat flakes with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. You can simply wipe the skin with kefir: due to the acids contained in it, sebum dissolves.
    Mask from black dots

    Mask from black dots

  4. Mask with aloe - whisk 1 protein and combine with lemon juice and aloe leaves, taken two teaspoons, beat well with a mixer. The resulting mixture is divided in half and apply the first part, let it dry. Then we put the second half and hold for 15 more minutes. Rinse off with cool water. Such a mask, prepared by you at home, not only removes the black dots, but also gradually lightens the skin.
  5. Hercules with boric acid - drop a boric acid( 3-4 drops) on a tablespoon of Hercules flakes, dilute with kefir.
  6. Mask from any cosmetic clay - clay white or blue, the main thing without any additives, just dilute with water. A great tool that simulates a salon procedure at home.
  7. Herbal mask - take a tablespoon of dried flowers of chamomile and flax seeds, chop in a coffee grinder. Bring the density of the composition with boiling water to the state of thick sour cream. Wrap for half an hour, then apply to problem areas with a thick layer. It is washed off in half an hour.
  8. It is effective to clean the face from black dots by combining half a teaspoon of soda and extra salt. Rinse face with warm water, then wipe with a cotton swab with a mixture of rubbing only problem areas. But you can not do this. If the skin is pimples or abscesses.

Wonderful recipes are many and very good, that they are all easy to prepare, any woman and even a young lady will cope on their own( at home).

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