How to shave properly

The legs of a woman are one of the most attractive parts of her body. Many men first of all pay attention to the feet. If your skin is smooth and velvety, on the legs a neat pedicure, it will not leave indifferent any man. Every woman should be a good beautician. To do this, you need to know how to shave properly, pluck your eyebrows, draw arrows before your eyes and many more other tricks.

How to learn how to shave properly shaving your legs

Shaving is the easiest way to remove unwanted hair. In addition, it is also the cheapest. The only drawback is that it is necessary to repeat the procedure quite often. But it is more than covered with numerous advantages. The most important advantages are the simplicity and painlessness of the method. For us, invented a lot of luxury razors - with two or three blades, strip with aloe extract, disposable and reusable, with a cooling or disinfecting effect. Quite a few shaving aids that are specially created for women are cute globs with a glamorous design and perfectly smelling contents - foams and shaving gels, as well as lotions, creams and oils after shaving. As they say, for every taste.

Despite all the simplicity of the procedure and the abundance of cosmetics, it is necessary to approach hair removal with all responsibility. This is necessary in order to minimize the likelihood of irritation and redness of the skin. Do not neglect any of the stages of the procedure.

Stage one: skin preparation

One of the most important steps is preparing the skin for shaving. The skin should be well roasted, then it will be elastic, and the hairs - soft. It is better to start the shaving procedure after a hot shower or bath. It makes sense to pre-use the body scrub to remove the dead skin cells and clean the pores.

Stage two: application of shaving means

You can use any suitable means - mousse, gel or shaving foam. If there is nothing female, use the male remedy. But do not use soap for this purpose - it dries the skin. Do not grab the razor right away. To soak the product, you need to wait 2-3 minutes.

Stage three: shaving

It turns out that not everyone knows how to shave properly. Many shave against the direction of hair growth, spend one and the same place several times. This can not be done, because such manipulations injure the skin. If your razor does not remove the hairs with your two or three blades the first time, then it's time to replace the cartridge. But, if the need to re-conduct a razor for any area of ​​the skin still arose, do it with extreme caution. Do not put pressure on the blade or make sharp movements with a razor. Let the touches be smooth and gentle.

Shave your legs in the direction of hair growth. Of course, the shaving method "against wool" seems more effective, but it is only at first glance. Believe me, ingrown hairs are unpleasant and not beautiful. And if you have hard hair by nature, wrong shaving can give you much more serious problems. For example, inflammation at the site of ingrowth, with which you have to see a doctor.

Stage Four: Skin Treatment

When you finish shaving, do not rush to wipe yourself with a towel. To work your feet after shaving cream or lotion, you need when the skin is still wet. If you do not have a special shaving aid, you can use any body cream. It will moisturize the skin and soothe it, remove irritation and itching.

How to properly shave your legs - a disposable or reusable machine?

how-right-shave-leg-machine Many girls prefer disposable machines. And
even manage to use them more than once, because they see that the strip of disinfectant or emollient, located above the blades, is still intact. In fact, such machines are so called, that they are intended for one-time use. Most often, they are already beginning to injure the upper layer of the skin from the second shave. This leads to reddening, dryness and irritation, despite the use of moisturizers after shaving. Any machine or blade should be changed after the third or fourth time. Disposable machines are convenient to use on vacation or on the road, if there is such a need. Now women have developed not only machines, but also electric razors. You can choose the best option for yourself only from your own experience.

The most common errors when shaving legs

  • Error one: shave your legs quickly. You already know how to shave properly. Haste is not needed here. Do you want to get a good result and keep it for a long time? Shave your legs slowly.
  • Error two: shave your legs if the skin is already irritated and inflamed. If you do this, you will remove only the protective layer of the skin, and only intensify the irritation. Painful sensations, burning you are guaranteed, there is a likelihood of infection of the skin. In this case, it is better to refrain from shaving until the irritation passes. Wear a few days of pants, after all. There is no such possibility? Use an electric razor.
  • Error three: take a bath or shower after shaving, then immediately wipe and dress. We have already talked about the fact that it is better to take a shower before the procedure begins, and apply the product after shaving to damp skin. So it will save more moisture.
  • Error Four: Use a dull razor. So you just waste time, strength and nerves. Some advise to change the shaver once a week, but not all shave so often - the growth rate of hair is different for everyone. Change the blade after 3-4 shaves.
  • Fifth mistake: shave before going to the beach. Many people try to shave their legs just before they go to sunbathe, considering that the skin will be softer. Before going out in the sun, let the skin rest for a minimum of 12 hours. And if you are going to not only sunbathe and swim in the sea, shave your legs no less than a day before the beach. Salt water, getting on the skin, can cause burning.
  • Error Six: Shave in the evenings. Both men and women should shave better in the morning. At this time, the skin is more elastic than at any other time of the day. This makes it easier to slide the razor.
  • The seventh mistake: shave "on dry".Some girls, when they have absolutely no time, practice fast shaving on dry skin. Then they wash off the hairs with cold water, and run on business. Do not be like them. Even if you need to shave your legs urgently, but there is no shaving aid at hand, your hair should absorb water for at least three minutes. If the hair is dry, it is very difficult to shave them, the razor blunts, and the skin becomes inflamed.
  • Error Eight: use soap instead of shaving foam. If there is no foam at hand, one can use soap once. But if you do this constantly, very soon you will understand why cosmetologists do not advise using soap before shaving. Soap dries very much the skin, and the razor also removes the top layer. The consequences are irritation, redness, itching.

On one square inch of the human body are about 3-4 thousand hair follicles. It's no wonder that ordinary shaving turns into a real torture for many women. Use our advice, and try to avoid mistakes, then your legs will be smooth and seductive.