Restoring eyelashes after building: the most effective recipes

Care and restoration of extensions.

Care and restoration of extended eyelashes.

Eyelash extension is a rather popular procedure today. More and more girls and women come to her, dreaming and expressive eyes. But such manipulations for your own cilia can be harmful, so you need to take the necessary measures in time. And how to restore eyelashes after building? What do you need to do for this?


  1. What happens to the eyelashes after the procedure of building?
  2. Is it necessary to restore everything?
  3. The most effective ways to restore
  4. Special tools
  5. Power of oils
  6. Vitamins to help
  7. Herbs, plants, decoctions, infusions
  8. How long will it take to restore?
  9. Useful advices for

What happens to eyelashes after the procedure of building?

After the build-up is the loss of his eyelashes.

After the build-up, there is a loss of your eyelashes.

The build-up is that artificial lashes are attached to your own cilia. It is clear that special adhesive compositions are used for this. A glue is a chemical. They are on eyelashes for a long time( for some six months or even more) and negatively affect the structure of the hairs, which can weaken, thin out, begin to separate. In addition, growth often slows down, which is also not very good. And for some, after removing the extended eyelashes, their natural begin to drop out. Because of this, the appearance is badly spoiled, and this can lead to depression and even depression. But you can correct the situation if you make an effort. But everything takes time.

Is it necessary to restore everything?

It is worth noting that not all girls after removing artificial eyelashes, the condition of natural ones deteriorates much. Yes, they will in any case not seem so dense, but it's a matter of habit. And if the procedure was carried out correctly, and the girl carried out proper care, then, in fact, recovery may not be required.

But there are other cases. So, inexperienced masters can glue one artificial cilium to several natural ones. Because of this, eyelashes tighten, gradually drop out. In addition, poor-quality materials may be used, which also has a very negative effect on the condition. Incorrect care( for example, a permanent mechanical effect) can also lead to the fact that part of the native eyelashes will fall out, and the other part will simply weaken. In such cases, recovery is not just desirable, but necessary.

The most effective ways to restore

The essence of the restoration of eyelashes is reduced to their nutrition. Thanks to some active substances and components, they can become sturdy, begin to grow faster. We offer some of the most effective ways and recipes.

Special tools

You can seek advice from a master who has been building up your cilia. He will advise effective professional remedies for recovery. They can cost a fortune, but they are very effective. Pay attention to the composition. There should not be any chemical aggressive substances.

oil strength As you know, oils contain many useful and nutritious components. Of these, make hair masks, for example. But the cilia are the same hair, so that this means will come to the aid and will allow to see the expected effect. Here are a few recipes:

  • Mask for eyelashes with castor oil.

    Mask for eyelashes with castor oil.

    Castor oil. In it you need to moisten the cotton swab. Now close your eyes and gently apply the composition to the cilia, paying special attention to the roots. You can make the application with light massaging movements. Leave the oil for 5-7 minutes, then gently wash it with warm water. And if you want to use such an effective tool at any time, you can proceed as follows. Take an old bottle with a brush from the carcass. Thoroughly wash all with soap and hot water, clean the brush of all remnants of the cosmetic. Take the syringe( without the needle), draw the oil, pour into the bottle. At any time you can get a brush and apply the composition of the eyelashes. In doing so, pay attention to the upper row( put on the side of the century) and the bottom. And then place the stubble near the roots and massage them a little. To wash off it is not necessary, components will continue to feed hairs.

  • Mixture of oils. You can use some oils, either individually or as a mixture. For example, you can mix peach and almond oils, linseed and grape, burdock and sea buckthorn. Such compounds are very nutritious. They can be applied to the cilia with a brush. But more effective will be lotions. Moisten the cotton pad in the oil mixture and put it on the eyelid( the eye must first be closed), capturing the area of ​​growth of the eyelashes. Remain in this position for about 15 minutes, then gently and gently rinse your eyes with warm water.

Vitamins to help

It's no secret that vitamins are needed for our body to work properly. And some substances affect the growth of eyelashes and hair. For example, in this situation, vitamins E, A, D and F are needed and effective. They can be taken inside as part of complex preparations. But you can act locally. To do this, buy vitamins in a fat-soluble form and add them to oils and other compounds when applied to the cilium. This will help to nourish the roots and the hairs themselves.

Herbs, plants, decoctions, infusions

How to restore eyelashes after building, using the power of plants? It is not difficult.

  1. For example, ordinary black tea can come to the rescue. Brew it properly, soak in the drink cotton balls and make compresses for both eyes. And if you want to facilitate the process, then do it simply. You can use regular tea bags. Put them in boiling water to make the tea, cool it a bit and put it on your eyelids, grabbing the cilia. In total, the procedure lasts about 10-20 minutes. You can also use green or chamomile tea. But carefully study the composition of packaged tea, no artificial additives should be there.
  2. You can use herbal decoctions or sage infusions, calendula, cornflower and chamomile. To prepare such a tool, take 1-2 teaspoons of dry shredded herbs, pour a glass of boiling water, cover the container and leave for an hour or two, then use. And you can make a decoction. For this, the mixture must be boiled for 15-20 minutes. The liquid must be filtered before use.
    Sage is used for herbal decoction.

    Salvia is used for herbal decoction.

  3. Aloe juice can also be effective. Cut a few leaves of the plant, squeeze them. Mix in equal proportions the juice and castor oil, add 1 teaspoon of chopped parsley leaves. Also in this mixture can add a few drops of vitamin E. Apply mass to the eyelids, leave for 15 minutes, then gently rinse with warm water.
  4. If you have a dog rose at home, you can grind it, mix it with some butter( for example, burdock) and apply on eyelids, leaving for 10 minutes. It is a nutritious vitamin mask.

How long will it take to recover?

The recovery period, first of all, depends on the condition of the eyelashes. If they are greatly weakened and even partially fell out, then it is necessary to be patient. Couples of weeks are not enough, to return to the normal state can take months of intensive care, be prepared for this.

If the cilia are in fairly good condition, then a few weeks will suffice. But they still need to take care of them, it is necessary.

Useful tips

If you want the recovery process to speed up, then follow some simple guidelines:

  • Do not rub your eyes. Try to bring to naught the touch of the eyelashes, so that they rest and recover.
  • For a while after removing the extensions, it is better not to use cosmetics at all( a week or two).Then use only natural products on a water basis. It will be great if you give preference to products that include vitamins and nutrients.
  • Eyelashes need some time to rest, so postpone the build-up for a month, or better for a few. If the condition of your eyelashes worsened catastrophically, then think about the fact that after the next procedure everything can be much worse. It's probably worth abandoning the build-up and loving yourself for who you are.
  • Make sure to take off makeup for the night. Use soft funds, preferably on a natural basis. Left for the night mascara - minus a dozen eyelashes of the sutra. You do not need it.

Let your cilia be beautiful, strong and well-groomed! And you do everything necessary for this!

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