How can I dilute mascara?

Here you can learn how to dilute mascara.

Here you can learn how to dilute mascara.

The need to dilute the mascara slightly from time to time comes before every woman. Ugly dry lumps on the cilia can ruin both makeup and mood, and it's not always time to go to the store for a new vial. There are situations where you have to dilute a very expensive or scarce mascara, which is not very easy to buy. There are several ways with which you can return your favorite cosmetics to its former condition. So, how to dilute mascara?

If your mascara has paraffin in its composition, then it will probably be easier to reanimate it. Close the vial tightly and put it into hot water for about 10-12 minutes. After that, shake and easily turn the brush inside. The product will have the same pasty consistency, and the lumps will disappear. But here's how to dilute mascara that does not contain paraffin? There are only a few tools that will give a more or less good effect without harm to your eyes:

  1. Eye drops;
  2. Degreased make-up remover not containing alcohol;
  3. Solution for washing and storing contact lenses;
  4. Usual boiled or distilled water.

The most affordable of these tools - of course, water. Two or three drops of boiled water in the flacon can slightly improve the consistency of the carcass, but only if it is made on a water basis. If not, you risk further aggravating the situation by turning mascara into a heterogeneous mass, which, alas, will not be able to make up eyelashes.

Girls wearing contact lenses will easily "resurrect" their mascara by dripping a few drops of lens storage solution inside the bottle. This method is good because it excludes the possibility of allergies - the solution is very close in composition to human tears. With the same success t without fear, you can use eye drops for moisturizing, such as "Vizin", "Vial", "Lycontin".Note that drops that dilate the pupil or vasoconstrictor can not be used to dilute the carcass.

A very good tool for diluting Vysin carcasses, but it is also fashionable to use a solution for storing lenses.

Very good tool for diluting carcases Vysin, but it is also fashionable to use a solution for storage of lenses.

A lotion or tonic for make-up removes fat and alcohol. Fat can change the composition of the carcass, spoiling its consistency, but alcohol certainly will do you a bad service, finally "finishing off" your favorite cosmetic. Therefore, carefully study the composition before starting resuscitation.


First and foremost: pay attention to the expiration date, which must necessarily be indicated on the bottle. If it has expired, discard the mascara without any regrets! The health of your eyes is much more important than the appearance on the street without make-up.

Do not dilute mascara with brandy or perfume. This not only does not help restore the desired pasty consistency, but can also lead to irritation, strong redness of the eyes and skin around them, as well as allergic reactions. The same prohibition applies to hydrogen peroxide - this agent is especially dangerous for the eyes, its use is fraught with eye burns. The ink after such a dilution will be finally spoiled.

Some girls believe that different vegetable oils not only help restore the carcasses to their usual condition, but also make it "useful" because they have a beneficial effect on the cilia. This opinion is wrong! The use of oils to strengthen and nourish eyelashes is appropriate only in its pure form, and the addition of oil in a bottle of mascara will lead to the fact that it becomes excessively liquid and will contain unpleasant lumps. Needless to say that on eyelashes such a heterogeneous mass will look extremely unattractive? Moreover, it will also become fluid, which will provide black stains under the eyes.

Never try to dilute the ink with the so-called "Soviet way", that is, just spitting on the brush. Subsequently, this in the bottle "will settle" a huge number of microbes that can cause severe allergies.

In any case, remember: the best means is not dilution, but the purchase of a new high-quality carcass. It certainly will not harm the health of your eyes, nor the unique attractiveness of a languid female look.

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