Plasmolifting for the hair: cheating or perfect curls?

Plazmolifting what is it?

Plasmolifting what is it?

The state of our hair is affected by many different factors. But how to make curls beautiful, healthy and obedient? You can try one of the procedures offered by beauty salons. For example, it is worth to learn about what is plasmolifting for hair, what features it differs from. Photos and reviews suggest that this is a fairly effective procedure.

Table of contents:

  1. What is plasmolifting?
  2. Indications and contraindications
  3. Features of procedure
  4. Effect of
  5. Customer opinions
  6. Prices

What is plasmolifting?

What is plasmolifting, how does this procedure affect the condition of the hair? The whole essence of the method is reduced to the use of a special component of human blood - plasma. It is rich in platelets, which are extremely necessary for the restoration of all tissues of the body and the regeneration of cells. Sometimes it is the platelets that help literally trigger the hidden functions of the body, which contribute to renewal and rejuvenation.

The uniqueness of the method lies in the fact that the available materials are used for the procedures, which is ideal for the client - it is his own blood. And this excludes the possibility of rejection or intolerance. As for hair in particular, plasmolifting allows activating hair follicles, providing them with everything necessary. And the hair itself after the procedures go into the active phase of growth, which avoids hair loss or alopecia. In addition, we can not fail to note the effect on the scalp. The blood supply improves, the local immunity rises, which contributes to the death of all the pathogenic microorganisms on the surface of the head. If you at least once saw the photos before and after the sessions, and also studied the reviews, you probably already managed to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of this method.

Indications and contraindications

One of the indications for the procedure is dandruff.

One of the indications for the procedure is dandruff.

When is plasmolifting necessary for your hair and will it be effective? We list the indications:

  • dim, split, lifeless, brittle hair;
  • dandruff, dry scalp;
  • itching or burning of the scalp due to dryness;
  • baldness( almost any nature, that is, as a result of stress and disease, and due to hormonal disorders);
  • loss of a large number of hair and associated a decrease in their density.

Now about the cases in which plasmolifting for the hair is contraindicated:

  1. significant damage to the scalp;
  2. infectious diseases or chronic at the stage of exacerbation;
  3. some diseases of the hematopoiesis system( in particular, accompanied by a decrease in the number of platelets);
  4. of an autoimmune disease( vasculitis, lupus erythematosus);
  5. tumors, oncological diseases;
  6. thrombocytopenia;
  7. anemia;
  8. sepsis;
  9. taking certain medications( in particular, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or agents that affect blood clotting and circulation);
  10. pregnancy;
  11. general intoxication of the body.

Cosmetologists say that plasma-lifting for your hair and for the body as a whole is safe. But still need to consult a doctor, only this will avoid undesirable consequences. You need an examination, as well as a customer survey and a study of the history of his illnesses suffered ever. And even if you've seen a lot of photos, it's worth remembering that the result may differ from what was claimed if you ignore the examination and compliance with the prescriptions of physicians.

Features of the procedure

So, you have studied customer reviews, reviewed photos and, finally, decided to use the services of a beautician. How to prepare for the procedure? In fact, there is nothing unusual in the preparation. But for a day or several days before the procedure, it is necessary to refuse salty, fried, smoked and pickled food. The amount of sweet is also better cut. Refrain from smoking, as well as from drinking alcohol, strong tea and coffee.

Before the procedure, you should not smoke and drink alcohol.

Before the procedure, do not smoke and drink alcohol.

You can have breakfast on the day of the procedure. But do it no later than 7-8 hours( minimum 4 hours before the session), and breakfast should be easy. It is better to wash your head the day before, and not on the date of the procedure. If the head was washed on the same day, there is a risk of irritation of the scalp.

Here's how the plasmolifting of your hair will be performed:

  • You will have blood from a vein. This procedure is carried out in the same way as when taking blood for analysis. The volume is 100 milliliters, which is absolutely normal and safe.
  • The blood will then be placed in a special tube so that it is divided into several parts in a special centrifuge, one of which is plasma. This can take an average of about half an hour.
  • During the training the doctor can again examine the scalp to determine the areas of exposure and identify them.
  • When the material is prepared, the cosmetologist will start injecting. The injections can be done over the entire area of ​​the scalp or only in the areas of alopecia. If the client asks, then before injections the specialist can treat the head with an anesthetic composition, but the needles are thin, so the pain will not be significant.

After the procedure, you can be offered rest, but, in principle, you can immediately return to your usual business. The only thing that can bother after injections is burning, redness and itching. But all this will soon pass, and reddening through the hair will be invisible, so that one can not worry about your appearance.

The session lasts an average of 1-1.5 hours( this depends on the number of injections).The total course of treatment includes 6-8 procedures, 10 - the maximum number.

The effect of

Example before and after procedures.

Example before and after procedures.

When will plasmolifting affect the condition of the hair? After the first 2-3 sessions, the result will be visible, as beauticians say. With each subsequent session, it will be fixed, since the effect is cumulative. The action is prolonged, that is, a year or two after such therapy, you can enjoy dense ringlets. Then, if desired, treatment can be repeated by holding a supportive course. You can evaluate the effectiveness by studying photos and reviews.

Customer opinions

Customers who have tried this method distinguish its following advantages:

  1. It's safe. Indeed, if no contraindications were revealed after the examination, then one can not worry about your state and health.
  2. No side effects. So, individual intolerance is impossible( after all, the client's own blood is used), as are allergic reactions. Minor itching and burning occurs not at all, others do not feel anything.
  3. Efficiency. Many are satisfied with the result of plasmolifting for the hair. You can verify the effectiveness after viewing the photos before and after the procedures.

But among the shortcomings, many note a fairly high cost. Indeed, plasmolifting is not an expensive procedure, although it's worth it.

And now customer testimonials:

"For plasmolifting for hair it was decided for a long time, because I am terribly afraid of pain, but scraps of hair on the pillow and comb were frightening, so I signed up for a session. The procedure itself was not as painful as it seemed, it did not even require an anesthetic( the cosmetologist suggested, but I decided to test myself).The entire session lasted about 45 minutes, I did not find any changes after it and calmly went about my business. In total, 6 procedures were prescribed, already passed 3. Pleased to be surprised! Hair actually fell out less. In addition, they are now shiny and not as fragile as before. A pleasant surprise! I will continue to undergo treatment. "

" My husband went through the procedure, he was initially skeptical, but I persuaded him, because baldness is his sick subject. In total, 8 procedures were prescribed, since the condition is deplorable. He immediately asked for anesthesia, so the pain was minimal. After the first session nothing changed, after the second one too. After the third procedure, hair seemed to fall out in smaller quantities. At the end of the course, "fluff" began to grow. But the effect that everyone expected and promised by the doctors, we did not see, although there are still results.


Plasmolifting for hair is a very expensive procedure. One session on average costs from 5 to 10 thousand rubles. The course on average includes from 5 to 10 sessions, so that the treatment can go from 30 to 70 thousand, which is not so little. Many clinics offer this service today, but if the price is suspiciously low, then this is a reason for suspicion, although, probably, some kind of action is being taken.

Let your hair be chic, and all procedures - effective!

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