How to grow long hair

Hello, dear readers. How are you? How are you feeling? We have spring, all around blooms and smells. Aroma of flowers, fresh warm air. .. Spring is in full swing. More time spent in the fresh air. This weekend we went to nature. Walked, rested, my husband was fishing. He had a new hobby))) It's so cool to rest and enjoy the beauty of nature. So many herbs, so many flowers. I noticed that it's time to collect nettles. I use nettles to rinse hair. Nature itself gives us so many herbs and flowers for our health and beauty.

Today I have a very interesting topic, how to grow long hair. I want to share with you tips and secrets in hair care that help to accelerate their growth. Long hair decorates a woman, making her feminine and irresistible. Beautiful, shining, healthy, well-groomed hair always attracted the looks of both men and women.

Many girls dream to grow long hair as soon as possible, but at home, to grow hair quickly, will not work. Therefore, first of all, there must be a strong desire and patience. Hair care, in fact, a lot of work. To maintain the beauty and health of hair, you need to take good care of them.

Hair growth depends on many factors, proper care, masks, nutrition, health. For a month, the hair grows to different lengths. Approximately 1 -1.5 cm. Also, the hair is constantly updated. Hair loss within 100 every day is considered the norm.

What prevents to grow hair?

If you have tried many ways to grow hair, but the result is not, I recommend to consult a specialist. Such questions are dealt with by a trichologist.

Often trying to restore hair, we forget that the problem can be inside. I will only talk about the possible causes that prevent hair from growing.

  • Chronic diseases, diseases of internal organs, etc.
  • The health of the hair in general affects the state of the intestines and digestive system
  • Not proper hair care
  • Inadequate intake of protein
  • Defective food
  • Using a hair dryer, ironing. ..
  • Chemical hair coloring
  • Non-protection of hair in frost, wind, sunny days

Hair needs protection and care, choose the right care for your hair, give up shampoo with sls. Be sure to use balm after shampooing. Rinsing hair can be a decoction of herbs or water with apple cider vinegar.

Food that promotes hair growth

First of all, it's worth noting the importance of fruits and vegetables in your diet, as well as berries and any seasonal greens. Useful fatty fish. Dried fruits, nuts, beans. ..

No less important is the full consumption of protein in food. For the growth of hair, products containing calcium, chromium, iodine, zinc, and potassium are important.

Amino acids and B vitamins are very important for hair. It is advisable several times a year to drink the course of vitamins. Do not forget to consult a doctor, let the specialist pick you up a vitamin complex.

How to grow long hair at home

In order to grow long hair at home, you should be patient. Let not quickly, but the hair will grow to the desired length.

The growth of hair is hampered by damaged tips. Look at the ends of your hair. If there are hair cut, go to the master, you need to cut the tips of the tips.

In this opinion, hairdressers converge. Placed tips should be cut, they can not be restored.

Be sure to tell the master that you want only to shear the damaged tips of the hair.

Before washing your head, you need to do masks, pilling, head massage. Light massage promotes blood supply to the follicles.

It is very important to choose a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. Also, as already mentioned above, pay attention to shampoos without sls. Pick up your shampoo and balm. Apply the balm to the length of the hair. For hair of medium length, use about a tablespoon of balsam.

Head massage for hair growth

The first thing I want to start with is a peeling or scrub for the scalp. Scrub I do with salt. I use sea salt finely ground. I mix it with balm or butter. Scrub I put on damp hair. Apply the scrub massage to the scalp.

Leave the scrub on the hair for 5 minutes and then rinse off with water. In the application of pilling and scrub some pluses. Cleanses the scalp, removes the keratinized layer of cells, improves blood flow to hair follicles, reduces the fat content of the hair. Scrub for scalp is recommended 1-2 times a month.

Also before hair washing, do a gentle scalp massage with your fingertips. You can apply burdock or castor oil to the roots of hair.

Masks for hair growth

There are a lot of effective masks for hair growth on the blog. I will share my favorite masks. This is basically a mask for the roots of the hair, which stimulates their growth.

But the entire length of the hair can be applied to any base oil. I really like coconut oil, butter makes these hair shiny, smooth, soft, silky, elastic.

I also like masks with almond oil, olive oil, wheat germ oil, cocoa butter, sesame oil, etc.

Onion Mask

The onion mask is very effective. The only negative is the smell that can remain on the hair, but it is easy to get rid of it by rinsing the hair with water with apple cider vinegar( for 1 liter of water 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar).

For onion mask, we need onion juice. To do this, you need to grind the onion, and squeeze the juice through the cheesecloth. Onion juice is rubbed into the roots of the hair and leave for an hour wrapping the head with a cellophane film, and then with a towel.

Next my head in the usual way.

Mask with burdock oil

Burdock oil stimulates hair growth, hair thickens, copes with itching and dandruff. Burdock oil rubs into the roots of the hair. But more effectively burdock oil with red pepper.

You can buy burdock oil with red pepper in any pharmacy. This oil perfectly stimulates hair growth.

After applying the mask, wash your hair with shampoo, do not forget about balm for your hair. Be sure to use it after washing your hair. Apply on the tips of hair.

Mask with mustard powder

Mask with mustard is one of my favorite masks. I cook it with yolk. First you need to pour a couple of spoons of mustard with warm water and stir until the consistency of sour cream. In the mixture, add the yolk and a couple of spoons of olive( peach, sesame oil. ..) to choose from.

The mask burns the scalp a little, but is tolerable. The mask is left on the hair for 20 to 30 minutes. This mask is desirable to do courses. Once a week( 7-10 procedures).

It is quite possible to grow long hair at home. But if you need to quickly grow hair, you will have to contact a specialist. The doctor can offer you ampoules with medical products that stimulate hair growth.

Mask with essential oil BAY

Hair mask with essential oil bay oil( bay leaf oil) promotes hair growth, stops hair loss, copes well with brittle and dull hair.

Masks based on this essential oil are washed into the roots of the hair. Use in pure form, this oil can not be used, only in diluted.

To prepare a mask, 10 ml of base oil( almond, olive, peach, etc.) is mixed with 4 drops of oil and beat the oils in the roots of the hair. Wash off after an hour.

Aromatic cleansing

Aromatherapy is a useful and very simple procedure. It is enough to drop a few drops of essential oil on the comb and comb the hair. It is advisable to use a wooden comb.

You can use essential oil of lavender, rosemary, tea tree, etc.

These are simple ways that promote hair growth and improve their appearance. I would be happy if you also share your proven tools that can be used at home.