How to remove stretch marks from the body?

How to remove stretch marks from the body?

Unfortunately, we can not constantly monitor our life. And as a result of any events( for example, pregnancy), our body then picks up excessive kilograms, then sharply loses them, which causes numerous stretch marks on the chest, abdomen, buttocks and hips on the body.

From the appearing stretch marks, many women have complexes. They start to feel embarrassed about their bodies on the beaches and try to avoid having sex with men. But are there any strips of such victims? Of course not. And we advise you not to grieve over this, but to take various measures to eliminate them. Can I remove stretch marks? And what are the most effective methods?

Home Remedies for Eliminating Stretch Marks on Body

It is worth noting that you can remove stretch marks at home only if the striae are "young" and care for them will be done every day. The "old" stretch marks are almost never amenable to elimination. Even with the use of expensive creams, they still remain. But with the help of home remedies you can make them less noticeable. Therefore, proceed.

The most popular and effective way to eliminate stretch marks at home is the mummy. Mumiye is a natural remedy, which is used to treat many diseases. But today it is used as a cosmetic product, as it perfectly regenerates and rejuvenates the skin.

Home Remedies for Eliminating Stretch Marks on the Body

To prepare home remedies from mummies from stretch marks, you will need:

  • 2 - 3 mummy tablets;
  • baby cream;
  • warm boiled water.

Take the mummy and fill it with a tablespoon of warm water. Stir the tablets until completely dissolved, and then combine them with baby cream. Ingredients choose "by eye".As a result, you should get a creamy mixture of brown.

This cream should be lubricated with problem areas every day. Attention! The product is absorbed for a very long time, and therefore do not wear clothes after applying it. And another very important point, after the birth of a child, this tool should not be used, since the baby may not like the smell and will not take the breast.

Another tool that well helps to fight stretch marks at home is the use of scrubs. Prepare them also can be easily at home. There are two types of home scrub - coffee and sweet-salted.

Coffee scrub is prepared from ground coffee and a softening ingredient, in the role of which can be any vegetable oil or shower gel. Sweet-salted scrub is made from sugar, salt and vegetable oil. All ingredients are taken in equal proportions.

Coffee Scrub

These scrubs need to massage the problem areas every day during showering. They will gradually grind the skin and stretch marks will start to go away. Such means can be used both during pregnancy and during lactation, as they are completely safe and do not provoke the development of allergic reactions.

Other tools to combat stretching

Completely remove the stretch themselves can not work. They can be made less visible. But to completely eliminate the striae, you need to use other methods. Laser stretch marks are the safest and at the same time the most effective method, but costly.

However, considering that in the end, after such procedures, the skin becomes smooth, smooth and taut, it covers its cost. Moreover, no other method gives such an effect as laser removal of stretch marks.

Video on how to eliminate stretch marks on the body

Video on how to get rid of stretch marks