Folk remedies for breast reconstruction and enlargement

Folk remedies for breast reconstruction and enlargement

The process of restoring the shape of the breast and its enlargement without surgical intervention is very complicated and laborious. However, as they say, nothing is impossible! Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers as well as we always cared about the condition of their mammary glands. But the possibilities at that time to make a plastic surgery was almost none. And to help them came as always folk medicine. But we'll tell you about how to enlarge the breast with folk remedies and whether this is possible.

Is it possible to enlarge the breast without surgery by folk remedies?

The female breast consists of adipose tissue, mammary glands and skin. The latter play an important role in the external state of the breast. Their elasticity and elasticity largely depends on the nutrition of the woman. After all, for the production of elastin and collagen special substances are required, which can only be obtained from food.

In addition, the shape and size of the breast affects tarragon - a female hormone, which is produced in the body constantly. It is he who is responsible for lactation and the woman's ability to conceive a child.

The volume of the breast and its density depend on the fat layer. The more fat in the mammary glands, the greater their volume. However, the fat has weight, and if the skin cells stop producing the right amount of collagen and elastin, the breast hangs.

Enlarge breast without surgery possible. You just need to recover a few pounds. But if your skin has lost its elasticity and elasticity, then instead of a beautiful tightened chest, you will get "bags" that will only add to you complexes.

Can I enlarge my breast without surgery with folk remedies?

Therefore, when talking about how to increase the breast at home using folk remedies, it should be noted that first of all it is necessary to perform all sorts of activities that contribute to increasing the production of elastin and collagen in order to make the breast elastic and beautiful. And in this you will benefit from various masks, special gymnastics and proper nutrition!


Breast augmentation with folk remedies primarily implies proper nutrition. You need to ensure the intake of large amounts of protein in the body. But it is important to monitor the intake of non-natural fats. The perfect combination of proteins and fats is found in chicken breast, seafood and fish.

Drinks such as milk, tea with milk and lime tea, contribute to improving the production of the female hormone, so they must also be included in the daily diet. There are also teas, which are specially designed for nursing mothers, which include herbs that improve lactation. If you use them just like that( in non-breastfeeding period), you can notice some improvement in the condition of the mammary glands.


Remember the expression - eat cabbage, and then the breast will not grow? It appeared not just so. The point is that this vegetable contains substances that stimulate the growth of the breast during puberty. However, after it, cabbage should not be discarded.

It contains many vitamins and fiber, which stimulates the work of the intestines. Regular cleansing of the rectum helps to remove from the body toxic substances that adversely affect the condition of the skin, including the breasts.

Very useful for women who want to regain their breasts and return it to their former forms, is a mixture of nuts and honey. The first contain in their composition phytoestrogens, which in their action are similar to estrogen. The more its level in the body, the more breasts. Honey in turn contributes to the improvement of the skin, increasing their elasticity and elasticity.

Prepare this mixture very easily. You need only a handful of walnuts, peeled from the shell, which should be poured with honey and put for 7 days in a cool place for infusion. This tool should be consumed every day for 1 tsp.2-3 times.

Another great tool that will help you to restore your breasts and even increase it in volume - turmeric. You need to consume it before each meal by 1 tsp, washing down with a glass of milk. In a few days you will feel the changes in your mammary glands, and your appetite will decrease. As a result, after a while you will become not only the owner of a lush and beautiful breasts, but also a thin waist.


Naturally, the nutrition alone to restore and increase the breast is not enough. It is also necessary to provide your mammary glands and proper care. And for this purpose, various compresses that have a strengthening and tightening effect are ideal.

Breast augmentation compresses

Enlarge chest with home remedies. They are prepared from a variety of ingredients. For example, you can make compresses of blue clay, which has in its composition many minerals and vitamins, which are involved in the synthesis of collagen and elastin. To prepare a compress, you need to take a blue clay, dilute it with cooled boiled water to make a dough, then put it on your chest, from above, fix it with a bandage and leave it over all night. In the morning, the breasts should be washed with warm water and greased with a nutritious cream.

You can also increase and restore the mammary glands with home remedies using a compress of rice porridge. It should be prepared on milk with the addition of butter. Once the porridge has cooled to room temperature, it must be applied to the chest and also left overnight. In order not to get bed linens, you can wrap a chest with a bandage on top.

At this point, the main thing is not to squeeze the chest, as this will worsen the blood circulation and you will not be able to achieve a positive result from the procedure.

You can also use essential oils - almonds, geraniums and ylang-ylang. They should be mixed in equal proportions, moisten the tissue in the oil mixture and apply it to the breast for the whole night. In the morning, remove the compress and remove the remaining oil with a cotton swab.

Breast augmentation compresses

Tinctures for breast augmentation at home

Very effective for breast augmentation based on hops. It is prepared as follows: 1 tablespoon is taken.dry hop, poured a glass of hot water and infused for 20-30 minutes. Then it must be filtered and take 3 tablespoons.before eating.

It is important to note that hops cause a strong appetite and there is a possibility that the use of this tincture will lead to the appearance of extra pounds.

If you do not need to gain weight, then you can try tincture of oregano. For its preparation you need to take 5 tablespoons.raw, pour 0.5 liters of water and boil over low heat for half an hour. After this, the infusion should be cooled and filtered. Take it is also recommended for 3 tablespoons.before eating.

Remember that regularity is important for breast enlargement without surgery at home. If you constantly use compresses, tinctures and at the same time eat right, the results will not keep you waiting long.

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