The use of cocoa butter for the skin.

Hello dear readers. I really love cocoa butter, I buy it constantly and I'm very happy with it. On the blog I wrote a lot about the benefits of cocoa butter, today I want to talk about the benefits of cocoa butter for the skin. I buy cocoa butter in the pharmacy. It is sold in free access and is not a scarce product. In the tiles once bought butter-cocoa at one exhibition. In general it is not difficult to find it.

If you need more detailed information about cocoa butter, by the way, I apply it not only externally, but also inside, with cough and cold, I add in milk instead of usual butter, you can read everything in the article on the blog "Cocoa butterproperties ".This oil was advised by my familiar nurse, not for external use, but for the internal. And then I began to look for information about the use of cocoa butter for the face and hair. For hair, butter-cocoa is used in the form of masks, in more detail everything can be learned from the article "Cocoa butter for hair."Well, today we will talk about the benefits of cocoa butter for the skin.

Use of cocoa butter for the skin.

Cocoa butter is used for rejuvenation, for softening, mainly in the care of dry face skin, if applied directly to the face. Apply this oil for dry skin of the knees and elbows to soften the skin.

  • Cocoa butter has regenerative properties. Moisturizes, nourishes the skin.
  • Also, oil-cocoa is used for the face to smooth fine wrinkles.
  • With dry face skin, butter-cocoa can be used as a night cream for the skin.
  • With windy and frosty weather, cocoa butter lubricates the lips and face skin before going out to protect the face from wind and frost. Conventional creams are not very suitable for this purpose, since they contain water, which cools the skin and can lead to frostbite. But the butter-cocoa covers the skin of the lips, face, thin film, thus protecting the skin.
  • Cocoa butter can also lubricate the skin of hands, oil-cocoa nourishes, softens and protects the skin.
  • Cocoa butter protects the skin from the adverse effects of sunlight. The skin does not dry out, it has an even tan, the skin looks beautiful.
  • Cocoa butter can be applied to the skin of the elbows and knees.

This is my arsenal of oils, here of course not all, but only a part and wax, from all this I did a natural lip balm, for myself and for children. I'd like to use more natural products for skin care, all kinds of chemistry are everywhere.

Oil-cocoa can smear the skin from the head and to the heels, the oil has a very good effect on the skin. The smell of cocoa butter is very pleasant, the smell of butter smells like chocolate, the same light aroma of chocolate remains on the skin after applying the oil.

Cocoa butter is hard, but it melts easily from contact with the skin. You can melt butter-cocoa, but you can hold a piece of a couple of seconds in your hands and from the warmth of your hands, the oil will begin to melt.

If you have dry skin of hands, cracks in your fingers, burrs, then cocoa butter should be applied to your hands, you can melt a piece of butter and mix it with a little olive oil and apply to the skin of your hands. You can apply oil overnight on your hands, thereby using cocoa butter instead of hand cream.

If cracks on the lips, with weather-beaten lips, before going out, especially in winter, apply to the skin of butter-cocoa, it covers the lips with a thin film, the oil is very pleasant, but the main thing is natural and nothing terrible will happen if you accidentally lick your lips. You can apply cocoa butter to sponges for children to protect the skin of the lips from unfavorable weather conditions.

You can also apply cocoa butter on the heels and feet, on the skin of the feet. Especially good is the oil with cracks on the heels, with dry skin of feet and heels. You can make a soda foot bath, brush the pimsy skin with a pumice stone, wipe it dry, lubricate the butter-cocoa butter and put on socks.

I use cocoa butter for the skin of the eyelids and face, like a night cream. I alternate it with shea butter, I recently bought shea butter, maybe many know it as a little karite, while I apply it, try it. More about the oil and its application, you can learn from the article "Shea butter( Karite)".That's what shea butter looks like, it's not as hard as cocoa butter, it's softer, it's kind of like melted butter, such small, yellowish grains. The aroma of it is light nutty, actually it smells like a nut from which it is received.

Actually, cocoa butter can replace hand cream, body cream, lip balm, foot cream.

Cocoa butter is used for the body from stretch marks. Apply cocoa butter to prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. To do this, most often use a massage tile prepared from oils.

How to store butter-cocoa? Keep it in the refrigerator, I store it in the refrigerator door. Shelf life of the oil from 3 to 5 years, allowed a white coating on the oil, as on chocolate. When buying oils, including cocoa butter, be sure to pay attention to the expiration date.

Can oil-cocoa harm the skin?

Cocoa butter does not harm the skin, unless you are allergic to chocolate or to the oil itself. Of course, if there is an individual intolerance to this oil, then it is not used. Usually this oil is transferred without any side effects. And of course for oily skin it is not very suitable.

From butter-cocoa with the addition of other oils prepare for the body massage tiles. I found a video, which tells in detail and shows how to prepare a massage tile for a body of oils.