How to make a massage tile for the body with your own hands

Hello, dear readers. Today I want to share with you a recipe for a massage tile for the body. Now winter and our skin needs additional care and nutrition. I can not now choose a good body cream. But I use natural oils with pleasure. I adore butter-cocoa, very much like the oil of wheat germ and jojoba. Oils perfectly moisturize, nourish the skin. Of the oils, I decided to make a massage tile for the body. Massage tiles are considered to be exclusively a winter product. In the cold period, the massage tile perfectly replaces any body cream. It is very convenient to apply it to moisturize the body after a shower. Can be applied to a wet or dry body by distributing the oils with massage movements.

At room temperature, the tile does not melt, but melts away from the warmth of the hands and when it comes into contact with the body.

I confess honestly, I prepared the massage tile for the first time. But the result was satisfied. The recipe for cooking, with step-by-step photos, I want to share with you. Advantage of a massage tile for a body in its natural composition. You know the quality of the oil in the tiles.

Tiles can be prepared washable and not washable. Non-washable tiles consist only of oils, it is not necessary to rinse the oil after use. In the washable tiles, you can add scrubbing particles: ground oat flakes, coffee, dried flowers and other components. Such a tile is applied to the damp skin during the shower and washed off with water.

Today I prepared a massage tile from cocoa butter and shea butter, but the recipe still had coconut oil. At home I did not have it, so I added more shea butter. If you have solid coconut oil, then you can add it to the massage tile. Shea butter we add 15 grams and coconut oil 10 grams. I added 25 grams of shea butter.

The traditional recipe for massage tiles includes the use of oils and beeswax. So, let's start cooking.

How to make a massage body tile

To prepare a massage tile, we will need:

  • butter-cocoa - 13 grams
  • shea butter - 25 grams
  • beeswax - 2 grams
  • wheat germ oil - 1.5 tbsp.spoons
  • lavender essential oil - 3 drops
  • kitchen weights

Wheat germ oil can be replaced with any other liquid oil. I really like to use the germ oil for the body. This oil perfectly softens the skin making it soft, smooth, soft and velvety.

Essential oil can be added as desired. I added my favorite, lavender oil. You can add essential oil of orange, grapefruit or any other oil. Moreover, citrus oils help in the fight against cellulite.

We connect the wax and solid oils in the bowl. Wax is better to crush less. We put a bowl of solid oils and wax on a water bath.

Oils need to melt. It is very important that the temperature does not exceed 70 degrees. Oils will melt. Stir them, use a wooden stick for this.

When oils and wax completely melted, liquid oils can be added to the solid oils. But you need to cool the oil to a temperature of 50 degrees. I add wheat germ oil. She added 1.5 tbsp.spoons.

Then you can add the essential oil. I added to the mixture of oils only 3 drops of essential oil. All mixed with a wooden stick.

Now you can transfer oil to the mold. It can be a silicone mold or a form for soap. You can even use children's forms for the sandbox.

Overflow of oil should be cooled, and then put in the refrigerator for freezing. If you want the oils to freeze faster, put a mold with oils in the freezer.

As you can see, preparing a massage tile at home is very simple. After the oils froze, I poured the second layer on top. Decided to experiment a little. In the second layer, solid oils mixed with sea buckthorn oil.

It is often very easy to remove a tile from a mold. But if the tile can not be reached, then lower the mold for a few seconds into boiling water.

Here's such a beautiful I got a massage tile. On one side the tiles are white, and on the other, orange.

The smell of massage tiles is very pleasant. In order to tile evenly frozen without bumps and white spots, it is better to immediately put it in the freezer.

It is also recommended to keep the tiles in the fridge for two days so that excess moisture evaporates. You can store the tile in the bathroom, if you use it constantly, or in the refrigerator.

How to use a massage tile?

Massage tiles refer to solid creams and apply them to care for the body. We put on hands, feet, abdomen, hips and dry skin areas. Apply on a dry or wet body.

Massage tiles are solid, as they contain solid oils, but when they come into contact with the body, the tile melts.

You can distribute the oil on your hands, and then with massage movements all over your body. Procedures are best done at night, after a shower. The skin after application of a massage tile gentle, smooth, silky. The skin is not oily, but moisturized.

What does massage tiles consist of?

Massage tiles consist of solid oils( butters).As a rule, the composition of the tile includes: butter, cocoa, shea butter, mango oil, coconut oil.

The composition of the tile includes beeswax, which has disinfecting and healing properties. In addition to beeswax, any other wax can be added to the tile. I buy beeswax. I take a friend from the beekeeper on the market.

The composition of massage tiles include liquid oils: almond oil, wheat germ, peach, grape seed, jojoba, etc. oil.

If desired, essential oils can be added to the massage tile, as well as vitamins, for example, vitamins AEVIT.

It's that simple and fast, you can prepare a massage tile with your own hands. Moreover, at home, it is quite simple. After applying this tile, the skin is very soft, smooth and soft. If you have dry skin, tightness and dryness of the skin is observed, I highly recommend trying such a massage tile for the body. The result you will be satisfied.