Uddox: all the features of the drug you need to know



URDOXA is a newest medical product whose main goal is to provide therapeutic and preventive effects in diseases of the bile duct and liver. This tool acts immediately in several directions, i.e.in its essence is multifunctional. We will become acquainted with the instruction on the application of URDOXY.

Table of contents:

  1. Key qualities of
  2. When
  3. is prescribed Contraindications
  4. Possible side effects of
  5. How to use
  6. What are the features?
  7. The cost of the preparation

The main qualities of the

The main property of the drug in question is the protection of the liver from various kinds of harmful effects. This process of protection is called hepatoprotection, hence the attribution of the drug to the hepatoprotector group. Along with the indicated basic quality of URDOXA also:

  1. Cholagogue and stone-excretory effect

    Choleretic and stone-removing effect

    possesses choleretic effect;

  2. assists in the dissolution of gallstones( this property is referred to as cholelitholithic);
  3. causes a decrease in the level of cholesterol in the blood( hypocholesterolemic effect);
  4. helps to strengthen immunity, i.e.we are talking about immunomodulating action.

How does URDOXA work? After taking the capsule, the active substance contained in it penetrates the membrane of the liver cells. There, this substance begins to act, as a result of which the cell structure is stabilized and, accordingly, the cells are protected from all possible damage from the salts contained in the bile acids.

In addition, URDOXA promotes increased secretion of the glands of the stomach, as well as of the pancreas.

The qualities of the drug also make it possible to use it to increase the activity of lipase, the enzyme responsible for the cleavage of all incoming fats.

Among all the properties of the drug has not yet been named its hypoglycemic effect, i.e.action, which results in a decrease in the level of sugar contained in the blood.

Finally, we note that URDOXA not only reduces the level of cholesterol, but also causes complete disappearance of associated bile formations with regular application.


is prescribed How the instruction manual is prescribed, the drug is given if the following indications are given:

  • Stones in the gallbladder

    Gallstones in the gallbladder

    biliary reflux gastritis, i.e.a disturbance in the functioning of the biliary system;

  • destructive processes, during which small and medium cholesterol stones are destroyed in the background of normal gallbladder functioning;
  • cirrhosis, i.e.destruction of cells. Also biliary, having a primary character and developing in the absence of signs of decompensation.


URDOX is not assigned in the following cases:

  • gallstones, which are X-ray positive. These are the stones that are displayed on the X-ray image due to the high content of calcium;
  • shutdown of the gallbladder, i.e.dead bubble;
  • Contraindications


    presence of some acute diseases, developing in the gallbladder, ducts and intestines and characterized by the presence of inflammatory processes;

  • cirrhosis is decompensated. It is important to distinguish it from the above-mentioned biliary cirrhosis, in which signs of decompensation, as already noted, are absent;
  • strongly pronounced serious disruptions in the functioning of the liver, pancreas and kidneys. An important feature here is the nature of the disruptions: it must be significant;
  • is not prescribed for URDOXA in the presence of pregnancy, for breast-feeding mothers and for children;
  • , finally, a contraindication is the presence of hypersensitivity, tested by the body in relation to the constituent components of the drug.

By the way, about the composition. The bulk of the drug is directly ursodeoxycholic acid.

Possible side effects of

The probabilistic side effects resulting from the use of URDOXY include:

  • Allergic reaction

    Allergic reaction

    allergic reactions;

  • significant increase in the activity of a number of hepatic enzymes, namely: AST and ALT;
  • occurrence of back and stomach pain;
  • diarrhea;
  • the occurrence of the possibility that gallstones will be calcified;
  • increase in the likelihood of alopecia;
  • appearance of constipation;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • occurrence of dizziness;
  • cases of exacerbation of psoriasis.

The order of application of the preparation

The specific use of the drug in question differs depending on which of the three above indications it was assigned to.

So, with biliary reflux gastritis, the drug is prescribed with a dosage of 250 mg( and this is one capsule) daily. The specific duration of treatment with the drug is determined by the doctor, taking into account all the revealed features of the course of the disease.

Urdoksa - how much to take

Urdoksa - how much to take

If biliary cirrhosis is treated, the daily dose is determined differently: it is made dependent on the patient's body weight. With this in mind, 10-15 milligrams of the main active substance, ursodeoxycholic acid, can be present for each kilogram.

Finally, when the drug is given against a background of dissolution of the bile formations, the dose to be taken daily varies from 250 to as much as 500 milligrams( ie, either one capsule or two).The taking of capsules orally should be done immediately after ingestion or before this process.

The course of treatment in the latter case can run for 4 months or six months or even more than one year. The specific duration, of course, depends on the speed with which the expected result is achieved.

It should be noted that with the appointment of URDOXY as a maintenance drug, the dosage, as a rule, does not exceed one capsule daily.

What are the features?

Like any drug, URDOXA has some specific features that characterize it exclusively:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to name the most important and positive feature of the drug. The fact is that he does not have such a property as addictive;
  2. The possibility of purchasing a drug in a pharmacy is limited, since it can not be done without a prescription;
  3. There is a specificity in the process of taking the medicine. It, like many others, is absolutely incompatible with alcohol. Therefore, during the therapy it is extremely undesirable to tolerate the use of alcohol;
    Obligatory prohibition on alcohol

    Obligatory prohibition on alcohol

  4. There are other conditions, the observance of which is a necessity in the treatment process with the use of a drug such as UDDOXA:
  • first, the stones to be eliminated are directed only by cholesterol. And the latter are by their nature X-ray negative;
  • , secondly, it is possible to apply to the drug only when the size of the formations in diameter does not exceed 2 cm;
  • third, a prerequisite is the normal operation of the gallbladder;
  • , fourth, to help URDOKSA resort only in cases where the formation is filled with no more than half of the entire volume of the gallbladder;
  • fifth, an extremely important condition is the maintenance of the patency of the ducts( both common bile and vesicular).

Finally, we should mention the features of the course of treatment. Since in some cases it can exceed 1 month, an important place is made by the indicators obtained as a result of biochemistry. Such an analysis is recommended to be performed monthly during the first three months of taking the drug. In those cases when the course lasts even longer, the tests are conducted every three months.

We now know almost everything about this drug, but what is its price?

The cost of the drug

The price for URDOKSU is quite diverse and depends on what kind of packaging is purchased. In addition, certain differences are observed between individual regions of Russia. As a result, the price ranges from 478 rubles to 640 for a package with 50 pieces. If you need to buy 100 pieces, then they will cost 932-1031 rubles.

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