Depression - causes, symptoms, treatment, withdrawal from depression

Depression is usually called a state of deep sadness, which can develop after some unpleasant event or for no apparent reason. To psychiatrists there are many patients suffering from depression. Approximately 10% of people come to doctors with this or that somatic disease, but in fact they suffer from depression.

In this article we consider the causes that cause the depression state of , symptoms, as well as ways of getting out of depression, its treatment.

Causes of depression

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Many people in megacities are now spinning in the "house-work" wheel. You have to spend a lot of time and energy on trips from one point of the city to another. It almost does not leave free time, which could be spent on communication with your family, relatives and friends. They do not have time to visit each other, but the need for communication is one of the most important human needs.

The causes of so-called reactive depressions are various stress factors - loss of loved ones, other tragic events.

Endogenous depression , unlike the reactive one, is caused not by external factors, but by the internal state of the body. The main reason here, according to doctors, is a lack of hormones( serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine).

Endogenous depression can be triggered by some kind of psychotraumatic event( but here it is not the primary cause, but only fulfills the function of the triggering factor), and may appear against a background of complete well-being.

Some people are prone to seasonal depression. They may have a winter or autumn depression .This condition is caused by an insufficient amount of sunlight, which has a very favorable effect on the mood of a person.

Statistics say that every sixth inhabitant of Europe suffers from seasonal depression( from the so-called SAD - seasonal affective disorders), especially for northern residents of this part of the world where winter is longer.

Depression: symptoms of

How to determine that your bad mood, which lasts for several days, has grown into depression? There are some signs that you can accurately say that the patient's condition is severe enough and requires medical intervention, there are also signs that has a severe depression of .How to distinguish between these states? The main sign is the time that your condition lasts.

depression Conditionally we will divide all obvious signs and displays of depression on mental and somatic. If you have home depression , the symptoms will look like this:


  • Lack of interest in everything that happens, low motivation, lack or almost complete lack of vitality and energy;
  • Depressed mood, indifference and lack of joy even in the most positive events of your life;
  • Failure to make decisions, reduced speed of thinking;
  • Uncertainty about their abilities and abilities, emptiness and constant guilt;
  • Sharp and frequent mood swings throughout the day;
  • Pessimism about everything that is happening and the future, anxious state, fears;
  • Thoughts on suicide;
  • Possible incoherent and meaningless speech.

Somatic symptoms-signs:

  • Abnormal sleep( early awakening in the morning, insomnia);
  • Lack of appetite;
  • Constipation disorders in the form of constipation;
  • Dizziness, squeezing of the skull;
  • Some vegetative symptoms are possible.

Depression in women

Depression in women is more common. In men, they are less common. Often this happens after giving birth. When the flowers fade in a bouquet presented by the happy daddy of the baby, when all the congratulations and wild excitement cease, some women, unfortunately, can develop postpartum depression .

In this state, the woman:

  • tries not to go to the mirror again;
  • feels powerless and helpless before the problems that have fallen on her head;
  • the crying of a child causes her fury;
  • it seems to her that relatives are just waiting for her to do something wrong to start teaching her;
  • thoughts about sexual intercourse cause rejection and disgust.

This condition of a woman needs to be observed by a doctor, in the attention of her husband, relatives and friends. In the absence of treatment, a woman may spend a year in depression.

How to get out of depression?

Can I get rid of depression in a fairly short time? Yes. Practice confirms that this is quite possible. How quickly you can get out of the depression yourself , depends only on yourself. It is necessary to take control of the situation in their own hands, and not to go with the flow. Do you always need the help of specialists, psychologists? Doctors need help not always. But ideally, of course, it is better to contact an experienced specialist who knows much more about this condition and can help.

Depression: Treatment of

Fortunately, depression can be treated well. It is known that more than 80% of patients completely get rid of this disorder.

Usually the following methods of psychotherapy are used:

  • counseling for a psychologist;
  • cognitive-behavioral psychiatric therapy;
  • psychoanalysis;
  • gestalt therapy.

Researchers note a good effect of such therapy in combination with pharmaceuticals. This is called psychopharmacotherapy.

How to choose the right medication for depression ?This question is relevant to those issues that are better solved together with the doctor. We have antidepressants in our country. These depressants of are divided into two groups:

  • Tricyclic drugs;
  • Selective inhibitors.

The use of these drugs should be performed under the supervision of the attending physician. Observance of all recommendations and a regimen of reception leads to that illness passes or takes place, gradually you simply forget that depression .

Family and close people help fight depression. Do not deny yourself communication. Lead a healthy lifestyle, spend more time on yourself, take care of those who need more care than yours. It is the return of warmth and attention that helps many to cope with difficult life situations.