Which allergy tablets are the most effective?

The allergy of many often catches unawares, and some people just stop living. But, fortunately, today there are many drugs that ease the condition. But which of the allergy tablets are the best?

Medicines for allergies

Allergy medicines

Table of contents:

  1. How do drugs work against allergies?
  2. What are the most effective anti-allergy drugs?
  3. How to choose a tool?

How do drugs work against allergies?

Medications for allergies are also called antihistamines

Allergy medications are also called antihistamines.

Why are all the allergy tablets called antihistamines? An allergic reaction is the body's response to the effects of allergens. With this action, a number of reactions occur, as a result of which the histamine is converted to the active form. In general, histamine is a biologically active substance present in many tissues of the body. But in a normal state it is inactive and can not cause any harm. And when you switch to an active form, histamine is very dangerous, because it acts on the respiratory system, the muscular system, and also on some tissues. As a result of this exposure, digestive juices and mucus in the nasal cavity and bronchi are released in large quantities, muscle spasm occurs( because of it breathing is disrupted, diarrhea starts, pains occur), the stress hormone adrenaline( because of this, heartbeat), andthe vessels also expand( this provokes edema).

Antihistamines contain substances that block histamine receptors, so that they can not bind to tissues and affect their condition.

What are the most effective anti-allergy drugs?

All allergy pills can be divided into three groups: first generation, second and third. Let us dwell on each group in more detail and present a list of the most effective means of each generation.

First generation

The tools of this group were once the only one of its kind and were assigned everywhere. The connections with the histamine receptors are fragile and reversible, so often the dosages are quite high, and frequent use is also required. Certain properties of such drugs allow them to penetrate into the structures of the brain and influence some of its parts, and also interact with alcohol and enhance its action. Hence a number of side effects:

  • Oppression of the central nervous system: drowsiness, inhibition of reaction, decreased concentration of attention.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Excitation.
  • Constipation.
  • Tachycardia.
  • Decreased visual acuity.

The effect comes quickly, but often it is short-lived. Among other things, there is often an addiction to this or that remedy, which makes it absolutely ineffective.

Today, preparations of this group by doctors are practically not appointed, but still we offer to study the list:

  1. Suprastin is one of the most popular allergy drugs

    Suprastin is one of the most popular drugs for the allergy

    "Dimedrol".A very effective tool that has a local anesthetic effect, antiemetic and antitussive. But there are many side effects: severe drowsiness, dry mouth, as well as a violation of urination( in particular, urinary retention).

  2. "Suprastin" is a very effective remedy, which allows to eliminate such consequences of allergy as edema, spasm, itching. Can help even with anaphylactic shock. The effect is fast, but lasts only 4-5 hours. But the substances do not accumulate in the blood, so the risk of overdose is minimal. Side effects are few.
  3. "Tavegil" is effective and less penetrates into the brain, so side effects are much less.
  4. "Diazoln" is similar to "Diphenhydramine", but does not cause severe drowsiness.

Second generation

Tablets from the second generation allergy contain substances that are more closely related to histamine receptors. At the same time, such components have almost no effect on other receptors and on the central nervous system. The effect is long( up to 12 hours) and very fast. Possible long-term use, as the addictive means do not cause. But children, elderly people and people with cardiovascular diseases are not prescribed such drugs, since they have a negative effect on the heart.

Here is a list of such tools:

  • "Fenistil" resembles the first generation drug, but does not have such a pronounced sedative effect, it lasts longer and has fewer side effects. The preparation is in the form of tablets and gel for external topical application.
    Second-generation drugs do not affect the central nervous system

    Second-generation drugs do not affect CNS

  • "Claritin" - a popular and effective antihistamine that can be taken by children( from 1 year old) and older people. There is practically no negative impact on the heart, there is no sedative effect, the drug does not interact with alcohol and other drugs. The action is fast and lasting.
  • "Semprex" has a minimum number of side effects, it acts fairly quickly, but, unfortunately, has a short-term effect.
  • Treksil is practically the first drug of this generation. Sedation is not available, but the effect on the heart is significant: there is a risk of tachycardia and severe arrhythmia. It is used under the supervision of a doctor and with extreme caution.
  • "Histalong".This drug has the longest effect( up to 2-3 weeks), it is effective for chronic allergies( in acute attacks, the effect is minimal).Side effects are few, but the effect on the heart has a place to be. In some countries, the sale of such a product is prohibited, since it can provoke serious heart rhythm disturbances.

Third generation

Tablets against allergy of the third generation appeared not so long ago, they can be attributed to the second generation, but there are still significant differences. They, in essence, are active metabolites of second-generation drugs. No effect on the heart or central nervous system is observed, the effect occurs quickly and is prolonged. These funds are allowed for children and the elderly, as well as for people whose occupations are related to the management of mechanisms and require increased concentration of attention and reaction.

Here is a list of such tools:

  1. "Telfast".From the body such a preparation with all its components is excreted completely, does not have a sedative effect on the central nervous system, does not harm the heart.
  2. Fexofenadine is an analogue of the previous preparation. He also does not affect the brain and nervous system, does not interact with drugs and alcohol and is an effective and safe means.
  3. "Cetirizine" acts immediately in several directions and removes almost all the symptoms of allergy: itching, edema, mucus, rashes on the skin, bronchospasm and so on. The effect is fast and fairly long( up to a day).This remedy should be used with caution in case of kidney problems.
  4. "Zirtek" practically does not have any side effects, it works throughout the day( the effect occurs approximately in 1-2 hours).Since the substance of the agent is excreted by the kidneys, then with renal failure and other problems, the drug should be used carefully and under the supervision of a specialist.
  5. "Tsetrin" - this is almost an analog of the "Zirtek".
Third generation drugs - the newest and most effective

Third generation drugs - the newest and most effective

How to choose a remedy?

Only a doctor can select and prescribe tablets against allergies.

He must take into account the existing diseases, as well as the manifestations and severity of allergies.

Health to you and a quiet life without allergies!

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