Reduxin Light - description of the product, instructions for use and cost

Reduxin Light will help you lose weight.

Reduxin Light will help you lose weight.

Reduxin Light - appeared in 2010, a tool for weight loss. To fully understand the principle of the drug, it is necessary to carefully study its composition. In addition, you will need and instructions for using the tool. This is what we will study in detail.


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    General information

    The Reduxin Light preparation is based on conjugated linoleic acid. True, the acid is known for a certain time: since the end of the last century. At that time, this acid( CLC) was widely used in the development of non-drug preparations for bodybuilders.

    The beginning of the use of CLC was established when the following was experimentally established: when adding fatty linoleic acid to a simple low-calorie diet, there is a certain acceleration of material metabolism and a faster fat burning.

    Of course, KLK is a part of natural products. These are the so-called "refractory" animal fats( for example, beef), safflower oil. True, these sources of acid, as a rule, are quite high in calories, besides they are dosed too low.

    In view of this, the CLC is much easier to include in the composition of a biologically active food additive.

    In bodybuilding same conjugated linoleic acid is taken since the first week of "drying": this allows to accelerate the processes of splitting fatty deposits. As a rule, the athletes are calculated the following dose: 1 mg of acid per 1 kg of body weight. Scientists confirmed that the use of this acid provides a reduction in inflammatory processes in the muscles and allows accelerating muscle recovery after strength training. And it is with this effect that the overwhelming majority of scientists associate the accelerating material exchange and the growing need for calories. Therefore, the use of Reduxin Light means it is possible to obtain an optimal muscle-fat balance.

    The drug should be taken with food.

    The drug should be taken with food.

    Concentration of acid in Reduxin Lite is as follows: six tablets contain about 3 g of CLA.

    The administration of CLC should be taken with food: when such food is taken that is devoid of natural fats. And for the guaranteed effect of "fat burning" it is important to observe 3 conditions:

    • it is necessary to reduce the intake of calories from food;
    • needs to provide nutrition balanced for proteins, trace elements and vitamins;
    • should regularly perform strength exercises.

    In other words, the use of Reduxin Light in combination with irregular training or at all with a sedentary lifestyle, besides without a diet will not give a tangible effect.

    Moreover, it is necessary to ensure careful monitoring of your diet.

    On the composition of

    As we noted, Reduxin Light is based on CLK.However, the instruction for the use of the drug contains an indication of its composition, where, along with CLA, vitamin E is present. This is very important to take into account, since in the case of taking vitamins, it will be necessary to carefully monitor the dosage of all taken drugs in order to prevent the development of allergic reactions.

    So, the instructions for use determine that 500 mg of CLA and vitamin E are included in one capsule of the remedy. In addition, some auxiliary substances are included in the composition, in particular: purified water, citric acid, glycerin and gelatin.

    On the principle of action of the drug

    Note that the drug Reduxin Light is not associated with another remedy called simply - Reduxin. The fact is that Reduxin is used to reduce the pathologically increased appetite observed in obese patients. Therefore, such a drug is a medicine, it includes sibutramine, which has a number of side effects, and therefore banned for free sale.

    Reduxin Light is also a biologically active additive to food. Instructions for use indicate that Reduxin Light is designed to control the weight and, ultimately, the formation of an attractive, smart silhouette.

    The acid included in the composition favorably affects the material exchange occurring in the body. Also, we note that the CLC does not allow the enzyme, which ensures the retention of fat in the body, to work fully. Moreover, linoleic acid promotes the activation of those enzyme systems that are responsible for the processing of fat.

    Accordingly, the reduction of subcutaneous fat is observed as a result of using the Reduzkin Light. And due to the fact that the body itself starts to use the released energy, directing it to protein synthesis, muscle tissues are significantly strengthened.

    Therefore, CLC is a reliable helper for the human body, which allows fat to be used as a source of energy and create a very attractive external image. The

    KLK will change your fat to a source of energy and you will lose weight faster.

    CLC will change your fat to an energy source and you will lose weight faster.

    About the indications of

    It is important to get expert opinion about this before using Reduxin Light. In any case, it is necessary to clearly understand some points:

    • reception of the considered additive to food is not able to provide correction of eating behavior, which is violated for a number of psychological reasons. Consequently, with overeating, the inability to establish a balanced diet and if there is a craving for products that can not be called healthy, taking capsules Reduxin Light in terms of weight loss is useless. Therefore, it will be necessary to initially eliminate the main problem, and then start to select food supplements that will help to accelerate recovery in the post-workout period;
    • should not be considered Reduxin Light as an exceptional means for losing weight. To achieve the desired result, the preparation is supplemented by observing a balanced diet and performing physical exercises;
    • , finally, we note that it is important to take into account and a long period of weight loss, because every week you can lose, according to the recommendations, not more than two kg. If, however, the excess weight by medical standards is completely absent, then the application of the remedy can remain at all without the expressed effect.

    About dosage

    The instructions for using the drug determine that within a day you can take no more than 6 capsules. And since Reduxin Light is used during meals, i.e.three times a day: for breakfast, lunch, dinner, then every time you should take one or two capsules. Then the daily dose of CLA in the aggregate will be about 2-3 g, which allows to ensure maximum efficiency when adjusting the figure.

    The preparation Reduxin Light lasts one to two months. It is recommended that the course be repeated three to four times a year, with at least a one-month break between treatments.

    During the course of the course of prima tion of the drug, alcohol consumption is strongly discouraged.

    About contraindications

    Reduxin Light, as defined by the instruction, has the following contraindications:

    1. the presence of individual intolerance of the drug components;
    2. during pregnancy, as well as the entire period of breastfeeding( due to the lack of any tests in relation to pregnant women,
    3. age, the drug is not used by persons under the age of 18. Children are recommended only natural source of linoleic acid, ie safflower oil. It is a vegetable oil, which is obtained from the seeds of dye safflower).

    Customer opinions

    Customer feedback.

    Customer reviews.

    Useful for drawing up a complete picture of the drug is also the study of reviews of many people who used Reduxin Light. It should be noted that opinions are predominantly positive. There are, however, a number of negative reviews, which are connected, in the majority, with non-observance of all the above-described recommendations.

    In particular:

    "I took Reduxin Light for three weeks. But I did not notice any result for all this time, so I decided to stop taking it. I did not like this additive to food, I just wasted my money. I try to find now what will really help me reduce my appetite( Zinaida, 34 years old). "

    Probably, there is an incorrect eating behavior, without correction of which, as we noted above, the use of the drug is useless.

    Other reviews well characterize the remedy. For example:

    "This product really helped me. I chose Reduxin Light for the reason that it was not necessary to combine the capsule with any starvation, it was not necessary to limit myself strongly to food. I, in principle, ate everything that I usually eat. I will say right away: the price for the tool is not the lowest, but the result is worth it.

    Before buying the drug talked to his attending physician, he approved. I went to the pharmacy and bought it, did not order it via the Net or buy it from my hands.

    What is the result? Boca pulled up, tummy. On the hips a little sleep was cellulite. Now I want to do myself thoroughly, sit on the simulators and start active studies. Then I can pull up the silhouette. Simply the weight has really dumped, and there was some flabbiness( Irina, 30 years) ».

    "I was so thin with this wonderful tool! Took it two months and lost 13 kg. Maybe someone will consider that this is not enough, but, in my opinion, the result is very good for a biologically active food additive. It's not some kind of "supernovorochenny" fat burner, and not an appetite suppressant( Anna, 28 years old). "

    About the cost of

    After acquaintance with the drug, interest naturally causes its price. Depends on the price of Reduxin Light from a specific package. So, in one package can be 30, 90 capsules, 120 or 180 capsules. Accordingly, the price is as follows:

    1. for packing with 30 capsules - 900 rubles;
    2. with 90 capsules the price is already 1400 rubles;
    3. if the capsules are in a package of 120, then the price will be 1900 rubles;
    4. finally, with 180 capsules the price is 2500 rubles.
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