Drops Sinuphorte - an effective preparation from a genyantritis

Sinuporte will help you cope with the genyantritis.

Sinuporte will help you cope with the genyantritis.

Treatment of sinusitis for today is carried out, including, by means of application of some pharmacological preparations. Among all their diversity, it is worth mentioning the drops from the sinusitis Sinuforte, because these drops have been widely used. Sinuporte is prescribed for various forms of sinusitis( both acute and chronic), as well as with etmoidites, fronts. In some cases, drops are used for combined sinusitis.

Table of contents:

  1. General information about
  2. About possible side effects of
  3. Interaction with other
  4. agents. Application rules. Dosage of
  5. The cost of the drug. Advantages of

General information about

The Sinuphorte drops are a lyophilizate. The latter is used to prepare the solution, but is administered intranasally. The main active ingredient of Sinufort is the extract of European cyclamen. This extract is often an integral part of those drugs that are used in the treatment of sinusitis. The use of cyclamen extract in the composition of drugs is explained by the fact that this component causes reflex secretion from the mucous membrane of the nose. In addition, the extract has an anti-edematic effect, thereby facilitating the rapid evacuation of the purulent secretion( it passes from the nasal sinuses into the nasopharynx).

Note also that Sinuphort drops have absolutely no irritant effect on the nasal mucosa, do not linger in the nasal cavity. Let us also point out that the drug has no systemic effect on the body, due to which it is prescribed actively in the treatment of sinusitis.

When applying Sinuphorte it is necessary to take into account that increasing the dosage of the drug does not entail an increase in the therapeutic effect, due to which the Sinuphorte drops in the treatment of sinusitis should be used according to the instructions. If the application rules are violated, there may be pain in the nasopharynx, as well as a very intense burning, which leads only to complication of treatment.

About possible side effects of

Burning in the nasopharynx is a side effect of the drug.

Burning in the nasopharynx is a side effect of the drug.

Caps Sinuphorte, as a rule, are very well tolerated. However, in some cases( despite their rarity) there is still a manifestation of side effects. This can be expressed in:

  • the occurrence of mild, minor burning in the nasopharynx;
  • appearance of reflex reactions in the form of tear- or salivation;
  • redness of face.

In the most rare cases, drops from the sinusitis Sinuforte can cause a headache( it occurs in the frontal region), as well as pale pink discharge from the nose. The latter phenomenon is due to the presence of diapedesis of the capillaries of the nose. However, similar reactions( we remind you once again: they are very rare) are not regarded as indications to stop the use of Sinuphorte.

Interaction with other

medications Sinuphort medication is not allowed to be combined with topical anesthetic agents.

The simultaneous use of drugs in the form of drops, which can reduce the swelling of the mucosa. Also, in the case of sinusitis of bacterial etiology, in addition to Sinuphorte, antibacterial drugs are usually prescribed. Such a step quickly enough leads to a therapeutic effect.

Rules for the use of the tool. Dosage of

Immediately before you start taking this medicine for sinusitis, you should study the information in the instructions in detail. This step will prevent the appearance of undesirable effects, as well as contribute to preventing the misuse of the agent or the incorrectly chosen dosage.

How to properly prepare Sinuphort drops? For this you need:

  1. take a vial of lyophilized powder, unscrew the cap from it and remove the stopper;
  2. then break off the upper part, then open the bottle with lyophilizate;
  3. all the contents of the vial with solvent to pour( completely) into the vial containing the lyophilizate;
  4. screw the dispensing nozzle onto the bottle;
  5. , shake the bottle until the powder is completely dissolved.

Then the Sinuphorte drug is used as follows:

  • is removed from the dispenser dispenser protective cap;
  • literally presses the dispenser two or three times, spraying the medicine into the air;
  • carefully insert the dispenser into the nostril( the head should be in a vertical position), then make one push;
  • immediately at the time of spraying should hold your breath.
Before using the drug, consult a doctor to determine the dosage and duration of use.

Before using this medication, contact your doctor to find the dosage and duration of use.

Sinuphorte can be sprayed for children from 12 years old and adults. To inject it is necessary daily: once on one pushing on a batcher. One click results in the spraying of about 2-3 drops of the agent, which is a single dose. Treatment usually lasts about a week. But a doctor can be prescribed to use Sinuphorte every other day, and then the duration of use is increased to 12-16 days.

However, it is necessary to take into account certain restrictions regarding the drug in question. Thus, it is not used in the treatment of pregnant or lactating women due to the lack of any clinical research results.

The cost of the drug. Advantages of

The cost of Sinuphorte, as in the case of any other drug, is one of the determining factors. It should be noted that the price of this medicine has decreased to a certain extent, which is explained by the statement made by the supplier company in early 2003.

The average price for today on drops of Sinufort is set at 1500-1580 rubles.

The popularity of the drug is due not only to the fact that the price has decreased. The advantages of Sinuphort include:

  1. Cost-effectiveness. One small package is sufficient to successfully conduct a therapeutic course;
  2. Efficiency. The medicine has a good effect, besides it is characterized by safety and high portability;
  3. Efficiency. Drops of Sinuphorte very quickly eliminate all clinical symptoms. In addition, this drug is not threatened with addiction;
  4. Directivity of action. All active components of Sinuphorte have a specific effect on the inflammation focus.

All of the above is an explanation of the wide distribution of the drug in question. Drops Sinuforte - this is an excellent tool to ensure effective treatment of sinusitis.

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