Treatment of myositis in the home: how can I take off the pain?

Inflammation of muscles

Myositis is a polyetiological inflammatory disease of skeletal muscle tissue, in which a separate muscle( monomyositis) and their group( polymyositis) can be involved in the pathological process.

What is the organic basis of the disease?

The lesion in myositis is palpable in the form of a tightened cuff or a non-displaced subcutaneous nodule, which causes complaints of the patient for pain in muscles of different severity, partial loss of their functionality, redness and swelling in the area of ​​inflammation.

The danger of this disease lies in its transition to a chronic form with inadequate acute treatment, as well as in suppuration of the inflammatory focus.

Because of this patient should be observed in the hospital. Myositis therapy should focus not only on arresting seizures and eliminating clinical symptoms, but also on restoring the normal structure and functioning of the affected muscle, and at the outpatient stage it is necessary to treat myositis at home, backed up by doctor's prescriptions.

It should be noted that the organic basis of the pain sensation is spasmodic muscle fibers due to edema that has developed against the background of the inflammatory process, the disturbance of their blood supply and the accumulation of lactic acid. Muscles become extremely tense, their functionality decreases sharply, because of this, patients try not to subject them to any strain, which is the first condition for curing myositis. Further, an active anti-inflammatory, analgesic therapy with obligatory physiotherapy in an in-patient environment is necessary, and on an outpatient stage all the triggers of seizures should be eliminated. These include hypothermia, prolonged exposure to one posture, physical overstrain.

Soreness in myositis
Any muscle in the body can be affected in myositis, but the muscle fibers shown in the figure

are more likely to suffer. What can I do to remove painful attacks of myositis?

When a sudden onset of pain at home, should provide rest to the affected muscle , relieve its spasm and improve blood circulation by applying a dry compress. For this, you can stretch the painful area with cautious massaging movements, wrap up a knitted scarf, cover with a feather blanket, grind with warming ointment or essential oils of rose, cinnamon, lavender.

Also for the inactivation of lactic acid, you can use a compress with laundry soap, and to create a heat source on the affected area, apply the mashed boiled potatoes, previously cooked in a uniform, and wrap it with a dry towel. After this, you should rub the muscle with alcohol or cologne and again warm it well. This procedure facilitates the rapid removal of spasm, the expansion of blood vessels in the source, thereby activating the natural mechanisms of immune defense.

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A decoction of needles has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, it is necessary to rub branches with needles and knobs for its preparation, pour 0,5 l of water and cook for about an hour on low heat. After this, the drug must be infused for 10 hours, strain through gauze, mix the resulting solution with a spoonful of oat flakes or bran, and after another 10 minutes.make on this basis a compress made of oilcloth. Keep it should be about 3 hours, on top of a wrapped towel or a warm blanket.

With painful attacks of cervical myositis, compress with laurel oil will help to cure: for its preparation it is necessary to dissolve 10-12 drops of healing oil in a liter of warm boiled water. After this, it is necessary to soak them with a towel, fold the compress in the form of a strip and apply on the back of the neck( under the back of the head) for 20 minutes.

And for oral administration as an analgesic, you can use an adonis infusion for 1 tsp three times a day or its ready-made analogue - the drug "Adonisid", which should be taken strictly after consultation with the attending physician.

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