Treatment of lumbago with medicinal preparations and folk remedies

With a problem like lumbago, or lumbar lumbago, everyone can meet. For this purpose it is not necessary to unload the whole day the cars, it's enough to work in the garden or the vegetable garden, and for some there is a sharp and awkward movement. Treatment of lumbago should begin immediately after an attack of acute pain. To do this, you need to know how to provide yourself or others first aid with lumbar lumbago.

How to recognize lumbago?

Lumbago is a special pain syndrome, which most often occurs due to degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine. In the people it is called a lumbar chamber.

Lumbago characteristics:

  • pain occurs in the lumbar region, it can be one- or two-sided;
  • painful sensations are very intense;
  • the nature of pain is shooting, tearing, piercing, some patients equate it with electric shock;
  • in some cases, pain gives to the buttock and the corresponding lower limb, which is associated with damage to the sciatic nerve;
  • the highest intensity of pain is observed during the first 30-60 minutes, after which it gradually decreases and passes into lumbulgia, but can again become aggravated with sudden movements;
  • pain subsides to 5-7 days after the onset of an attack, completely pass, as a rule, for 4-8 weeks;
  • also the pain is accompanied by a painful spasm of the muscles of the back, their tension;
  • often a person who has a lumbago comes to a standstill in the position in which he was overtaken by pain.
Sharp pain in the lower back
Lumbago occurs suddenly, often after awkward movement and overloads.

First aid for

It is very important to know how you can help yourself or your loved ones with a fit of lumbago, in addition, there is nothing complicated in this. So, lumbago treatment at home begins with taking the optimal posture to eliminate pain.

If you are overtaken by a sharp pain in the lower back, the first thing to do is lie on a firm and level surface. Do not try to get to bed, if you're at home, or to a bench, if you're on the street. Lie down at once and do not think what others will say.

This reduces the load on the muscles of the back. It is necessary to take not strictly horizontal position, it is necessary to lie down in that position in which the pain disturbs least of all.

It's important to know! Contrary to the common misconception, strictly horizontal position on the back does not help to relax the muscles of the spine.

When the pain has calmed down a little, it is necessary to occupy one of 2 positions which promote the maximal muscle relaxation:

  • Kifozirovanie spine. The person lies on his back, his legs are bent in the hip and knee joints and are on the dais( a platen of clothes, a pillow, a box, etc.).
  • Abdominal position. It is used much less often, but for some people it fits most. It is important not to forget to put 2-3 pillows under your stomach.
Medical position with lumbago
In this position, the muscles of the back are as relaxed as possible

These two poses allow you to achieve maximum muscle relaxation and eliminate their spasm, which increases pain in lumbago. In this position, a person must stay for most of the day until acute pain is eliminated.

If the pain overtook you outside the house, then you need to know how to get up right after the very acute period. You need to do this step-by-step. First you need to turn on your stomach, then - get on all fours. To rise it is necessary slowly, I lean my hands on foreign objects. Unbending in the lower back is also very slow.

After that, you can take a pill of anesthetic medication, if it was at hand( Nurofen, Panadol, Tempalgin, Voltaren, Revmoxicam, Xefokam, Aertal, etc.).You can also use one of the painkillers and anti-inflammatory ointments( Dolobien, Fitobene, Voltaren).

Next, you need to fix the sore back. For this purpose, a scarf, scarf or special orthopedic bandage is suitable. It is important in this period not to raise the severity, do not make sudden movements, which can trigger a repetition of acute pain.

Medication treatment

If strict bed rest and fixation of the lumbar spine is not enough to eliminate the pain syndrome, then medications from several groups are used.

Analgesics and NSAIDs

These are the drugs of choice. They not only effectively and quickly eliminate pain, but also have a good anti-inflammatory effect. Such medications exist in various forms( tablets, capsules, solutions for injections, external ointments, gels, patches), which allows for more effective treatment of pain syndrome.

most frequently prescribed:

  • diclofenac,
  • ibuprofen,
  • meloxicam,
  • piroxicam,
  • aceclofenac,
  • indomethacin,
  • nimesulide,
  • ketorolac,
  • celecoxib.

As a rule, treatment begins with intramuscular injections for 5-7 days, then they switch to oral taking pain medication for another 5-7 days. Use NSAIDs longer than 10-14 days is not recommended, since the risk of side effects, in particular gastrointestinal bleeding, is significantly increased.

Ketorol perfectly eliminates the sharp pain in his back


lumbago treatment almost impossible without prescription of drugs from this group. They eliminate the pathological muscle spasm, which significantly reduces the severity of pain, eliminates the compression of nerve roots. As a rule, they use such medications as midocalam or tizalud. Treatment begins with intramuscular injections, then they switch to taking pills for a period of up to 1 month.

Other medications

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The frequent medical treatment of an attack of acute pain in the back is complemented by the use of such medicines:

  • B vitamins that strengthen and repair damaged nerve fibers;
  • decongestants, which eliminate inflammatory edema in the area of ​​soft tissue damage to the spine;
  • preparations for vasodilation that normalize microcirculation in the tissues of the spinal column.

In the case of very severe pain, which can not be eliminated by the described methods, the doctor can prescribe narcotic analgesics with a short course( up to 3 days).Tranquilizers, hypnotics, and antispasmodics may also be used to enhance the effect of the main treatment package.

There is another alternative to the introduction of drugs - it's a blockade of the spine. The paravertebral soft tissues injected with a needle local anesthetics( lidocaine, procaine) is sometimes added to long-acting injection glucocorticoids( diprospan, Kenalog).

This manipulation blocks the path of the painful reflex, so that the pain completely passes for a while. Each patient requires a different number of blockages, but in most cases, the pain is completely eliminated by injecting 1-3 injections into the spine.

Other conservative methods of therapy

This stage of treatment begins only after the elimination of acute pain, usually after 5-7 days after the onset of lumbago. In an acute period, only rest, lumbar fixation and medication are indicated. Among

conservative methods are used to treat pain, highlight:

  • physiotherapy( ozokeritnye paraffin baths and cold compresses, magnetotherapy, electrophoresis, hydrocortisone ultrasound);
  • acupuncture;
  • orthopedic correction( wearing corsets, bandages);
  • massage and manual therapy, osteopathy;
  • therapeutic dosage gymnastics;
  • diet food.

These conservative techniques are important not so much to eliminate acute pain as to prevent its recurrence. Only constant work on your health will help in the future to avoid repeated attacks of lumbago. It is also important to eliminate all the risk factors of this pathology, lead a healthy and active lifestyle, and regularly engage in physical education.

Therapeutic gymnastics is the main way to prevent repeated attacks of lumbago

Treating folk remedies

Folk treatment for lumbago is used quite often and very successfully. The following are the most effective recipes for the management of acute low back pain.

Compression of horseradish

For preparation of a compress you will need:

  • 1 horseradish root,
  • 1 piece of raw potatoes,
  • teaspoon of honey.

Horseradish and potatoes must be cleaned and grated on a fine grater. Add the honey to the mixture and mix everything thoroughly. Spread the gruel on a clean cloth and attach it to the sore lower back. Top with a woolen shawl. Keep the compress for 40-60 minutes. It is important to know that at this time you will feel a burning sensation - this is normal. After you have removed the compress, you need to wipe the skin with a damp towel.

Plum Grind

First you need to prepare a plum spirit tincture. You will need stones from plums( 25-30 pieces) and 250 ml of vodka. Bones pour vodka and insist at room temperature for 7-10 days. After that, the tincture can be used as rubbing, which must be repeated 2-3 times a day.

Therapeutic ointment

For its preparation you need to take a dry herb of horse chestnut, grind it into powder. As a basis, butter or interior fat, which must be pre-melted in a water bath and mixed with medicinal grass, is suitable. Store the ointment in the refrigerator. It can be used for both ointment rubbing and compresses.

When making the conclusion, it is worth noting that at the heart of lumbago treatment is a strict rest for the spine, its fixation and anti-inflammatory drugs. All other methods should be used only after the pain subsides. It is also important to seek specialized medical care, since lumbago is only one of the manifestations of the pathology of the spine, which must be treated first.

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