Compress on Joints with Dimexide for Arthrosis and Other Diseases

  • Table of contents:
  • Application details for various diseases
  • Dimexide action for arthrosis
  • Bursitis and synovitis
  • Contusions and injuries
  • Use in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Efficacy for the treatment of aseptic necrosis of the bone head
  • Preparation of the solution

The drug has unique properties. It easily penetrates the skin tissues and acts directly on the inflammation focus. In addition to pronounced anti-inflammatory and analgesic action, the drug promotes the activation of metabolic processes in the joint tissues, which accelerates the regeneration of damaged areas.

Apply Dimexide not only in the course of treatment for arthrosis and arthritis. With bruises, ligament damage, radiculitis, compresses with its use will be very effective.

Features of application for various diseases

Before applying a compress, it is necessary to conduct an allergic test. For this, some solution is applied to the skin from the inside of the elbow. In half an hour you can evaluate the reaction. If there is redness or irritation, you can not apply a compress. Allergic reactions to the use of Dimexide occur quite often.

In addition to the possible individual intolerance of the drug, there are other contraindications to for its use:

  • glaucoma;
  • cataract;
  • kidney disease;
  • liver pathology, etc.

Such compresses for any indication can not be the only treatment. They are used in the framework of complex therapy.

The action of Dimexide in arthrosis

With this disease, the compress allows you to slow down the degenerative processes in the joints. As a result, the use of Dimexide makes it possible to facilitate the course of the disease and improve the quality of life. In this case, the optimal concentration of the solution for the compress will be determined strictly individually, since it is necessary to take into account the thickness of the skin and tissues surrounding the joints.

Compression for the knee joint
If the compress is applied to the knee joint in the front, then the optimal proportion of the medicine and water will be 1: 2

For application on the delicate skin, for example, on the back of the knee, sufficient concentration will be 1: 3 or even 1: 4.For better effect, you can use not water, but Novokain solution 0.5%.

You need at least 10 sessions. You can use a gauze or gauze pad filled with cotton.

Bursitis and synovitis

In the inflammatory process in the joint bag, getting rid of unpleasant sensations is necessary to ensure a normal quality of life for the patient. Some forms of the disease cause severe pain. For example, Baker's cyst for arthrosis. To relieve pain, Dimexide compress with Novocaine is applied.

Contusions and injuries

Compresses often form the basis of treatment for the treatment of injuries and injuries. But with open wounds, skin lesions, infected areas, you can not use all medicines. Dimexide is one of the few products with unique properties that allow using it even in such difficult cases. Compress helps remove inflammation and kills germs. Dimexide dissolves the microbial film, thereby acting against the infection.

Application for rheumatoid arthritis

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The most effective rheumatoid arthritis is a compress of Dimexide with Novocaine, used during electrophoresis. This procedure allows to significantly facilitate the course of the disease:

  1. The body reacts quickly enough. Clinical manifestations are reduced, which allows you to reduce the intake of medications.
  2. General immunity is not inhibited.
  3. Improves the work of humoral immunity. Antibodies become less aggressive and significantly less likely to affect the body's own cells.

Efficacy for the treatment of aseptic necrosis of the head of bone

For the treatment of a fairly rare disease, a solution of Dimexide, Novocain and additional components is most often used. In each case, the drugs used in combination with these drugs are selected strictly individually. With this disease, you should not engage in self-medication or run the body, as this can cause a complete loss of efficiency.

Preparation of

solution It is important to correctly prepare the preparation for use.1 tablespoon of the drug is diluted with the same amount of water. For the compress use gauze, which is folded in several layers and wetted in solution. It is allowed to use only gauze. It is best to use a sterile bandage.

Hand band
The bandage soaked in the solution should be applied to the diseased joint and covered with polyethylene film

. A piece of cotton cloth is applied to the polyethylene. All this must be fixed with a bandage.

Depending on the extent of the lesion and the localization of the pathological process, you can keep such lotions 20, 30 or even 50 minutes on the affected joint. But longer than 50 minutes to keep the compress is strictly prohibited. The course of treatment can last 1-2 weeks. In this case, the procedure can be performed daily 1 time. You can apply a compress on your knees, elbows and any affected joints.

The exact dosage, the frequency of the application of the compress, and the length of the course of treatment are determined in each case only by the attending physician. Do not prescribe yourself a treatment yourself. This can be fraught with unpleasant consequences, the minimum possible of which is the strongest allergic reaction.

The correct treatment is selected by a qualified physician to each patient individually, depending on the diagnosis, the degree of development of the disease and the tolerability of the preparation by the body.

It is also important to follow the instructions for using the product. You can not prepare the solution in advance. Only a solution prepared immediately before use is suitable for use. After a few hours the effectiveness of the drug will completely disappear.

The need to use gauze cloth of the highest purity is explained by the fact that when penetrating the skin, Dimexide helps to get dyes and other substances from the tissue of the compress into the tissue. As a result, a very strong allergic reaction may occur.

For severe pain, a solution for compresses with the addition of novocaine is prepared. But such compresses can be imposed only under the supervision of a doctor. Only a qualified specialist will be able to calculate the dosage and prepare the solution correctly.

Get rid of inflammation of the joints with a variety of their lesions compress from Dimexide allows very quickly. With his help, most patients almost instantly experience relief, since they are relieved of the pain accompanying joint damage by the inflammatory process in case of arthrosis or arthritis.