Preparations for the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint: NSAIDs, chondroprotectors, ointments

What is arthrosis of the knee joint?

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint( or, as it is also called, gonarthrosis) is a disease of the knee joint, accompanied by pains, impaired motor functions and deformation of the cartilaginous tissue of the knee joints. Usually it appears in people of an age prone to fattening - and women suffer from gonarthrosis more often than men. It is accepted to divide this disease on a stage, each of which intensifies and complicates the coping and treatment of the disease.

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint, treatment and preparations for which it is necessary to select with the mind is a disease, a frequent problem now, especially in the elderly. The first stage of arthrosis of the knee joints is almost not detected by ordinary residents, since the pain is episodic, not particularly severe, joint deformities do not occur. It can last very long - from several months to several years in a row. Usually, pains persecute people after the beginning of active activity, in the process of heavy physical labor and some time after it, after which they disappear to the following significant loads.

Sometimes this is accompanied by a so-called Baker's cyst - an abnormal accumulation of articular fluid in the back of the knee. She usually descends after taking a course of anti-inflammatory drugs - to operate Baker's cyst in any case is not worth it, since it is not associated with oncological diseases.

The second stage is much heavier. The pains appear at the beginning of walking, the joints begin to crack painfully and click, the leg with difficulties bends at an angle of less than 90 degrees. A person with the second stage of gonarthrosis becomes difficult to get up on his feet, many types of physical activity become inaccessible: the pains become too strong. Abnormal accumulation of articular fluid manifests itself in more than half the cases. There is an initial deformation of the osseous cartilaginous tissues of the knee joints, they are "flattened", becoming wider.

Osteoarthritis Osteoarthrosis

The third stage is the most severe for a patient with gonarthrosis. Pain in the knees does not recede for a minute, even at rest it is difficult to find a position in which it would become tolerable. The knee can not be bent at an angle of less than 90 degrees and it is very painful to straighten the leg completely. Bones and cartilages of the knee joint are subject to appreciable erosion, and physical loads are simply impossible. This is truly the end of a healthy human life.

How to deal with arthrosis of the knee joints and is there any means to treat it?

The first thing to remember a person who has revealed signs of at least the first stage of gonarthrosis is to consult a specialist in the nearest hospital. It is necessary to avoid excessive loads on the affected joints, to lose excess weight to facilitate walking and functioning of the lower extremities. Also, knee joint injuries should not be tolerated - they significantly increase the risk of arthrosis symptoms.

If you are already exposed to later stages of this unpleasant illness, then it must be treated. Fortunately, this is possible.

First of all, under the strict supervision of your doctor, you need to buy NSAIDs( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for arthrosis).They will stop the spread of excess articular fluid, remove possible edema and reduce pain in joints. It should be remembered that this is only the beginning of treatment, the removal of only some of the symptoms, and not the very cause of gonarthrosis. Do not be deceived - it is still very far from the true cure.

It is also necessary to take chondroprotektorov - drugs that help the body to repair damaged cartilage tissue and eliminate the effects of joint deformation. Unfortunately, they work slowly and can not be cured for a cure - at the third stage of arthrosis, when the cartilage is subjected to almost total entropy, these drugs will be powerless. However, the less that chondroprotectors can do is to stop the patient's condition, restore minor cartilage damage and normalize the production of articular fluid, restoring the necessary lubricating properties( which, of course, will prevent further deterioration of knee joints).

knee pain Ointments help relieve pain

Do not forget about the presence of ointments and creams from pain in the joints and muscles. They, although they do not have any curative effect, quite well restore the circulatory system( especially - warming ointments), which contributes to the early restoration of the joint and the rehabilitation of the surrounding muscles. In general, treatment of gonarthrosis with ointments helps patients to relieve pain in the knees and accelerate the process of recovery - this should not be discounted, limited only to chondroprotectors and NSAIDs.

Similar to ointments, and means for compresses. Experts in this matter advise them much more than warming ointments: the effect of using compresses is similar, but much stronger and versatile. Of these medicines, medical bile, bischofite and dimexide are especially prominent.

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All these agents not only produce an external warming effect, but they are also able to soak through the skin, acting directly on the foci of the disease from the inside( unlike the advertised gels and ointments of all colors,external warming effect).When using any medicine, be sure to consult a specialist who is treating you.

Also have the right to life intraarticular injections. They differ in their types and uses and have the greatest number of restrictions to use and contraindications. Many modern doctors make the grossest mistakes in the use of these drugs, which is quite unfortunate for the patients.

The injections do not work at once - between injections it is necessary to take a break in the region of two weeks, and no more than five injections into one joint for the course of treatment. Hormonal injections relieve inflammatory processes without producing any other positive effects. Preparations with arthrosis on hyaluronic acid envelop the damaged joint surfaces, preventing further erosion of bone-cartilaginous tissues. Unfortunately, for all its high efficiency, hyaluronic injections are very expensive;The treatment course will cost you no less than a thousand dollars. However, this is one of the most effective methods of treatment of gonarthrosis without surgical intervention.

Do not forget about manual therapy of knee joints. When treating the initial stages of arthrosis of the knee joints, it has a truly miraculous effect. Already after a small number of procedures, the overwhelming majority of patients feel tremendous relief and improvement of the situation with the diseased knees. Experienced specialists of manual therapy raised to their feet a huge number of patients with gonarthrosis, which otherwise were subject to surgery.

Remember the benefits of using exercises of therapeutic gymnastics and the use of walk sticks in everyday life. Exercise individually, according to your situation and stage of the disease, after consulting with an experienced doctor. The walking stick should be chosen taking into account the distance from the floor to the wrist of your hand, stretched down. A cane is worn in the hand opposite the leg with a diseased knee joint( say, the left leg is susceptible to gonarthrosis, and in the right you wear a cane).At each step on a sick leg, transfer your center of gravity to the cane: this helps to reduce the load when walking.

What does this have to endure?

It is necessary to understand the danger of diseases of the knee joints, including arthrosis. Preparations for the treatment of joint arthrosis should be chosen carefully, taking into account all the nuances. At the first signs of pain in the knees, try to find an experienced doctor who can give you the correct and effective instructions for the prevention of this problem. Remember: in the initial stages of gonarthrosis is much more treatable than late. If you want to live your life without pain and unnecessary complications, keep an eye on your health and the health of your knees.

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