Treatment of chondrosis at home: diet, medication, exercise therapy and yoga

Chondrosis - dystrophic changes in the intervertebral discs that have not yet affected bone tissue. Symptoms of chondrosis are blurred, the course of the disease is latent, almost asymptomatic. Therefore, the disease in time is not treated and progresses to osteochondrosis.

Osteochondrosis( from "osteo" - bone) is a degenerative pathology of the vertebrae and intervertebral cartilages with a more severe course. Symptoms of the disease are pronounced. The pathological process requires regular treatment in an acute period and preventive measures beyond aggravation.

Chondrosis, in fact, is the beginning of osteochondrosis, therefore they are united in one disease: in the people it is called "chondrosis", experts call "osteochondrosis".

Osteochondrosis is a serious pathology of the spine, which may inadequately respond to self-medication. Therefore, the doctor at the reception, when the diagnosis is confirmed, and prescribed medication, you need to ask additional ways of treating this disease at home. Exactly, extra! Treatment of osteochondrosis at home should not become the main one.

The complex of medical measures recommended by the doctor is quite extensive and includes oral intake( through the mouth) and injections of medicines, the use of external drugs, physiotherapy, manual therapy, massage and physical therapy. What else can you add to this list?

Home methods

  1. Diet.
  2. Orthopedic furniture.
  3. Exercise( morning exercises, yoga).
  4. Self-massage.
  5. Special massagers.
  6. Applicators( Kuznetsova, Lyapko).Acupuncture( acupressure).
  7. Folk remedies in the form of compresses and applications.
  8. Water procedures.

Ask your doctor what kind of list you can use at home. The specialist will recommend to you the methods that will have the most effective effect against the background of medication treatment.


Treatment of chondrosis requires the right diet: a divided meal( 5-6 times a day in small portions), and dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime. Immediately before going to bed, you can drink a glass of a sour milk drink( kefir, yogurt, ryazhenka, bifidok, etc.).

Include in your diet more raw vegetables and fresh fruits. From salty, fatty, roast, smoked it is necessary to refuse.

Arrange unloading days, apple or kefir.

Try not to drink strong tea, coffee. And "cut" the daily rate of smoked cigarettes or do not smoke at all. Alcohol during treatment is contraindicated!
Treatment of osteochondrosis also requires mandatory intake of vitamin-mineral complexes. Vitamins can be obtained by injection or in dietary supplements, which also contain minerals and trace elements.

Their reception should be agreed with your doctor to avoid side effects due to allergies to some component of dietary supplements or its incompatibility with medications.

Orthopedic bedding

For a full night's rest you need to take a comfortable pose. The loin relaxes, muscle tension goes away, when a person lies on his back with knees bent at the knees. And in order to sleep peacefully and not to control every movement and position of the body in a dream, it is necessary to purchase an orthopedic mattress or a bed and a pillow.

These accessories are specially designed for the natural bends of the spine, so during sleep, in addition to relaxing the back muscles, blood circulation and innervation in the affected areas improves.

Day, too, you can lie on this bed. Passive relaxation of the muscles of the spinal column reduces soreness in the attack of chondrosis.

Orthopedic pillow
On an orthopedic pillow,

sleeps physically. Physical exercises

Morning exercise with a properly selected set of exercises strengthens the back muscles, allows you to maintain your body in good sports and improves mood.

Therapeutic gymnastics and yoga more deeply trains the spine and its muscles. These complexes are developed by the physical training instructor individually for each patient.

For the first classes the smallest physical load is provided, in the future the intensity gradually increases.

If there are unpleasant or painful sensations during the movements, physical exercises and postures are corrected to optimum.

Morning gymnastics, medical and yoga are not recommended in the acute period of the disease, when the painful syndrome reaches its peak.


When an attack of osteochondrosis occurs, spasm of the back muscles is sharply spasmodic. To relieve tension, you can massage yourself those areas that you can reach. Movements should not cause pain and discomfort. The purpose of self-massage is to increase the flow of blood to the site of inflammation and activate metabolic processes in tissues.

Rubbing ointments with a therapeutic anti-inflammatory effect during self-massage is not forbidden.

Special massagers

We also advise: pain in the neck Symptoms of cervical chondrosis

During exacerbation, too much massage can not be done. Movements should look like soft strokes and easy kneading.

When the pain is gone, you can increase the strength of the massage( for deeper effect on the muscles).

In modern models of massagers there are different levels of intensity, among which you will certainly choose the most comfortable for yourself.


Another good way of local effect on the area of ​​inflammation. Principle - spikes applicator irritate biologically active points on the skin, resulting in increased blood flow to the sore spot, improves trophic tissue( metabolic processes), removes inflammation and swelling, and reduces pain.

Applicators will help to get rid of the pain in a fit of chondrosis no worse than a pill. In addition, after their use, nighttime sleep improves, spine mobility, working capacity, general tone of the body increases.

Applicator Lyapko
Applicator-roller Lyapko universal


If you own the technique of oriental acupressure, then, as they say, everything is in your hands.

By acting with a brief, short or longer strong push at a specific point, you can relieve pain, muscle tension and fatigue in the affected spine.

If you finish the session of classical massage with acupuncture, then the effect from it will only increase and subsequently give a stable positive dynamics.

Folk remedies

Most of the grandmother's recipes are easy to prepare and effective in treating chondrosis. Their success lies in a local irritating and warming effect on the affected area.

The result is vasodilation, active blood and lymph circulation in this area. The patient feels a pleasant burning and warmth. This reduces soreness, inflammation and edema, improves metabolic processes in the tissues and motor function of the muscles.

After using the folk remedy, the treated area should be wrapped and kept warm.

With caution to use traditional recipes is recommended for people suffering from allergies and skin diseases.

Folk remedy for chondrosis
Do not apply locally irritating agents from medicinal plants to damaged skin.

. Water treatments.

. Warm baths with chondrosis have analgesic, soothing, relaxing and restorative action. Adding decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs in the bath enhances the effect of the procedure.

The optimum water temperature is 37-39 degrees, the duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes. The first bath should be just warm, and with each subsequent temperature can be increased by 1-2 degrees.

Very effective baths with pine needles and chamomile, as well as with a string and yarrow. It is in the pair that these herbs "work" more actively.

Treatment procedures should complement each other and be aimed at restoring the functioning functions of the spine.

You can not use everything at once. It is necessary to use this or that tool competently. Therefore, the treatment tactics are chosen by the doctor, taking into account the compatibility of medicines and folk methods, as well as individual patient's reactions to herbs and honey.preparations.

Healthy and beautiful back
  • Diet
  • Orthopedic accessories
  • Physical exercises
  • Self-massage
  • Applicators
  • Acupressure
  • Folk remedies
  • Water procedures