How to get rid of scoliosis: gymnastics, swimming and other methods

Try to tell your boss that you should take a sick leave sheet to cure the "scoliosis earned by the company".What do you think, what will be the reaction? Correctly, at the best, you simply will not understand, because scoliosis, especially in the early stages, no one seriously takes.

And very vain. .. The first two degrees of the disease are very even remediable: you can do only a set of therapeutic exercises, massage, swimming and physiotherapy.3 and 4 degree, most likely, require the intervention of surgeons. But more on that later. First about how to get rid of scoliosis "without a knife and a scalpel".

Algorithm for conservative treatment of

. By default: scoliosis, as a diagnosis, was diagnosed and confirmed by a radiologist. What's next?

Therapeutic corset

The main recommendation of the doctor is wearing a special corset. Specialists have developed two types of corsets - corrective and supportive.

  • Supporting - relieves muscle tension and unloads the spine, helps reduce soreness in the back, but does not correct the deformed part of the spine;
  • Corrective - is selected individually( in shape and size) and is designed to straighten the spine in the damaged department. In addition, the corrective corset will help fight scoliosis in the future.

In the pharmacy( or medical equipment) you can also offer correctors posture. Unlike corsets correcting, the correctors perfectly perform the function of corsets supporting, forming a correct posture and eliminating the problem in the early stages of the disease.

It is important to know that to get rid of scoliosis, the corrective corset is worn constantly, and the supporting corset and corrector are only up to 4 hours a day( while working at the computer, writing desk and physical activities).

Therapeutic gymnastics

The second thing that you will be advised is therapeutic gymnastics - a set of exercises developed by the instructor specifically for you, will help to "remove" the curvature of the spine, provided that you regularly attend classes. The main exercises are aimed at strengthening the paravertebral, the widest and ilio-lumbar muscles of the back.


Do not forget about massage - this is an additional means of strengthening and training of the spinal muscles. A medical worker performing massage to a patient with a scoliotic posture, works "in pairs" with an instructor of therapeutic physical training. Their common goal is to stop and reverse the progression of scoliosis in the patient.

Physiotherapy treatment

In scoliosis, do not ignore physical therapy - these are the procedures in which electrostimulation of the nerve endings of the back muscles occurs. The course of treatment consists of 10 sessions and should go in parallel with the course of massage and exercise therapy.

Caution! Exposure to electric shock from the outside can exacerbate cardiovascular pathology( lifting blood pressure, arrhythmia, heart attack, stroke).


If possible, try to visit the pool more often - swimming is very useful not only for good health and mood, but also for strengthening all muscle groups of the body. With raking movements in the water, the paired muscles of the shoulder girdle, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic muscles work.

Corrective corset
The figure shows the results of scoliosis treatment with the help of a special corrective corset

Let's summarize the intermediate result of - scoliosis is better treatable in the early stages. To form a correct posture and correct a scoliotic arch, it is necessary to perform a complex of several medical procedures prescribed by a doctor: correction of the spine with the help of a corset, medical gymnastics, massage, physiotherapy and swimming.

By the way, except for swimming, you can go in for sports in other types - those that involve paired muscle groups( rowing, skiing, athletics, etc.).

Nobody canceled morning gymnastics!

Despite the rabid rhythm of modern life, a few simple exercises in the morning can be performed by anyone suffering from the curvature of the spine. Let these classes be simple to primitive, especially since specialists do not advise to do self-medication at home, but you can spend a few minutes to maintain the health of your back. They lay on their stomachs, raised their chins and. ..

On the account of "one-two-three" started!

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  • Boxer - alternate throw forward hands with fists closed in a fist. Movements should be energetic, but not sharp;
  • Bird - with diluted arms to perform smooth movements up and down( wings of the wings);
  • Swimmer - stretched arms outstretched to the sides and bring to their hips, as if floating in the water;
  • Reins - leaning elbows on the floor, raise shoulders, and try to reach the surface of the floor with his chin;
  • Push-ups - no comment. ..

A few repetitions of each of these exercises will prepare your back for a long load during the working day. Most importantly, do not overdo it with charging!

Remember the main DO NOT :

  • overstrain your muscles;
  • start the first exercises with the maximum load;
  • does not control the position of your back and head during exercise;
  • hang on the bar;
  • perform rotations around its axis;
  • forget about warm-up before charging.

Consequences of indifference to their disease

Very unpleasant, affecting not only the appearance, but also the health of internal organs: impaired metabolism, problems with the work of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory failure, joint diseases, "female diseases"etc.

Video with exercises for the prevention of curvature of the spine:

Surgery is not powerless

In case of neglect of scoliosis( grades 3 and 4), surgical treatment can become a real salvage. This is a radical way to completely restore the function of the spine.

Indications for surgery are:

  • cases with pain syndrome, pain in which is removed only by drugs;
  • bend the spine sideways and twist the vertebrae in a spiral;
  • impossibility of a normal life of the patient with scoliosis in the home.

Prior to surgery, a standard laboratory examination is performed, as well as before any other operation. After - observation by a doctor in a hospital, then at home. And, of course, the observance of the doctor's advice is mandatory!

Finally: let's not make the situation absurd. Do not wait, when in addition to the scalpel nothing will help you, do yourself, love your body and take care of it! Your health and only yours! Besides you, no one else will take care of him!

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