Which doctor treats osteochondrosis( cervical, thoracic or lumbar)

A companion of a right-browing person, osteochondrosis, has firmly established in human society. According to statistics, 85% of the world's population are familiar with it firsthand. But not everyone is treating it correctly. The reason for this is the availability of information. Discovering various search engines, using the advice of friends and relatives, everyone chooses a treatment that allows them to cope with pains in the back, neck or waist for a short while.

It became easier - it means that you do not need a doctor to treat banal osteochondrosis! And this is the first and most common mistake that allows the osteochondrosis to calmly develop further, continuing the movement along your spine. To prevent this from happening, we will tell you which doctor treats osteochondrosis and when one can not do without it.

Medical specialists and not only

If you went for professional medical care, first of all, contact your doctor, who is a local therapist .It is he who will correctly coordinate your further actions: he will appoint a survey, tell you which specialists you need in addition. Establish an accurate diagnosis, and confirm that you have osteochondrosis, and not "blown", the therapist will be able to. Can and appoint competent treatment. But for a detailed "debriefing" he will send you to a neurologist, and will be right. Modern medicine has instructed neurologists to deal with the problems with which osteochondrosis is going to reward you.

. No matter how much you try to contradict, thinking that the disease has left you forever, because you were treated correctly, we are forced to disappoint you. Osteochondrosis is only a chronic illness, appearing once, she will spend many years with you. Degenerative changes in intervertebral discs do not want to give in to treatment. The pain can be removed, and if the correct regime is followed, its occurrence can not be provoked, but to guarantee that the disk will acquire a pristine appearance, no doctor dare.

If osteochondrosis is caused by trauma, the path lies with the traumatologist. This doctor also treats osteochondrosis.

Specialist, who knows almost everything about osteochondrosis, is a vertebrologist. This doctor does not engage in anything else, his narrow specialization - spine diseases.

So it looks like the office of the vertebrologist

With pleasure will share their skills and knowledge and representatives of alternative medicine:

  • Homeopaths;
  • Osteopaths;
  • Naturopaths;
  • Specialists in acupuncture and acupressure;
  • Herbalists, manuals, masseurs and just "knowing" people.

Go to them or not, it's yours. But we would recommend, before visiting any center to consult a professional, namely with a vertebrologist. Probably among his former colleagues there is a doctor who has been re-qualified as an osteopath or manual, so at least you will be assured of the availability of medical education from an alternative medic. Since charlatans in this area can not be counted.

Session of manual therapy
Session of manual therapy for lumbar spine

Now about where to go

Well, with the therapist, neurologist and traumatologist it's all clear - we start by visiting the district clinic. But the venerable vertebrologist in the list of specialists is not visible. We will seek out.

Most likely, a local doctor or neurologist will tell you the exact address of the clinic where specialists of vertebrologists offer to treat osteochondrosis. Here there go. We will add that vertebrologists are in all large cities, on the basis of neurological departments of hospitals, as well as in private medical centers.

If the neck

hurts As for the various localizations of the disease, recently the number of calls to doctors about cervical osteochondrosis has increased significantly. Why this happens, it is not difficult to understand - an increasing part of the population is engaged in mental work, in which most of the day is spent at the computer or writing important documents. That is, if a loin is subjected to a load when lifting weights, then under a prolonged sitting the main pressure is felt by the neck, where osteochondrosis gradually develops.

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The disease in the cervical region is the same as in any other part of the spine. The doctor who treats cervical osteochondrosis should take into account not only the anatomical features of the cervical vertebrae( they are smaller than the others and densely adjacent to each other), but also the circumstance that it is through this department that the most important vessels feeding the brain pass. Therefore, some active massage procedures, non-traditional methods of use should be extremely cautious.

Now describe the symptoms that may indicate a disorder in the cervical vertebrae:

  • Cervical pain;
  • Decreased sensitivity of the muscles of the face, occiput;
  • Dizziness;
  • Noise in the ears;
  • Weakness and numbness of the upper limbs;
  • Headache.

If you periodically experience such ailments, hurry to the doctor who treats osteochondrosis. Perhaps the symptoms are a consequence of pathology.

doctor and patient