Hemangioma of the spine: treatment with medicamentous and folk remedies

Hemangioma of the spine is a vascular benign tumor that can cause not only pain in that part of the spine where it is located, but also lead to a serious complication - a compression fracture.

Of course, to identify hemangioma and fracture should not be. Traumatic spine injury is likely only with the rapid growth of the neoplasm, which happens not often. But this does not mean that the treatment of hemangioma can be neglected. Consider how the official treatment of pathology is conducted and whether the patient's condition can be alleviated with the help of folk remedies.

Medical tactics and techniques of

It is best to treat the hemangioma of the spine in a neurologist or neurosurgeon if there is one in your latitudes. Immediately after the tumor is detected, dynamic observation is recommended - that is, you will undergo an X-ray or MRI of the spine at least once a year to determine if active growth of the hemangioma has begun. Treatment with medications during this period is shown only if you experience pain in the spine. To relieve pain, nonsteroidal drugs and analgesics are used in short courses.

apparatus for MRI diagnostics
Using this device, the

spine is performed. What can not be done?

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The patient should be informed after the detection of the hemangioma of the spine that some drugs can give rise to tumor growth. Vitamin preparations, immunostimulants should not be taken. The following procedures are also contraindicated:

  • Massage;
  • Physiotherapeutic treatment;
  • Manual therapy;
  • Solarium;
  • Classes on sports simulators.

What physicians offer

The most common treatment for growing hemangioma today is puncture vertebroplasty. By minimally invasive intervention, the hemangioma area is filled with a special mixture containing barium, bone cement and titanium. The destruction of cells of the spinal hemangioma occurs during the solidification of cement. Puncture vertebroplasty allows not only to stop the growth of the tumor, but also to strengthen the body of the damaged vertebra.

vertebral column after puncture vertebroplasty
This is how the vertebra looks after performing puncture vertebroplasty

Spinal hemagmyoma can be treated by several other methods. We list the most famous:

  • Sclerotherapy .The treatment is based on the fact that pure alcohol is injected directly into the tumor. Under the influence of alcohol, hemangioma cells are sclerosed - growth stops. The danger of sclerotherapy( alcoholization) of the hemangioma is the development of osteonecrosis of the vertebra, which can lead to fracture.
  • Radiation therapy for hemangioma .Treatment with high doses of radiation is quite effective, but it is rarely used because of poor patient tolerance. At a young age, radiation therapy is not applied.
  • Embolisation of .Directly into the vessels of the hemangioma is introduced a special solution, thrombosed vessels. After embolization around the site of thrombosed hemangioma, a network of small vessels grows, which is a complication of this method.
  • Radical surgical operation .It is used for patients of child age strictly according to indications. A possible complication of surgical removal of hemangioma is massive bleeding.

We are talking about folk methods

It would seem that treatment with folk remedies is effective for any ailments. The main thing is to correctly apply recipes that have come down to us from antiquity. However, in the case of detection of a hemangioma of the spine, most medical specialists believe that people's methods can not be used. This opinion is based on the fact that treatment in the home conditions provokes tumor growth, t. Many recipes use tonics.

Perhaps, of all the folk remedies, it is only the antitumor treatment that you previously agree with the attending physician.

Peony evading
Peony evading - known medicinal raw material

Recipes of

  • Peony. The medicinal properties of the evading peony are widely used to treat tumors. Peony can be used in the form of water infusion, which takes 50 ml before meals and in complex medicinal preparations. Prepare the water infusion of a peony as follows: pour a tablespoon of dry medicinal raw material with boiling water, in a volume of 300 ml. Wrap the container with infusion and allow to cool well. After you strain the medicine and store the infusion in the refrigerator.
  • Thistle. Treatment with a water infusion of a thistle is carried out by the same method as the pion.
  • Kalina. In folk recipes are used, like berries, and flowers of the viburnum. Water infusion of bilberry berries is prepared from the calculation of 3 tablespoons of berries for half a liter of boiling water. A tablespoon of flowers is brewed by a glass of boiling water. Infusion of berries drunk a day. If treated with floral infusion, you should take it on a tablespoon three times a day.

We have given these recipes for informational purposes. Before using them, be sure to consult a doctor!

Hemangioma of the spine