Treatment of mastopathy in women

Mastopathy is a disease of the female mammary glands, and, benign, which consists in the growth of the tissues themselves. This disease manifests itself as a result of hormonal failure in the female body. Often it proves to be a huge enough impact on overall health, and in some situations can even cause cancer. As a result of the proliferation of tissues in the mammary glands, a kind of small nodules begin to form. It is customary to call this form of disease diffuse.

Treatment of mastopathy in women

Causes of mastopathy

In order to start timely treatment of mastopathy in women, every woman should know the main symptoms and the causes of this ailment.

In principle, the main cause is considered a hormonal disorder and the ratio between the number of hormones. Most often, this disease leads to an increased amount of estrogen in the female blood. At the same time, it is worth noting that by the beginning of the month this amount does not begin to diminish or just slightly. There are many reasons for this huge amount of estrogen. For example:

  1. Incorrect adrenal work
  2. Presence of a tumor or inflammation of the ovaries
  3. Incorrect operation of the hypophysis
  4. Incorrect operation of the hypothalamus

An increased content of prolactin in the female body is considered an equally important reason for the appearance of such a disease. In such a situation, such small changes that occur in the mammary glands of most women immediately before the onset of menstruation or during the process of ovulation and end at the end of these days remain throughout the entire cycle. It is also worth noting that if you closely follow the state of your own breast, it is easy to notice such changes and begin effective treatment of mastopathy.

Symptoms of mastopathy

The most common symptoms of this disease are:

  • The presence of nodular formations in the mammary glands.
  • Diverse nature of the discharge from the female nipples.
  • Feeling the presence of some kind of condensation.
  • Temporary or persistent pain in the mammary glands, which can increase with the onset of menstruation and decrease upon completion.

Treatment of mastopathy

In our time, the methods of treating mastopathy can be varied. After all, the treatment itself is, in principle, selected individually, depending on the situation, and more specifically on the variety of the disease and on what reason this or that form of mastopathy arose. But basically it can be both under the guise of surgical intervention, and, accordingly, conservative. Most often, the latter method of treatment is used precisely in the presence of a diffuse variety of the disease and consists in the use of preparations of both non-hormonal and vice versa. In this case, treatment is recommended to begin only after examination of a highly professional specialist, such as an oncologist. After all, only he can say whether urgent surgical treatment is necessary in a particular situation or not.

But on the contrary, treatment of the disease by non-hormonal means can be prescribed both in combination with special hormone therapy, and, accordingly, completely without it. With an easy flow of mastopathy, such medications are allowed to largely stop all the manifestations of a woman, and with the maintenance of a particular lifestyle, you can eventually achieve even a complete cure.

So, in order not to get cancer as a result, every woman should watch her own mammary glands and in case of the slightest sign of mastopathy, it is urgent to rush to the doctor.
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