Cough in Infants: Danger, Causes, and Proper Treatment

Proper cough treatment in infants.

The right cure for a baby.

The child's immune system can not work to the full, which causes the babies to fall ill quite often. Often, parents have to deal with a problem like coughing. And if it occurs in infants, it is extremely unpleasant and dangerous. And how should cough treatment be administered to the baby? How can you not treat it?


  1. What is a cough?
  2. Anxious symptoms or a variant of the norm?
  3. What can cause a cough?
  4. Manifestations of
  5. What should I do?
  6. Eliminate the causes of
  7. The correct mode of
  8. Medications
  9. Inhalations
  10. Massage
  11. Useful advices

What is a cough?

So, coughing is a perfectly normal defensive reaction of the body. If something foreign has got into the respiratory or respiratory tract, irritation of the membranes arises, which then leads to an involuntary spasm. If the virus or bacteria gets into the body, which then moved to the respiratory system, there will be inflammation, which will also inevitably lead to the appearance of a cough.

Anxious symptoms or a variant of the norm?

Wet cough is extremely dangerous for an infant.

Wet cough is extremely dangerous for an infant.

It should be noted that the cough of babies in itself is not so dangerous, if it is short and not strong. But there can be dangerous sputum, formed with some diseases, accompanied by such a symptom. The fact is that babies of the first year of life simply do not know how to cough so that expectorant and excrete phlegm. Mucus can just stand up in the throat, a crumb of it will choke or choke. And this is extremely dangerous.

But that's not all. Some parents treat cough for the baby without trying to understand the essence and find the reasons for this manifestation. But this symptom can be a signal of extremely serious diseases and pathologies. And if you treat only the manifestation of the disease, and not the disease itself, then the situation can worsen. In this case, it will be very, very difficult to fix the situation.

But in some cases, cough is a variant of the norm. Let's enumerate such cases:

  • If the baby periodically coughs at night, then most likely it is choked with saliva or mucus that flows into the throat from the nasopharynx( this is related to the structure of the respiratory system of babies).But the cough will be characteristic: without wheezes and gurgling, weak and short-term.
  • Often, crumbs cough during feeding, which is associated with too rapid absorption of milk. In such a situation, try changing the position for feeding and placing the baby not horizontally, but slightly inclined.

When should I sound an alarm?

  1. If the attack of a cough has started suddenly, for no apparent reason and does not stop.
  2. There are rattling, whistling or gurgling.
  3. This symptom worries babies almost constantly and has a paroxysmal character.
  4. During coughing, the baby starts to suffocate, the skin changes the shade( they can become pale, cyanotic or red).
  5. Sputum is separated from an abnormal color( for example, green).
  6. There are impurities of blood in the sputum.
  7. If cough after ARI lasts longer than three weeks.

In such cases, immediate medical attention and effective treatment( often in a hospital setting) are required.

What can cause a cough?

Before starting to treat the baby, you need to find out the cause of the symptom.

Why can such a sign appear in infants?

  • ARVI, influenza. Most often, it is these diseases that cause babies to cough. Bacteria or viruses, getting into the respiratory tract, irritate them and cause them to contract.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory system( eg, pharynx or sinus of the nose).
    Also cough may appear due to inflammation of the upper respiratory system.

    Also cough may appear due to inflammation of the upper respiratory system.

  • Inhalation of a small object, foreign body. This is extremely dangerous and requires immediate action!
  • Diseases and problems not related to the respiratory system: pathology of the digestive tract or some heart defects.
  • Unfavorable environmental conditions: gassed or polluted air, tobacco smoke.
  • Excessively dry air can also cause babies to cough.
  • Runny nose. If the snot flows into the pharynx and irritates it, the baby will periodically cough because of this.
  • Allergies can also cause this symptom.

Manifestations of

We list the main manifestations:

  1. This symptom is manifested in infants in different forms. Cough can be barking, agonizing, almost leading up to vomiting. Dry is also unpleasant and painful. The paroxysmal character presupposes a certain periodicity. If sputum is allocated, then we can talk about a so-called wet cough. And sometimes you can hear wheezing, whistles and even gurgling.
  2. Coryza may be seen.
  3. In some cases, body temperature rises.
  4. The overall condition may deteriorate.

What should I do?

How is cough for the baby treated? Immediately it is worth noting that this symptom in any case requires a call to a doctor. There should not be any independent activity, it is about the life of the child. There are several important points. On each of them we will dwell in detail.

Eliminate the causes of

Candles Viferon will help to get rid of your child from coughing.

Vifeiron candles will help to get rid of your child from coughing.

To eliminate the manifestation, one must act on its causes. So, to treat viral infections need to use antiviral drugs. Children up to a year are allowed funds based on interferon, such as "Viferon" in the form of candles. In case of bacterial damage to the respiratory organs, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics( only a specialist prescribes them).If you have a tendency to allergies, you should limit contact with any potential allergens( these can be plants or their pollen, animal hair, dust).

Pay special attention to the air in the children's room. It must have sufficient humidity and be clean. So regularly ventilate the room, do not smoke in the apartment and, if necessary, get a humidifier.

The correct mode of

Effective cough treatment means maintaining a certain regimen. If the baby asks for a breast, do not refuse it, breast milk is also a kind of medicine. New products during illness should not be introduced. Let's crumb as much as possible of a warm drink, especially if there is sputum in the lungs( the liquid liquefies it and removes it).

If the baby feels good, do not put him to bed. Let it move more, it also improves the sputum discharge.


Any medicine can be prescribed only by a doctor, it is the specialist who should treat the child after the diagnosis.

All medications to eliminate the described symptom can be divided into three groups: expectorants, thinning sputum and soothing cough. Expectorants to infants( up to 1 year) are contraindicated, as they stimulate sputum discharge, but if it is viscous, the child will simply cough and choke with mucus. If there is sputum, then funds can be prescribed to dilute it. But the means for suppressing cough that act on the cough receptor, kids are not assigned at all. Most often, preparations are used on a plant basis, but in more severe cases more serious means are used. Prescribe the drug can only be your doctor!


Doctors do not recommend curing a cough in a babe with the help of inhalations, especially if sputum is formed( the baby simply can not cough it out).This method is used only in the absence of sputum and in inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. For the procedures can be used decoctions of chamomile, mineral water( check with the pediatrician).To prevent burns, use a special device - inhaler - for procedures. It is desirable to use it at a distance( in the mask the infant does not just sit still).


Massage will help get rid of a wet cough.

Massage will help get rid of a wet cough.

To treat a baby with massage is advisable, if sputum is formed. Such manipulations will accelerate its departure. Here's what you can do:

  • Massage the chest of the crumb with a palm without strong pressure in a circular motion( clockwise).
  • You can do light tingle.
  • Light knuckles with the palm of the hand are also effective.

Useful advices for

Some useful tips for parents:

  1. Do not attempt to treat a baby yourself, be sure to show it to your doctor!
  2. Folk remedies should not be used. Some of them can cause allergies, others are harmful and dangerous for children of the first year of life.
  3. Keep track of the crumbs, especially at night. If the condition worsens, call for an ambulance.

Health to your baby!
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