Vitamins for joints and bones, ligaments and cartilage

Vitamins are biologically active substances necessary for the body to build enzyme systems. The term fully justifies the name. Translated from Latin, "vita" means life."Amin" indicates that the composition of the substance includes an amino group.

Importance of

preparations Vitamins for joints and bones are medically considered to be medicines. Their deficiency causes a pathological condition called avitaminosis. As a result, immunity decreases, body defenses suffer. Diseases arise:

  • with a small intake of vitamins with food;
  • with a special condition of the body - pregnancy, lactation, in old age, with high physical exertion, diseases;
  • if the absorption process in the digestive tract is disturbed;
  • for chronic diseases;
  • in case of biosynthesis biosynthesis of intestinal microflora.

Vitamins must be supplied to the body in sufficient quantities with products. But if this does not happen for various reasons, the finished dosage forms make up for the shortage of useful substances in the form of injections, dragees, tablets.

Bones, joints, their joints, as part of the body, also need vitamins. The bony system performs the supporting and motor functions. Protects internal organs from damage, participates in mineral metabolism. Deposits many mineral elements - iron, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, cobalt, etc. It is clear how important it is to provide the bone system with a sufficient amount of vitamin preparations.

Action on the body

Vitamins do not act selectively on certain organs. Participating in oxidation-reduction reactions, metabolic, enzymatic, immune processes, they have a complex healing effect on the body, including bones and joints.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C( ascorbic acid) is essential for the health of the musculoskeletal system

Well-known ascorbic acid in combination with vitamin P strengthens blood vessels, reduces their permeability. Consequently, it prevents hemorrhages in joints and surrounding tissues. Ascorbic increases immunity. When taking the drug for therapeutic or prophylactic purposes, the body is easier to cope with inflammatory diseases, avoid complications. It is complications after angina that cause rheumatoid arthritis, which destroys the joints.

Vitamins C and E are natural antioxidants. It was found that with infectious arthritis, along with other disorders of the internal environment of the patient joint, the activity of these substances decreases. In this case, there is a need to strengthen the complex treatment of joints, ligaments with ascorbic acid and tocopherol.

Group B vitamins improve the state of the peripheral nervous system, which connects the central nervous system with the limbs, the spine. It can be seen from the examples that we can speak, rather, about the indirect, rather than direct, effects of vitamin preparations on the musculoskeletal system.

Groups of drugs

There are many vitamin preparations. All medicinal substances for the treatment and strengthening of bones are divided into 2 large groups:

  1. Water soluble: B1( thiamin), B2( riboflavin), B6 ​​(pyridoxine), B12( cyanocobalamin), C( ascorbic acid), PP( nicotinic acid), folicacid P( rutin).
  2. Fat-soluble: A( axerophthol), D3( cholecalciferol), D2( ergocalciferol), vitamin K, E( tocopherol).
Pyridoxine( vitamin B6) in ampoules for injection

Thiamin is necessary for the construction of an enzymatic oxidation system for pyruvic acid. With its lack, the processes of transmission of nerve impulses are violated. Polyneuritis develops( paresis, paralysis, loss of sensitivity).The lower limbs are mainly affected.

Riboflavin affects many metabolic processes, is a part of enzymes. Has a positive effect on the peripheral nervous system.

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The cyanocobalamin in a molecule contains a cobalt atom. Necessary for the synthesis of nucleic acids. Supports the work of cells that synthesize bone mass.

Ascorbic acid .With its lack in the body, the gluing of the intercellular substance occurs and the content of collagen fibers decreases. Increases the permeability and fragility of capillaries. There is a hemorrhage in the joint cavity, muscles, periosteum.

Vitamin D actively participates in phosphate-calcium metabolism. Promotes absorption of phosphorus and calcium from the intestine and deposition in bones and joints. With its lack of children develop rickets - a violation of the processes of ossification. Pregnant and lactating women have a disease similar to rickets - osteomalacia. It is necessary in the treatment of fractures of bones and joints, destruction of cartilage, for the consolidation of bone callus.

Tocopherol is necessary for muscular dystrophies, degenerative processes in the nervous and bone system, with a lack of antioxidants.

Vitamin K is essential for the production of osteocalcin protein. Increases the synthesis of bone mass, reduces its destruction.

Vitamin preparations have versatile effects on the body. Most of these drugs are prescribed for diseases of bones, joints, ligaments in addition to other types of therapy.

Diverse treatment

For healthy and strong bones, the normal functioning of the joints requires a variety of substances, which in the allegorical sense are sometimes called vitamins. First of all, these are minerals - calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron, cobalt and other elements. Considering the importance for the musculoskeletal system of minerals and vitamins, ready-made complexes of vitamin-mineral preparations are produced. Some include 2-3 components, others - more than a dozen.

Complex multivitamin preparations are very popular.

. Combinations of calcium with vitamins are especially popular:

  • calcium with beer yeast;
  • tablets consisting of eggshell and vitamin D;
  • preparation "Calcinova", in addition to calcium, contains vitamin D, C, B6, phosphorus;
  • "Natekal" consists of two forms of calcium and vitamin D, etc.

Popular methods of

Earlier people were treated with their proven means, and even now they prefer folk methods of treatment. Sometimes doctoring is carried out on the principle of similarity. The rich broth of pork legs and legs of cattle, jelly are rich in collagen. Used for fractures of bones, for the restoration of cartilage and healing of ligaments. Mumiye with a unique composition was originally used as a folk remedy for the treatment of bones. Official medicine was recognized much later.

Buckwheat porridge is incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals

We can not say a few words about the nutrition of our great-grandparents. In the old days did not know the exotic fruit. They ate what they had grown on their land. They ate trout, turnips, carrots, cabbage, and caught fish. In the early spring, sorrel, whitewash, nettle, and quinoa were added to the food. Milk cereals - a natural vitamin-mineral complex. Having no idea about vitamins, they received useful substances with food. Hence strong healthy bones and joints, which "can not be broken".

What is better

There is still controversy about the benefits and harms of chemical vitamin preparations. However, no matter how effective the artificial vitamins, natural, contained in the products, is undoubtedly better. Entering regularly in the body in the right amount, they will help cope with many diseases of the body, not just the bone system.

Protein Products
Products containing B group vitamins

List of foods rich in vitamins, indicating the daily dose of

No. Name
Contents Dose mg / day
1. Ascorbic
Greens( parsley, dill), fruits, vegetables( sweet pepper, cabbage), berries( black currant, mountain ash), rose hips. Cereals, legumes, onions, garlic, pork, fish, offal, liver of fish, caviar, cottage cheese, yolk, brewer's yeast. 70-120 . 2 - 3
3. Vitamin D Fish oil, fatty fish, caviar, egg yolk, cream, sour cream. 2,5 - 10
4. Vitamin E Unrefined vegetable oils, liver, eggs, cereals, legumes. 20 - 30
5. Vitamin P Contained in the same place as ascorbic acid. 35 - 50

Natural or manufactured by artificial means, vitamin preparations are necessary to preserve strong bones, beautiful posture, flexible joints. If you are alone, consult a doctor. Remember, an overdose will do more harm than good.

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