Methods of treatment and prevention of food poisoning

A woman has a stomach ache from fast food It is very difficult to find a person who does not come across such an unpleasant state as food poisoning. It can develop suddenly, depriving you of good health, working capacity, good mood.

Undoubtedly, first aid for food poisoning can minimize the negative consequences of such a condition on the body of an adult and a child. It is very important to recognize symptoms in a timely manner, which may not immediately appear.

If the poisoning has a small or medium severity, treatment can be performed even at home.

Everyone should know what measures can help the body cope with the intoxication that occurs as a result of poisoning. You should also know what symptoms indicate that a person needs treatment in a hospital hospital.


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  • 2 Symptoms of
  • 3 Poisoning and babies
  • 4 Treatment of

Causes of poisoning

There are two reasons why food poisoning occurs. The first is getting into the human body together with food products of bacteria. Such microorganisms are formed in poor-quality food due to violation of terms and conditions of storage, non-compliance with the technology of preparation, use of substandard ingredients. Symptoms of food poisoning are most often caused by two types of bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli.

Bacterial food poisoning in a child or an adult is not uncommon. Most often it is caused by such products: salads with mayonnaise, confectionery products with cream, glazed curds, kefir, fermented baked milk, curd, yogurt, various pastes, boiled and smoked sausages.

A woman in a green T-shirt holds onto her stomach The reason may be that the store did not comply with the temperature regime of storage or sold the goods with expired shelf life. If symptoms of food poisoning have appeared, it is likely that it was stored longer than the prescribed time, or was prepared with the wrong temperature regime. It is important to understand that home salad olivier can provoke food poisoning in a child or an adult, if it is in the fridge for a week.

The second cause of food poisoning is the use of poisonous mushrooms. They contain poisons that affect the body. They are often called toxins. Unfortunately, such cases are not uncommon. The reason is that many people do not know how to distinguish edible mushrooms from poisonous ones.

It should be noted that intoxication caused by the use of poisonous fungi is much more dangerous for the body than intoxication caused by the use of stale or improperly prepared foods. Sometimes even timely treatment can not save the victim from a lethal outcome. It should be very carefully and carefully choose mushrooms for eating.

Symptoms of

Sometimes symptoms of food poisoning are manifested after 2 hours, for example, after consuming poisonous mushrooms, and sometimes - in 24 hours. A very common situation is when a person feels deterioration of health the next morning after eating a product that has caused intoxication. Most often, the first symptoms of poisoning people feel after 4-6 hours.

The time after which the first symptoms manifest themselves depend on the person's age, the state of his health, the product that causes intoxication, and the amount of his use.

Treatment of poisoning can be carried out both at home and within the walls of a medical institution. The choice depends on the food and the severity that all the symptoms have. It should be noted that assistance with food poisoning by mushrooms should be provided by qualified doctors within the walls of the medical institution. Such intoxication very often causes irreversible processes in the body and a lethal outcome. We recommend in such unpleasant situations to call an ambulance, without wasting time.

This rule does not apply to stale food poisoning. Most often, the symptoms of bacterial poisoning are not dangerous to human life. Treatment can often be done at home.

The girl leaned her elbows on the toilet Doctors call such basic symptoms:

  • diarrhea or unformed stool of unusual color;
  • persistent nausea;
  • severe attacks of vomiting with impurities of undigested food;
  • abdominal pain.

Treatment of this condition can be tried at home. If it does not work, the symptoms are increasing, and it is advisable to resort to qualified medical care.

Cautions should also include such manifestations as an increase in body temperature, unbearable pain in the abdomen, headache, chills, increased sweating, dry mucous membranes.

Poisoning and Toddlers

The increased prevention of food poisoning is very important for the youngest patients. The reason is that such conditions are several times more dangerous for a baby than for an adult. The reason is that small children have a small body weight. During diarrhea, they lose a lot of water.

As a result of diarrhea and vomiting, dehydration can develop very quickly, which is a threat to the child's life. If you notice a dry tongue, hollow fontanel, dry mucous eyes, palpitations in your baby, you should immediately contact a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate treatment. Help with food poisoning baby should be timely.

The excretory system of a young child does not work as well as an adult does. This increases the risk of complications. Prevention of food poisoning of the baby consists in proper nutrition. Particular care should be taken to check the quality of baby food. It is important to observe the regime. The child should eat at the same time every day.

Treatment of

Treatment at home involves a set of measures aimed at cleaning the body and alleviating the symptoms. Vomiting and diarrhea occur because it is a protective reaction that simultaneously accelerates the elimination of toxins. For this reason, you need to drink 1 - 1.5 liters of water, and then cause a company reflex. This washing of the stomach has good results, relieving the person of a feeling of nausea.

Then one of these enterosorbent preparations should be taken:

  • Activated carbon;
  • Sorbeks;
  • Polysorb;
  • Enterosgel;
  • Lactofiltrum.

A woman drinks water from a glass After a while, you should repeat the gastric lavage. While there is treatment, it is not recommended to eat any food. It is very important to drink as much liquid as possible. To avoid dehydration, you should make a solution of Regidron, which should be drunk in small sips. Regidron protects the body from dehydration.

To date, among the population, it is very common to wash the stomach with potassium permanganate solution. In the people this substance is often called potassium permanganate. We do not recommend this treatment, despite the fact that it has good results. You can make a too concentrated solution that will harm internal organs.

To date, there are many effective and safe drugs that can replace the solution of potassium permanganate.

On the first day after the poisoning, we recommend that you refrain from eating. Do not stress your body after the stress. It is advisable to drink warm tea with lemon, compote of dried fruits. Do not harm the reception of activated carbon.

On the second day you can include in the diet oatmeal, chicken broth, bread crumbs.

Prevention of food poisoning consists in the use of quality products. It is very important to eat fresh food. We recommend preparing food immediately before using it. Mayonnaise is added to salads immediately before serving.

Do not eat mushrooms that you are not sure of. Observe the technology of cooking your favorite foods and the temperature regime when storing them.

Food poisoning occurs very often. In most cases, their treatment can be carried out at home. First aid should be directed at cleaning the body of poisonous toxins. It is worth to be very careful about the quality of the products used to avoid such trouble as poisoning. It leads to poor health and loss of efficiency.