Why are we sick?

Nowadays you do not meet a healthy person at almost any age. If earlier children were born healthy( most) and women could give birth in the field, and then go to work, now this is not found in any other country. Imagine what progress science has made in terms of technology and medicine, pharmaceuticals. Logically, there should be less morbidity and mortality, but so far there is no such trend, and there will be no.

The most primitive factors that could have affected the health indicators in the world:


Environmental situation. If you live in the city, you are sure to go to work every morning and are late, sitting in a traffic jam. This is normal now for any modern city. All the fault of the machine, which grow in the eyes and increase in quantity daily. It's not a secret that it is a product of a car engine blowout. These exhaust gases affect not only our respiratory system. They destroy the ozone layer and thereby expose dangerous radiation from the sun through ozone holes. Trees partially stabilize the polluted atmosphere. But now many houses and buildings are being built, there is a need for this place, trees are cut down. The new ones grow very long. It turns out a vicious circle.

A very important factor for health is food. What do we eat? Do you ever read the composition on the products that you buy in the supermarket? It is worth acquaintance. Unfortunately, now everyone wants to earn more money and in food production this is achieved in the following way. In sausage, for example, plant substances are put and everyone knows soy. This all homogenize and add flavor enhancers. The sausage turns out to be less tasty, but there is almost no meat. This is done to ensure that the mass was larger, meat is much more expensive than vegetable additives. Before you have any sausage, you try to give it to your neighbor or a cat. Animals understand food and smell at once to determine whether it is possible. If the cat turns its nose, it does not mean that it is full. Try to buy sausage as much as possible. Then there will be a chance that for such money in sausage put on more meat.


Such small negative factors as noise, stress, bad information from the TV - also affect our health and not in the best way. Today, very many diseases have grown younger. Bronchial asthma can now be delivered to a 2 year old child, and it's no surprise to hear about the death of a young guy from myocardial infarction. Perhaps this is our payment for all the amenities and amenities of technology, discoveries of scientists that harm nature and animals. Nothing can be stopped. Just to live as long as possible, it is necessary to turn in the world that is now. Products choose more expensive, read the composition. Leave at least for a vacation in the mountains or to the sea, so that the body rested with you from work. Protect children from the TV, watch with it. Now children differ in unhealthy psyche already at school age. See good films and children's cartoons.