Treatment of bartholinitis in various stages of the disease

Bartholin gland is located in the area of ​​the large labia, or more precisely - in the subcutaneous fat. Its functions: maintaining the optimum moisture in the vagina through the development of a special secret, without which there may be discomfort during sexual intercourse, pain in the perineal region. Bartholinitis is, as the name suggests, an inflammatory process that occurs in the Bartholin gland. Malicious microorganisms affect not only the excretory duct of the Bartholin gland, but also itself. Treatment of bartholinitis is performed under medical conditions, usually by surgical methods.

Treatment of bartholinitis

Treatment of bartholinitis

Symptoms of

The symptoms that appear are directly related to the stage of the disease:

    • Canalitulitis .The patient's condition is regarded as satisfactory. From the area of ​​the excretory duct of the gland, with pressure, an insignificant amount of pus is released. The causative agents of the canaliculitis are streptococci, staphylococci, E. coli;
    • False inflammation of the Bartholin gland .Characterized by painful sensations in the manual study, the opening of the sexual slit. The vessels of the circulatory system, in the center of inflammation, are full of blood. The skin above the tumor takes a cyanotic color, swells. There is pain when walking. There may be a slight rise in temperature, held for a long time;
    • The true inflammation of the bartholin gland .In the role of the causative agent of the disease are pyogenic microbes that enter the parenchyma of the gland, which is then completely decompressed. The condition of the patient is regarded as severe. Sexual lips( both large and small) swell up, in the area of ​​the vulva and the focus of inflammation there is swelling. There is a marked increase in the lymph nodes of the perineum. The patient experiences a cutting pain when walking, movement becomes an almost impossible task. The sedimentation rate of erythrocytes( ESR) increases, the temperature reaches 39 ° C, and leukocytosis begins. Treatment of bartholinitis, in this case, should be carried out immediately.
Signs of Bartholinitis

Signs of bartholinitis

Treatment of

In some cases, purulent abscess can open spontaneously. In this case, the woman feels relief, the temperature decreases, the pain senses decrease. However, soon the disease will again make itself felt, therefore treatment of bartholinitis should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. The method of treatment depends on the stage of the disease:

  • Canalitulitis .For treatment, anti-inflammatory therapy is most often used. Tampons with Vishnevsky ointment, levomelem, and ichthyol are applied to the inflammatory focus. Also solutions with miramistin, chlorhexidine are used. Antibiotic therapy of the disease consists in the administration of antibiotics: Cyphran, Amoxiclav, Ceftriaxone, Ofloxacin and much more. The course of treatment usually does not exceed 7-10 days. Also on the affected area is an ice bubble superimposed;
  • Bartholin gland abscess .In the inflammatory process, the affected area is opened to remove its contents. The cavity is thoroughly treated with disinfectants, and then a drainage tube is introduced into it, which is necessary for the outflow of the purulent liquid. It is removed after 5-6 days after the operation. Surgical measures are complemented by treatment with antibiotics, vitamins, Vishnevsky ointment and left-lemkol;Bartholin gland cyst .The most common procedure is the marsupialization. That is, an artificial excretory duct of the gland is formed, which is necessary for the outflow of secretions. Especially for this, a drainage tube or catheter is used. Complete removal of the bartholin gland is performed in cases of relapse of the disease.
Symptoms of Bartholinitis

Symptoms and treatment of bartholinitis

Already after surgery, the patient is prescribed, for 3-4 days, the passage of physiotherapy( ultraviolet irradiation, magnetotherapy).Sexual contacts, until final recovery, are prohibited. In order to avoid relapses, it is necessary to get rid of the concomitant infection( gonorrhea, chlamydia and others).To accelerate the recovery is recommended to take drugs that enhance the work of the immune system.

Bartholinitis: treatment at home

Among the methods that can be used at home, it is possible to note the treatment of bartholinitis with leeches . This is an ancient medical method based on the beneficial effects of active substances that are injected into the human blood by leeches. Thus, the metabolism and blood circulation in the inflammatory focus improves, which serves as an auxiliary means for the final recovery. Treat bartholinitis with leeches is not recommended in the presence of dermatological diseases, anemia, allergic reactions.

Tincture of calendula

Calendula tincture

The tried and tested traditional medicine can relieve uncomfortable sensations, they also have an anti-inflammatory effect. When chronic form of the disease is recommended daily, for 15-20 minutes, take a sedentary bath with the addition of calendula infusion, chamomile, eucalyptus. Also, a solution of diluted potassium permanganate can be added to the water, diluted to a slightly pink hue. If the symptoms of bartholinitis worsen, medical baths will quickly relieve pain and swelling.

It should be remembered that the methods of traditional medicine can serve only as an auxiliary tool in the treatment of the disease. They relieve symptoms well, but do not heal bartolinite to the end. Even if it seems that the folk remedies helped and the disease receded, all this is only an appearance. There is a high probability of acute relapse and the flow of the disease into a chronic form.


As you know, the ailment is much easier to prevent than treat it. Preventative measures to prevent the emergence of bartholinitis include:

  • Regular examination of a gynecologist;
  • Use of funds that protect against sexual infections, maintaining a monogamous lifestyle;
  • Immediate appeal to a gynecologist for suspected infections, their surgical treatment;
  • Discarding bad habits;
  • Strict adherence to the rules of personal hygiene;
  • Strengthening the immune system, nutrition.

Prophylactic measures prevent the occurrence of the disease, because treatment of bartholinitis can take a lot of money, time and effort, since the disease is characterized by frequent relapses. The cost of treatment depends on the stage of bartholinitis. At the first stage, when it is still possible to use conservative medical methods, the cost of drugs will not hit hard on the pocket. When a disease, spilled into a chronic form, you have to spend much more time and money for a complete cure for the disease.
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