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Women perfectly know the importance of well-groomed, beautiful eyebrows in creating an image. If their shape is chosen correctly, the look becomes very expressive and open, and the eyes appear larger. Sometimes only a small correction is enough - and the person is transformed. And if they also to tint , and give them at least 10 minutes a day, believe me: your appearance will only benefit from simple, but necessary manipulations and procedures. Every modern woman should know what includes home eyebrow care, which needs to be done on a daily basis. It should become the same regular and natural procedure as brushing your teeth or washing your face. With a minimum of time and finance, the result is amazing.

Daily eyebrow care

Many women mistakenly believe that the only rule of eyebrow care is their timely correction in the salon. At their light shade - still and tinting occasionally. All the rest of the time you can relax and forget about them. At the root of the wrong attitude to their eyebrows, which require beauties of daily attention for at least 5-10 minutes.

There are a few simple, but very useful and effective rules for daily care for them, following which you can give your image an extra charm and become even more beautiful.

  1. Be sure to purchase a special brush for combing your eyebrows. It is distinguished by a hard nap( you can choose synthetic or natural), thanks to which it is very convenient to apply various nutrients for better growth and thickness of the eyebrows, and also to lay them in the desired shape and smooth individual hairs. After brushing with such a brush, the eyebrows acquire a well-groomed, neat appearance, making the image complete and harmonious. If such a cosmetic tool is not available in your home cosmetic bag, do not worry: replace it with a brush from under the old carcass or a conventional toothbrush. Do not forget to wash both thoroughly and dry before use.
  2. Daily eyebrows should be done twice. In the morning, to give them the necessary look. And in the evening to produce a skin massage: a rush of blood will provide the follicles of eyebrows with all the necessary nutrients. Correctly comb the eyebrows along the line of their growth, i.e. in the direction from the nose to the temples.
  3. In the evenings, twice a week, combine this massage with a brush with eyebrow feeding. To do this, purchase a bottle of cosmetic oil in the pharmacy( castor, burdock and almond are best for this procedure).Dipping slightly into the oil brush, brush your eyebrows an hour before going to bed. After half an hour, swipe over them with a dry cotton pad to remove the remnants of the cosmetic. Such food will make your eyebrows bright, expressive and well-groomed.
  4. Once or twice a week, you can massage your eyebrows with your fingers : it improves blood circulation, which has a beneficial effect on the hair follicles. It must be done, as well as combing, always in one direction - along the line of eyebrows growth, from the nose to the temples. For literally 5 minutes, with your fingertips, stroke your eyebrows, tap on them, pinch. Spontaneous plucked, dotted, stroking and vibrating finger movements are the basis of such a massage. In a month you will notice that the eyebrows have become darker, no longer fall out, look healthy and well-groomed.
  5. With the same regularity as massage( 1-2 times a week) do nutritious home mask for eyebrows. This will improve their appearance, prevent hair loss, make them more attractive. There are a lot of recipes for such masks. Mix various cosmetic and vegetable oils, vitamins and infusions of medicinal herbs and apply a small amount on the eyebrows for 20-30 minutes. Remove the mask with a dry cotton pad. The effect usually exceeds all expectations: the eyebrows become smooth, shiny, beautiful.
Agree: the proper eyebrow care at home - not such a troublesome business, as it might seem at first. If you've never tried to give them at least 10 minutes a day - it's time to correct this error and experiment. Believe: in the results you will not be disappointed.

After all, the importance of eyebrows on the face is difficult to overestimate. Very often they can spoil the whole impression of a woman. Do not allow this. After all, caring for the eyebrows - it's not only their correction in the cabin a couple of times a month( or even less).By the way, this procedure should be performed much more often, and it is possible and at home.

Why and how to use burdock oil at home for strengthening and growing eyelashes: http: //beautiface.net/ brovi-resnitsy / ukreplyayushhee-repejnoe-maslo.html

Tips for proper eyelash care at home will help keep them dense and long.

Eyebrow correction at home

Correction( shaping by removing excess hairs) is the basis for eyebrow care, and in no case can it be limited solely to salon procedures. Those beautiful eyebrows that have a neat line without randomly growing hairs can be called beautiful. They achieve this by pulling out superfluous hairs in time. What you need to know about this simple but very important procedure?

    1. Depending on the thickness of the eyebrows, 1 or 2 times a month, their correction should be done by a specialist. Even having stuffed your hand, at home you can not do it as competently as a professional. Therefore, regularly visit the beauty salon and trust the hand of the master.
    2. In the period between trips to the salon do not forget to adjust your eyebrows yourself at home, plucking outgrown hairs at least once in 2-3 days( regularity depends on the speed of growth of the hairs).
    3. You need to do this with special forceps, designed for such a procedure. Tweezers for plucking eyebrows should be sharp and with flat ends. This shape allows you to pull out even the most inaccessible, small hairs.
    4. Adjust your eyebrows at home or at bedtime, or at least an hour before applying makeup. The skin after this procedure blushes, and in this form it is not proper to appear in the light.
    5. To better see all the hairs growing out, place yourself with a mirror at the window: daylight is the most optimal for such a procedure. Nothing escapes your attentive glance.
    6. If you want to choose the shape of your eyebrows yourself, use the so-called "pencil rule" ( although a pen or a marker is suitable for this).Take your "tool" vertically and attach it to any( right or left) wing of the nose. Point No. 1 of the intersection of the pencil with the bridge of the nose is the beginning of the eyebrow. Anything outside it can be plucked. Now attach the "tool" to the nostril and, looking in the mirror, draw a diagonal, going to the eyebrow through the middle of the eye. Point No. 2 of the intersection of the pencil and the eyebrow is the top of the bend. Now you know the bend, by which you will carefully remove excess hairs. To find the third point( the end of the eyebrow), attach the pencil to the nostril and draw a diagonal going through the outer corner of the eye. Point number 3 of the intersection of the pencil with the eyebrow - the place where the line ends. If there are hairs outside, remove them.
  1. Correcting the eyebrow from the beginning to the end, gradually narrow the line. However, do it almost unnoticed, and otherwise violate the natural, natural form and spoil your own face.
  2. When adjusting the eyebrows at home, care should be taken to ensure that their outer end is not lower than the inner one. Because of this, the facial expression can turn out to be too sad.
  3. If you have made the gap between the eyebrows( on the bridge of the nose) too small, the face will seem older. However, a very long distance here also looks ridiculous. You need to find for yourself the very "golden mean" that will accentuate your eyebrows in a winning light.
  4. All women who know firsthand about such a procedure as plucking eyebrows, imagine how much it can be painful. However, at home there are small secrets that help to avoid this trouble. The first means to lower the pain threshold when correcting the eyebrows at home is the steam bath , which must be done 10 minutes before the planned procedure. The second secret( it can be used when there is absolutely no time on the steam bath) - put the cotton discs, previously moistened in hot water , on the eyebrow .It will be even better if you use chamomile infusion instead of water.
  5. Another nuance that will help create an ideal line of eyebrows at home. Take care of yourself: in order not to make a mistake with the correct form, draw it with a black with a cosmetic pencil and hold on to this line when plucking. You can even tint unnecessary hairs, which you plan to remove, with a white cosmetic pencil. This will allow you not to be distracted by the minute to the mirror and again and again to select extra hairs for removal.
  6. When correcting eyebrows, one must not forget about one very important rule: you can only pull out those hairs that are located below the main line of their growth .Otherwise, your eyebrows can grow too thick, resulting in a significant lowering of the eyebrow line, which you do not need.

If you are still not sure that you can independently to give your eyebrows the necessary form of at home, it's better to contact professionals. In the salon you will pick up the ideal form, neatly( and in most cases completely painlessly) plucked outgrown hairs. However, within the framework of home eyebrow care, you will need to correct their shape in time, removing excess hairs on the line you have been identified in the salon. Agree: it is easier to adjust slightly than to create a new form of eyebrows from scratch at home.

Styling the eyebrows at home

Many women, considering themselves to be real gurus in home cosmetology, are surprised to learn that eyebrows, just like hair, require styling. Moreover, for this there are special means for eyebrows care: for example, gels, which can be purchased in a regular store. They perform several functions:

  • smooth the eyebrows;
  • gives them shine;
  • if they contain flickering particles( small, almost imperceptible sequins), such gels are ideal for evening make-up, give your image a mystery and effect.
If you do not have a cosmetic eyebrow gel , it is suitable for this purpose the most common hair gel. Apply a small amount on the brush for combing the eyebrows( old brush from under the carcass, toothbrush) and smear all along the line.

Now you can be sure that during the day your eyes will be maximally expressive, thanks to a clear, even shape of the eyebrows, from the frame of which no hair is beaten out. This is included in the program of home mandatory eyebrow care. As, however, and makeup.

Eyebrow make-up - home care rules

To make eyebrows ideal, in some cases care for them involves applying a small amount of paint on them. But it is very important not to overdo it, because a person may look unnatural and even vulgar. The most optimal is to lightly shade the natural shape of the eyebrows using a special pencil .It should be hard and not spread - only in this case, make-up will look great. The hue is recommended to choose 1-2 shades darker than your hair color.

Here are the basic rules of home eyebrow care, which every woman needs to know to create her unique, unique and mysterious image. Be sure to use these guidelines to make sure they are effective. Learn to appreciate the role of the eyebrows in your beauty: if they are neat and tidy, your look will be simply irresistible, and the charm is so attractive that the admiration of others is simply guaranteed.

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