Constipation in women and men: treatment and proper nutrition

Causes of constipation in adults and methods of treatment.

Causes of constipation in adults and methods of treatment.

Women, men and children sometimes experience constipation, the reasons for which are not always obvious. The presence of constipation can be said if the stool delay exceeds the 20-hour limit. Note that the treatment of constipation in adults - a common thing in the modern world, because we are always in a hurry and eat badly.

Hair loss, eructation and flabby skin - this can lead to chronic intestinal obstruction. In mature women and men, this phenomenon occurs more often. If problems arise with the stool - do not delay the treatment of constipation, as in adults, the started peristalsis leads to serious complications.


  1. Why is constipation
  2. Wrong power
  3. Products
  4. Other causes
  5. Danger
  6. Symptoms of chronic constipation
  7. Treatment
  8. Therapeutic food

Why constipation occurs

The motor evacuation function is the process that is responsible in your body for emptying the intestine. Violation of this function is the main cause of constipation, as stool masses stop moving in the rectum. As a result, a cork is formed. Physicians describe the situation with the term "disturbance of peristalsis".

Violation of peristalsis in men and women means the cessation of undulating movements of the rectum.

Incorrect nutrition

There are various causes of peristaltic dysfunction, but most often this is due to the use of semi-finished products:

The use of semi-finished products can cause intestinal constipation.

The use of semi-finished products can cause intestinal constipation.

  1. stuffing;
  2. fillets;
  3. frozen meat;
  4. sausages;
  5. finished cutlets;Ready-made snacks and salads.

Preference should be given to natural meat, nuts, fruits and vegetables, but because of our employment, this is not always possible. This is the main cause of constipation. Cheese buns, hamburgers and cheeseburgers, numerous sets for heating in the microwave - all this is fraught with consequences in the form of a long stay in the toilet.

Quick cooking has untied the hands of women and greatly simplified the life of business men, but in fact the stomach can not be fooled. In fast food, you will not find stimulants of peristalsis - it is a "soft" food that adheres to the walls of the intestinal tract and does not strain them. Reduction can be caused solely by rigid slices of food, this must be taken into account when analyzing the causes of constipation.


The causes of constipation in children are also of a similar nature, but this is the topic of a separate article. By nature, we are vegetarians, so animal food( proteins) is poorly digested by the body. Undigested particles gradually rot, which leads to a change in the intestinal microflora. In large cases, the colon is even damaged. It is here that the main opponents of our organism are found - microbes.

Consider the main products acting as constipation provocateurs:

  • smoked meat;
  • fatty meat;
  • spicy dishes;
  • canned food;Vermicelli is a provocateur of constipation.


  • jelly;
  • white bread;
  • baking;
  • chips;
  • mashed potatoes;
  • fizzy drinks;
  • milk;
  • cabbage;
  • beans.
  • To prevent constipation, it is necessary to give preference to easily digestible food. These are products that contain fiber:

    1. cereals( corn and buckwheat);
    2. bran;
    3. sprouts;
    4. whole wheat bread;
    5. raw vegetables( pumpkin, green peas, celery, zucchini, tomatoes, beets, dill, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, parsley and coriander);
    6. nuts( almonds, forest and greek);
    7. white seeds;
    8. raw fruits( bananas, plums, oranges, apples, apricots, prunes, dried fruits, grapefruit, raisins, lemon, strawberries and peaches).

    It is the fiber that reduces the production of cholesterol and insulin, and also prevents obesity and neutralizes the causes of constipation. In addition, you reduce the risk of diseases of bowel and cardiovascular diseases, since silicon contains silicon.

    In order for the above products to contain fiber, adhere to several rules:

    • Try to eat fruits and vegetables with skin and raw.
    • In vegetable salads, add a couple of spoons of( tea) bran.
    • Chew foods with fiber as closely as possible.

    Other causes of

    There are other causes of constipation, which we list:

    1. General hypodynamia. In the risk zone are young people who prefer to lead a sedentary lifestyle, seriously ill and elderly patients with low motor activity.
    2. Dehydration. At least 2.5 liters of water should be consumed per day.
    3. Heart failure and hepatic hypertension. The enlarged liver compresses the intestinal loops. The level of water consumption drops.
      Heart failure can also cause constipation.

      Heart failure can also cause constipation.

    4. CNS diseases. This includes cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.
    5. The use of a number of medicines. In women and men, side effects in the form of constipation can trigger the use of anticonvulsants, antidepressants, NSAIDs, antiallergic and antispasmodics.
    6. Mental ailments. Hypochondria, depression, schizophrenia.
    7. Toxic poisoning( with morphine, mercury, atropine, lead and thallium).
    8. Endocrine diseases. In the risk zone are pregnant women, as well as patients suffering from diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, acromegaly, menopause and ovarian dysfunction.
    9. Diseases of internal organs. This includes abnormal bile secretion, stomach ulcers, pancreatitis, duodenitis, cholecystitis.
    10. Chronic curvatures of the intestine( large intestine).Tumors, polyps and diverticula are also referred to this group of pathologies.


    In the event of constipation, the patient is confronted with intoxication and subsequent penetration of fecal poisons into the circulatory system. This leads to increased stress on the liver, which acts as a kind of organic filter. Chronic constipation makes our body "slagged", which is fraught with a number of complications:

    • crumpled nails;
    • tarnishes and hair falls out;
    • the skin becomes dry and flabby;
    • worsened mood;
    • is falling emotional background.

    In some cases may develop:

    1. hepatitis;
    2. lesion of biliary tract;
    3. anal fissures and hemorrhoids;
    4. rectal cancer.

    Symptoms of chronic constipation

    If you have signs of chronic constipation - it's time to seek medical help. Symptoms are as follows:

    • Pain in the lower abdomen is symptomatic of chronic constipation.

      Pain in the lower abdomen is symptomatic of chronic constipation.

      sounds of( frequent) transfusion and rumbling in the intestine;

    • bloating and a feeling of heaviness;
    • pain in the lower abdomen;
    • feeling of incomplete emptying;
    • itching, localized in the anus;
    • increase in acidity of gastric juice;
    • unpleasant odor coming from your mouth;
    • appetite impairment;
    • belching;
    • you eat a little, but quickly saturate;
    • problems with taste receptors;
    • weakness;
    • high fatigue;
    • hair loss;
    • brittle nails;
    • dull complexion;
    • tachycardia;
    • nerve disorders;
    • of dizziness and migraine;
    • heart pain.

    Treatment of

    Any gastrointestinal diseases are treated by a gastroenterologist. Having found out problems with a chair, you go to the therapist, and then he redirects you to the right specialist. First, a diet is prescribed. If it does not lead to anything, the patient is switched to medication. At the same time, experts do not recommend abusing laxative drugs, as this breaks the intestinal microflora.

    A quick effect gives enemas, but here too it is not necessary to go too far. Most patients respond positively to glycerin suppositories, which can be purchased at any pharmacy for 120 rubles.

    Therapeutic diet

    Balanced diet and get rid of frequent constipation will help a well thought-out diet.

    1. Bread. It is desirable to exclude from the diet muffins and switch to bread with bran, rye breadcrumbs and dry biscuits. Meat Dishes. Turkey, veal, chicken, beef, rabbit.
    2. Soups. Use fish and skim meat broths, soups with buckwheat, pearl barley, vegetable grease.
    3. Vegetable dishes. Avoid the use of garlic, onions, radishes, mushrooms and radish. The rest is possible.
    4. Fish dishes. Preference is given to boiled lean fish.
    5. Cereals. Limit the pasta and go to crumbly porridge.
    6. Dishes from eggs. Omelette and soft-boiled eggs are acceptable.
    7. Sweet dishes. You can use honey, berries, jam, jams, jams, marshmallows, pastilles, creamy caramels, iris.
    8. Dairy products. Fresh cottage cheese, yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt.
    9. Beverages. Incomplete coffee and tea, broth of wild rose, vegetable and fruit juices.
    10. Snacks. Ham( in the absence of fat), faint cheese, jellied fish, black caviar.

    Remember that constipation is the first alarm signal that indicates problems in the gastrointestinal tract. Do not miss this call and try to respond quickly.

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