Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back + video

In the treatment of almost any disease of the spine, you can achieve excellent results with the help of gymnastics. Systematic exercises to strengthen the back muscles - a fairly serious method of treating such ailments. If the patient does not have problems with the spine, physical exercises will serve as an excellent preventive agent. Of course, performing a set of exercises to strengthen the back muscles should not be detached: in physical education it is important to be able to correctly and evenly distribute the load on all the muscles of the body and control breathing, only then strengthening exercises will lead to positive results. Today, we will tell in detail what exercises are for the back, and how to perform them correctly.

Thoracic spine

Agree that the appearance of a person depends heavily on how well his posture is. Performing exercises to strengthen the back in the thoracic area will help you keep your posture impeccable for life.

  • Exercise 1. Lie on your stomach, rest your forehead against the floor, place your palms on the floor so that your unbent thumbs touch your shoulders. The hips are pressed to the floor, using the hands to squeeze the torso from the floor, bending the back back and slowly throwing back his head.
  • Exercise 2. Lie on your stomach, hands to pull forward, raise your arms and torso up, as high as possible, look forward.
The initial position of exercise 1
Starting position for Exercise 1

These exercises perfectly strengthen the back muscles and do not require special physical training. Now we will give some more exercises that are performed sitting on a chair.

  • Exercise 1.( With an elastic band).In the sitting position, press firmly against the chair. One end of the rubber band is clamped in the left hand, extended forward, the second - in the bent right. Pull back the elastic with your right hand. Repeat by changing hands.
  • Exercise 2. The starting position is the same as in the previous exercise. Raise your hands above yourself. Trying not to drop his hands, raise his shoulders up, slightly pulling his head.

The back muscles are well developed when performing the "Cat's Back" exercise. It is as follows:

  • Stand on all fours, arms bend in elbows, leaning on elbows. Bend your back down, pull the shoulder blades together, lift your head up. Bend your back arched up, head down.

Perform each exercise slowly, with some care, without jerking. It is enough 4 - 5 repetitions.

Lumbosacral spine department

lumbar exercise
An exercise option for the waist. For people dealing with systematic

It is impossible to strengthen the muscles of the back, forgetting about the lumbosacral spine. It is on him that the greatest physical load falls. After you have thoroughly stretched the muscles of the thoracic region, begin performing strengthening exercises for the lower back.

Exercise 1. Lie on your back, hands clasped at the back of the head, legs bend at the knees. Touch the bent limbs to the head, while lifting it.

Exercise 2. Stand up, legs straight, slowly bend forward, trying to reach the floor with your hands. This exercise stretches well not only the muscles of the back, but also strengthens the calf muscles. If the first time you can not touch the floor, do not despair and do not force events. Just continue to systematically perform exercises for the back and soon the muscles will become your assistants.

A little about caution

Strengthening the back muscles, do not forget about caution. Admit that you often think about health already when an outpatient card already has a certain diagnosis - myositis, osteochondrosis or a hernia of the spine. In this case, it is vital for you to perform any exercise correctly. Best of all, if you start training physical therapy you will be under the guidance of physicians. Before the beginning of the training, the attending physician will conduct a series of tests to determine the mobility of the spine and muscle tone in various areas of the back, exclude contraindications to the conduct of gymnastics.

Back pain
Back pain is an absolute contraindication for performing exercises.

Absolute contraindication for gymnastics is pain. In the period of exacerbation of any disease, physical education is not carried out. And to begin the training should be no later than 2 weeks after the exacerbation.

During the exercise, you should feel only a slight fatigue and not experience unpleasant sensations. Fulfillment of them through force, can serve unkindly - lead to an aggravation of the disease.

Correct rest

Are you forced to stay on your feet all day or sit behind a monitor? Learn to properly rest. Arriving home, just lay down on the floor, throwing your arms up. Close your eyes and stay in this position for 5 to 7 minutes, trying to relax your back muscles as much as possible. If you arrange such a "recumbent relaxation" daily, the back will hurt less. A month from the beginning of lessons, accustom yourself to sleep without a pillow - so the spine will also rest from the day's loads. Teach your children to daily exercise, and then the term "osteochondrosis" does not appear in their outpatient card.

If you love everything exotic, you can strengthen your back muscles with non-traditional methods. A very interesting set of exercises offers Vietnamese yoga, but such classes require special training.

It is optimal and affordable to combine gymnastics with swimming. Classes in the pool - the best prevention of a variety of diseases of the muscles of the back and spine.

back muscles

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