How to treat ACNE with a laser

Acne Treatment with Laser

Acne laser treatment

Laser acne treatment is one of the most modern and effective methods of combating acne. To date, it is difficult to find a method that is faster, safer and painless for the patient.

Before we talk about how laser acne treatment is done, let's take a closer look at what acne is, why this disease causes such anxiety to the patient, and what causes the absence of acne treatment.


  1. What is acne or acne?
  2. Causes of acne
  3. Acne treatment
  4. Acne treatment with acne laser
  5. Duration of therapy and recovery after laser treatment

What is acne or acne?

Acne - acne

Acne - acne rash

Acne, or acne, is a chronic dermatological disease that is characterized by the development of the inflammatory process in the sebaceous glands of the skin, a violation of the water-fat balance of the skin, the hyperproduction of sebum and the appearance of a specific rash on the skin surface.

Elements of acne( acne, as they are commonly called) occur at the site of the inflamed sebaceous gland, due to its blockage by excessive amounts of sebum. In dermatology, such elements of a rash are called "papules", "comedones" and "pustules"( purulent vesicles).Usually, simultaneously on the skin of a person suffering from acne, you can detect all three variants of the elements of the rash.

There are three degrees of severity of acne:

  • Light degree - on the skin mainly comedones( black dots) are formed, much less reddish papules. Pronounced inflammation on the skin areas surrounding them is absent.
  • Medium degree - single pustules( purulent vesicles) already appear among the elements of the rash. In addition to pustules, comedones and papules are simultaneously detected on the skin. The area of ​​the affected area of ​​the skin and the number of elements of the rash are much larger
  • Severe degree - in this case, the course of the disease is most serious. On the skin there are multiple pustules, papules and comedones. At the site of their healing scars are formed, which brings the greatest number of experiences for the patient and constitutes a noticeable aesthetic defect.

Causes of acne

The appearance of acne is associated with a variety of factors. So, to the reasons for the development of acne, any factors contributing to the disruption of the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands, changing the nature of the secretion of these glands, the indicators of local immunity of the skin itself, any factors that lead to imbalance of hormones, the lack of proper hygienic skin care, a burdened family anamnesis.

Cause Acne

The cause of acne

To date, the following causes are known to significantly contribute to the development of acne:

  • Hereditary factor( the presence of acne in the immediate family)
  • Hormonal imbalance( hyperproduction of androgens in girls and women)
  • Physiological elevated hormonal activity( during hormonal changes, more oftentotal in acne observed in puberty)
  • Genetically determined hyperproduction of sebum( oily skin)
  • The use of certain medicines( anaboleseskih steroid drugs lithium, barbiturates)
  • skin lesions such parasite like Zheleznitsa acne( some authors consider this option as the sole and the most significant factor in the development of acne)

Very often the appearance of acne in women accompanies such unpleasant disease, such as polycystic ovary syndrome. With this disease, there is a significant hormonal imbalance in the body of a woman, hyperproduction of androgens( male sex hormones that interfere with the normal process of maturation of the ovum and ovulation), in addition, often develops hirsutism( male-type haemorrhage) and acne.

Also, acne is often a constant companion of the syndrome and the Itenko-Cushing's disease. As you know, this disease is also associated with serious hormonal disorders.

Treatment of acne

Surgical treatment of acne

Surgical treatment of acne

In past years, acne treatment has often been reduced to the use of various mixtures, lotions, i.e.doctors tried to act directly on the manifestation of the disease - the very acne. To this end, a solution of salicylic acid was widely used.

After many years, this treatment almost completely compromised itself as a method. Now most dermatologists and patients themselves understand that at least it is necessary to influence the underlying disease( for example, the one that led to the violation of the hormonal background), and not just the manifestation of it on the skin.

Among other methods that have been used to treat acne prior to the advent of laser treatment are treatment with ultraviolet irradiation, cryotherapy and disinfestation.

The method of disinfestation means the removal of acne symptoms with the help of vacuum. The method itself is interesting, but, alas, not effective enough.

But only in recent years laser treatment of acne has become so widespread.

Acne treatment with a laser is a special method, as it allows patients to forget about this ailment really forever. Often, only 2-3 sessions are enough. Such a perspective can not but rejoice both doctors and patients themselves.

Method of disinfestation

Method of disinherence

What is the essence of the method of treatment of acne with a laser?

The laser beam, penetrating deeply into the skin, destroys the bacterial accumulation inside the skin glands. So deeply penetrate into such "hard-to-reach places", and even without damaging the surrounding tissue is capable only of a laser. Short-term laser pulses are absolutely safe for the skin and are painless for the patient.

In laser treatment, bacterial accumulations located at the depth of the sebaceous glands and provoking the inflammatory process die and the skin remains undamaged.

Possible, a manifestation of reactive inflammation, some redness and swelling, in areas treated with a laser. But, as a rule, they are not very pronounced and quickly pass.

Treatment with acne eruption laser

Such treatment allows to solve simultaneously several problems at the same time.

First, laser treatment eliminates even vast and deep foci of inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Secondly, such treatment itself is an excellent means of preventing the emergence of new foci.

Third, laser treatment completely cleanses the skin of bacteria and parasites( acne vulgaris).No other method allows you to achieve these three remarkable effects simultaneously.

Often in addition to laser therapy, a general course of therapy is also prescribed to avoid episodes of recurrence of the disease in the future. To do this, appoint courses autogemotherapy, antibiotic treatment. Quite often, in order to maintain recovery processes in the skin, prescribe vitamin A.

Laser treatment of acne

Laser treatment of acne

Autohemotherapy is also a very interesting method. The essence of the method is that the patient is administered intramuscularly or axially his own blood after purification. This is one of the methods that influences the patient's immune status and causes immunomodulating and immunocorrecting effects from therapy.

In this case, the patient takes blood from the vein and is injected intramuscularly( most often) into the outer quadrant of the buttock. To prevent the formation of infiltration, it is desirable to apply the warmer to the injection site.

One course, as a rule, includes 12-15 injections.

Among the most unpleasant side effects of such therapy is the increase in temperature and the formation of seals at injection sites.

Duration of course of therapy and recovery after laser treatment

The rehabilitation period after laser treatment is often very short and ranges from 5 days to a week. No additional procedures are needed to accelerate recovery after laser treatment.

One course of such laser therapy consists in a classical version of 2-3 sessions. And the results of such treatment are truly stunning. The skin is leveled, the foci of inflammation disappear, the scars become less noticeable. The skin looks renewed, radiant. Nothing to do with the type of skin surface with which patients seek help. It is for this reason that laser therapy today is the method of choice for rapid, painless and effective treatment of acne and scars after acne. By its effectiveness analogs to this method does not yet exist.

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