Secrets and useful advice to housewives about cooking and storing food

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I really love cooking, fussing in the kitchen is my hobby. In addition to numerous complex and simple recipes, each mistress has her own little secrets and little tricks in cooking and storing foods. Throughout my entire family life, I have learned, recorded and memorized many useful and necessary advice. I want to share some of them.
secrets-and-useful-advice-to housewives-about-cooking-and-storage-food


Keep the rye and wheat bread separately, as white bread can easily perceive the smell of black bread.
To make the bread last longer, put a piece of raw peeled potatoes, an apple or a little salt in the breadbox. Also, its freshness will last for longer if you wrap the bread in cloth or white paper. Stale bread can be freshened by sprinkling it with water, putting it on the oven for a few minutes.
For cutting bread into thin slices, the knife is heated, lowering it for 1-2 minutes.in boiling water.


For friability and better taste, put groat or butter before laying groats in boiling water. To bring the porridge to readiness, put a pot of porridge in another pan with boiling water.

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The rice is not boiled, if you add a couple of spoonfuls of cold milk to the boiling water.


To shorten the cooking time, the beans are pre-soaked in cold water. Beans will become more delicious if after boiling change the water and add a spoonful of vegetable oil.


Before kneading the dough, the flour is sieved, then the flour absorbs a large amount of air, making the dough tender and lush. The dough will rise quickly if several pasta are inserted into it. To the raisins did not sit down, it should be sprinkled with flour. Soft and soft dough is easy to separate, covering it with parchment paper and roll it out with a bottle of warm water.


For fast preparation, it is necessary to put in water with a potato 1 with.l.margarine. To ensure that the potatoes do not burst, cook it on low heat and add a few drops of vinegar to the water. If the potatoes are thoroughly rinsed and dried before cooking, it will not stick to the frying pan. The potatoes will be crispy if you salt it at the end of the frying. After boiling the potato tubers can be easily cleaned if you immediately lower it into cold water. Young potatoes can easily be cleared if it is lowered first in hot, and then in cold water. To avoid darkening of the old potatoes, when boiling, add a little milk.


When slicing salads raw vegetables pour a little lemon juice and vitamin C in them will be preserved. Beets will boil faster, if after it boils, within an hour it is removed from the fire and immersed for 10 minutes.in cold water. Carrots after cleaning will retain freshness for several hours, if covered with a clean damp cloth. When cutting onions, moisten the knife in cold water - this will help reduce the irritating effect on the eyes. Garlic will be stored for a long time in a three-liter jar, peppered with salt.


Hold the fish in a cold brine and the smell of silt will go away. Frozen fish is stored in the freezer for 8-10 days, and fresh for 3 days. To avoid sticking the fish to a skillet, add a little salt to the fat. Fish when cleaning will not slide in the hands, if you put your hands in salt. Before frying pieces of fish sprinkle with flour and leave for 15 minutes.then they will not decay.


Pre-soak the beef in warm milk and it will become softer. Meat does not stick to the bottom of the pot, if you put on the bottom of a circle of carrots. To soften the meat in soup or sauce, put a well-washed cork plug, baking soda also helps to soften the meat. Meatballs will be tastier if you cook them 5 minutes before frying.in the broth. Do not thaw meat in water, as a significant amount of nutrients will be lost. To breading on meat better kept, first moisten the meat in the egg-milk mixture.

Enjoy your time in the kitchen and have a nice appetite!