Sports nutrition: pros and cons

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Along with the growing popularity of sports, the fashion for the use of various kinds of sports nutrition is also growing. To begin with, it should be said about what, actually, sports nutrition was created.


The fact that professional athletes during competitions and intensive training experience an acute need for nutrients: proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates. Satisfy this need for regular food, even if balanced and nutritious, is not possible - athletes would have to eat kilograms of vegetables and drink liters of milk. Therefore, and there were different types of sports nutrition, containing the necessary substances for the body in a concentrated form. This kind of sports nutrition is called restoring, because it allows to accelerate the recovery processes in the body after serious stresses. There is also a stimulating sports nutrition, which increases physical performance during training.

Entering, for example, in any major Moscow or Kiev sports nutrition store or just a sports shop, you can see shelves with bright jars and boxes, advertising on which promises customers cheerfulness, muscle growth and undoubted benefits. But how safe and justified is the use of sports nutrition? Professional athletes use this food together with regular food and strictly according to the recommendations of doctors and trainers - they really need it. But athletic athletes or people who do not experience serious stress during their studies, sports nutrition is unlikely to benefit, because there is no need for a large number of nutrients. Therefore, the use of sports nutrition in such cases will only lead to an extra burden on the digestive system.

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On the other hand, there will be no special harm from sports nutrition, as it is usually certified and available in free retail. So if you are thinking about buying sports nutrition, then decide if it really is necessary for you.