The feeling of heaviness in the stomach: the causes of its occurrence

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Heaviness in the stomach

Gravity in the stomach

Our digestive system often manifests itself in various manifestations. Something she did not like, and there was a pain in the abdomen or such a weight that I want to get rid of it more quickly. And for this it is necessary to find the reasons for such discomfort, because nothing can happen by chance.

Modern living conditions of a civilized person suggest a high rhythm of life, multiple stresses and snacks on the go. Plus, an unfavorable ecological situation - and the result is obvious. The gastrointestinal tract is one of the first to react to such circumstances. The appearance of heaviness in the stomach is very common among the population of many countries, and ours is no exception.

Table of Contents:

  1. The main causes of this pathology
  2. Diseases that can cause uncomfortable stomach condition
  3. Examination: do not remain unaware
  4. Help yourself

The main reasons for the appearance of this pathology

Such a symptom as the severity in the stomach can be evidence of somedisease or be its harbinger, as well as the consequence of improperly organized nutrition.

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Binge eating


What leads to the appearance of heaviness in the stomach? This:

  • overeating and various excesses in food. You need it often, in small portions, thoroughly chewing food. And do not get to eat just because it's time for lunch or out of habit.
  • snacks in fast food and food on the go;
  • addiction to smoking and alcoholic beverages;
  • fried and fatty foods;
  • excessive consumption of carbohydrates( flour products, pastries, sugar, sweets, cakes and pastries);
  • frequent use of non-natural products with flavors, dyes and preservatives( chips, crackers, mayonnaise, soda, etc.);
  • difficult to digest food - pork, mushrooms, eggs;
  • excessive use of carbonated drinks of questionable quality;
  • emotional experiences, stressful situations;
  • chronic diseases of the digestive system.

Causes of discomfort in the intestines and stomach often become so much our favorite coffee, strong tea, beer and kvass. They can irritate the mucous, causing heaviness in the stomach and bloating. To cause the same trouble in adults can and milk, because it is better to give preference to sour-milk products.

For good digestion is very important diet. Too long breaks between meals can also provoke this unpleasant symptom, and even pain. Do not overeat at night - at this time the stomach should rest.

Diseases that can cause uncomfortable stomach condition

Usually, the heaviness in the stomach is accompanied by a feeling of pressure and overflow, sometimes there is a strong bitterness in the mouth, and headaches are harassed. If at this time there are pains in the right hypochondrium, then this may be the first signal of a liver or gallbladder disease. The nausea and disorder of the stool may accompany the symptoms described above.

Dispersion of the stomach - as a cause of gravity

Dispersion of the stomach is one of the causes of the severity of

. Also, heaviness in the stomach can cause indigestion. It may be accompanied by excessive gas formation, rubbing in the lower abdomen, and frequent nausea. When gravity is added by belching with air or with the smell of recently eaten food, nausea and vomiting and all this more than once a week, then food is not digested. And this is a sign of a serious gastrointestinal disease.

But do not rush to make yourself terrible diagnoses and to aggravate the situation - the nervous will not exactly help to eliminate the disease, but, on the contrary, can aggravate it.

To begin with, you need to keep track of when the unpleasant sensations appear and how often. Or maybe you ate something not quite fresh. In this case, the severity will pass, as soon as the unfavorable product is completely digested.

If heaviness appears in the morning, then you most likely ate late at night. The night is intended for sleep, because everything in the body slows down and digestion of food too. The stomach reminds with gravity and a pain that it categorically it is impossible to do or make it. When the severity appears immediately after eating, you need to look for the cause in your diet. Remove from it all the "yummy" and do not give additional stress to the stomach with heavy food.

Examination: Do not remain unaware

Gastrointestinal examination

Gastrointestinal examination

When your observations show that the feeling of heaviness in the stomach does not pass for several days in a row, it's time to visit the local therapist. If he finds your suspicions to be justified, he will send him to a consultation with the gastroenterologist. The specialist will appoint a survey. The best way to study the state of the stomach is fibrogastroscopy. The procedure is not pleasant, but if you think that the best way to examine the stomach has not yet been invented, then this should be done for your own good. This is completely painless, especially when the apparatus is in the hands of experienced specialists. The only thing that is unpleasant is the arising gag reflex when passing a flexible tube with an optical device at the end through the esophagus and the pylorus. But you will always be taught how to breathe and behave properly. Internal examination of the stomach lasts from 10 minutes to half an hour.

Such examination can reveal a gastritis, and it needs to be cured in time, otherwise it will necessarily end with a stomach ulcer. Also, a doctor can see a tumor or polyps that mechanically interfere with the passage of food and cause heaviness in the stomach.

In any case, the identified signs indicate a variety of diseases that require intervention by health workers. If it's gastritis, then you will be prescribed a diet and antibiotics. With cholecystitis attributed to analgesics and antispasmodics. In a word, the doctor, if necessary, will assign additional tests and examinations and select the treatment tactics for them according to their results.

Help yourself

If in the process of fibrogastroscopy there are no pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, the problem is best solved by yourself and preferably by non-medicament means. To do this, you need to review your diet and diet:

  1. You need to eat a few times a day - it's much more useful than eating once before refusal.
  2. Last time you eat not later than a couple of hours before bedtime.
  3. Forget about the frying pan and your favorite fried potatoes. Food is best stewed or baked in the oven.
  4. Do not get carried away with sauces, ketchups and spices.
  5. Thoroughly chew food - this is the guarantee of good work of the stomach and intestines.
  6. Overlap taboos on alcohol and smoking.
  7. Do not forget that products sometimes "do not get along" with each other.
  8. Use only freshly prepared food, not two or three days old.
  9. Keep track of your weight, once a week arrange unloading. Hunger is an excellent medicine for many diseases. Only the way out of it should be right. After a fasting day, take a minimum amount of light food, and, despite the feeling of hunger, enter the familiar regime gradually.
  10. To lead an active life: more walking, doing morning exercises, visiting the pool and moving more.
Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition

If the severity has appeared, then you can resort to the following measures. Make a light massage of the abdomen in a circular motion towards the navel. Attach a warm( not hot!) Heating pad to the area of ​​the right hypochondrium. Drink a glass of low-fat kefir or make a "pop".You can drink several tablets of activated carbon. In extreme cases, take a tablet of Festal or Mezim.

They will help to get rid of unpleasant sensations in the stomach. Only you need to remember that often such means should not be used. These are enzymes, to which our stomach quickly becomes accustomed and ceases to independently develop its own enzymes. And this can not be allowed. The stomach will react quickly to this in a negative way, and your condition may deteriorate for no apparent reason. Moderation is needed in everything and then your body will cope with all adversities easily, because it has a huge potential. They need only to ably use.

And another tip: perceive any situation easily, with a sense of humor, do not envy and do not hold resentment in the soul - it destroys.

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