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Raw Food

Raw food

Even Seneca himself, when he said these words: "People do not die. They kill themselves! "

People began to cook their food, fry. .. They thereby lost their strength and health. Guilty of human misfortunes, Prometheus suffered a terrible punishment. ..

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About raw food

Raw food - the pros and cons

Raw food - pros and cons

Patriarch M. Birkher-Banner on the natural food system originally treated the myth about Prometheus. On Prometheus, Zeus became angry because he gave fire to people, and they, in turn, perverted their natural diet.

The clinician himself was not a raw food worker, he did not even advocate it. He only said that fruits, roots, vegetables and nuts in their raw form are an ideal means for replenishing their strength. Therefore, in his diet, a person should take most of the dish with these products. The product in raw form should be eaten by a person first.

Naturopaths - this does not mean that they eat everything only in raw form. Not at all! Raw food they eat, as a medicine for any diseases. For example, a fasting day on vegetables and fruits is a wonderful medicine for hypertension and cardiovascular disease. But the raw diet is an excellent solution for constipation, with colic in the kidneys and liver, gout, diabetes mellitus. Such a diet instantly removes toxins from the body.

Doctors of raw food

But Dr. Geintse T. In general, in one group, the vegetables were moved raw and poorly processed.

Dr. Gerzon M. treated the thermally processed product more tolerant than other nutritionists. For example, in a severe case of tuberculosis, the doctor prescribed first a raw diet, and then eating raw vegetables and fruits for a period of 2 weeks. Or vegetables cooked for a couple. Two weeks later, the patient could add protein food to his diet, and then boiled. The curative diet course ended with a strict raw diet.

Doctors of raw food

Doctors of raw food

Dr. Goren M. propagandized such a rational diet, in which raw, salt-free, and fruit juices were present. But he also recognized the use of boiled and baked products.

Famous Dr. Shelton G. Believed that a cleanly moist diet is ideal for a person. Although he himself was not a raw-chef. He recommended the morning to start with a glass of freshly squeezed juice or with a salad of fresh fruit. If this was not possible, then you could use dried fruit. Salad from watercress, leaf lettuce, celery or parsley, as well as cabbage and cucumber, tomato, radish and others, should have been consumed exclusively without salt. You can not add salad and dressings, butter or vinegar, spices and lemon juice.

Those who do not imagine life without food are fried or boiled, the raw food is called - the cannibal. Naturopaths believe that even fish should be eaten raw, they say, people have inherited this need from their ancestors.

Naturopath from Armenia Arshavir Ter-Avanesyan, known by all naturopathians of the 20th century - Aterov, believes that raw food has only undeniable advantages, but there are no shortcomings. Atherov believed that eating boiled food products, disrupt the normal functioning of the body. Such food, as claimed by the naturopath, leads to various diseases, of which, cancer is in the first place. The reason is that boiled food causes the human body to work several times faster, destroying it, which means that life is shortened.

Of course, probably, raw fooders look ridiculous to someone. And yet, in raw food it is necessary to understand, and to separate the grain from the chaff.

Products that eat naturopaths

In products that have not been heat treated, vitamins and biologically active substances. Raw vegetables and fruits are better absorbed. Heat treatment destroys in the products all vitamins, mineral salt, as well as essential oil. While in raw greens and berries, vegetables, roots and fruits, not only vitamins, but also the natural flavor and taste are preserved.

It is known that with such diseases as a severe form of tuberculosis, open wounds and ulcers, trophic ulcers, prescribe a treatment technique consisting not only of raw fruits, berries, vegetables, but also fish and meat.

In our time a person has gone so far from the wild ancestors that raw food, as a medicine, simply does not exist.

Advice to beginner naturopaths: before starting a raw food experiment, consult a doctor!

Raw food products

Products of raw food

Although, in this regard, even a doctor may be mistaken. The best doctor is your body. Listen to it. After all, if the body "is silent", and does not suggest that the "fashionable" and "effective" diet is necessary for him, then everything can end very sadly. You can recall the example of the famous Russian actor Saveliy Kramarov. There is a version that his early death is directly related to raw food.

There must be a measure in everything! Raw food should not be a way of life, only in this case, a person can take away from himself a huge threat. Doctors say that food should be necessarily thermally processed.

Only in this case, the food is better absorbed and it is safe. There is no risk of "getting" poisoning from toxin and helminthiosis. Although, tourists with great pleasure eat a serving - the second sushi in Japanese.

Meat, if it is raw, can be infected with foot-and-mouth disease, spongiform encephalitis, brucellosis and other, and other things. Raw eggs are quite often infected with salmonella. A protein, if boiled, much better absorbed by the body. In addition, the minimal risk will become infected by infection.

Products, in our time, eat raw is just dangerous! Soils are depleted. The land is not fertile. And the "whims" of the climate "revive" new and new pests, as well as diseases of cultures. A high yield is obtained only when crops and land are treated with pesticides and various fertilizers. Therefore, the raw food vendors, who are ready to chew the potatoes in their raw form, expose themselves to the risk of poisoning. In addition, there are vegetables that can easily be poisoned raw, and boiled or stewed, they have an excellent taste, for example, eggplant.

Such heat treatment as stewing, cooking, baking or cooking a dish increases not only the digestibility of the product, but also preserves vitamins and enzymes in it, and most importantly, destroy nitrates in the product.

And if nevertheless, raw food attracts you, then it is better to use this method of losing weight by eating a few servings of salad from raw vegetables and fruits a day.

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