Diets with different forms of gastritis

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Gastritis is considered to be one of the most common diseases in the world. To alleviate the condition of patients, a special diet for gastritis has been developed. We'll tell you about it today. In the event that you have gastritis, you need a diet that will lower the activity of gastric juice. Such a diet with gastritis will be based on 3 principles to ensure the necessary conditions for health.

soybean soup with gastritis 3 principles of the diet for gastritis

1 principle - mechanical conditions: it is necessary to remove food with fibrous coarse fiber, such as turnip, radish, rutabaga, muesli, stiff meat and, alas, bread with bran. It is also absolutely necessary to exclude frying in oil.
2 principle - chemical conditions: it is necessary to avoid such products that excite gastric secretion - carbonated water, alcohol, citrus and citrus juice, black bread, coffee, strong broths and white cabbage.
3 principle - thermal conditions: can not eat either very cold or very hot food. The normal food temperature should range from 15 to 60 degrees. The simple fact is that hot and cold food irritates the esophagus, especially since cold food is delayed for a long time in the stomach.

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Composition of diet products for gastritis

In the diet of a person who wants to lose weight and create the best conditions for their stomach should include the following products:
- lean meat, best rabbit meat or chicken without skin. Lamb, duck and goose are removed from the diet;
- river fish and seafood( shrimp, crabs);
- eggs, but only in the form of protein omelets.
- different cereals, but the best option is oatmeal and / and buckwheat;
- milk;
- some vegetables and fruits that are allowed. For example, pumpkin, zucchini, spinach, green peas, asparagus, tomatoes without peel, beets, carrots, green onions and lettuce, parsley, dill, various sweet berries( raspberries, strawberries, strawberries), soft fruits in grated or cooked. Brown wild rice, which is supposedly the basis of every diet, unfortunately, there is no.

Diet for gastritis with increased and decreased acidity.

If you have gastritis with high acidity, it is necessary to refuse categorically from fermented milk products( yogurt, cottage cheese) and skimmed milk, white wheat flour, chocolate, baking, sugar. But get on a diet with gastritis and do not consume carbohydrates, either, as they are the main source of energy for our body.

Diet for gastritis with low acidity:

It is necessary to eat meat only rabbit meat with a small amount of beef, fruits( not coarse apples, pears, preferably baked in the oven) and vegetables( carrots, broccoli, cauliflower) must be eaten only during the main receptionfood, an excellent stimulator of secretion is carbonated or mineral water, all the pieces must be thoroughly chewed( 25-30 seconds each), each meal should last no more than 30 minutes. Discontinued products in the case of qietas with a gastritis with a low acidity will be the same products as in a diet with gastritis with high acidity, it is also worth giving up cigarettes.
In both cases in the diet of a diet with gastritis should be present protein-containing foods, do not forget about the vitamin-mineral complex, because in order for the protein to be absorbed, the body must be provided with vitamins, and most importantly - vitamin B6;you need to get rid of spices, you can leave only celery, parsley and dill. And it is desirable that, adhering to a diet with gastritis, you should take the last meal 4 hours before bedtime.

The main provisions of the diet for gastritis

When gastritis with any acidity, the food should be fractional( doctors recommend eating 6 times a day, but in small portions).Each piece of food should be thoroughly chewed - it is necessary to do at least 20 chewing movements. From the diet it is necessary to exclude hot, cold, fried, salted, fatty and spicy food. To improve the condition, it is recommended to regularly eat vegetable juices: potato, carrot and cabbage( or their mixture in equal proportions).
It is important to know that concentrated juices reduce acidity, and diluted in a proportion of 1:10 - increase it. For the best effect, you need to drink juice on an empty stomach, alternating them with infusions of medicinal herbs.

Patients with gastritis can use honey and bee products. They have a regenerating, anti-inflammatory and restorative effect. With increased acidity, it is worth paying attention to the warm aqueous solution of natural honey, consumed 1.5-2 hours before the meal. A cold solution of honey, drunk before meals, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect has other products of beekeeping - propolis and royal jelly.

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