Bitterness in the mouth with food, and after: causes and remedies

Bitterness in the mouth

Bitterness in the mouth

Sometimes it happens that we experience bitterness in the mouth with food or after eating. And if such a situation is observed repeatedly, acquires a permanent character, then a number of questions arise naturally. In such cases, it is important to establish the cause, which caused the appearance of bitterness, as a matter of priority. And after that it will be possible to determine how to eliminate this bitterness.

Table of contents:

  1. Reasons for bitterness
  2. What diseases can be?
  3. How to avoid unpleasant bitterness?

Reasons for the bitterness of

The causes of bitterness are food

Reasons for bitterness - food

So, what can cause bitterness in the mouth? First of all, it can cause the properties of food you eat. So, lovers of pine nuts should know that these nuts have, among other things, choleretic effect. Similarly, some other products act, for example, this applies to all other types of nuts. True, the amount of bile secreted at their use is somewhat lower.

But back to the cedar nuts. They cause bitterness in the mouth after eating, a few hours or even a day after eating them. Therefore, in order to get rid of the bitterness caused by this kind of cause, you must either limit the amount of nuts consumed, or completely eliminate them from the diet.

In addition to cedar nuts, bitterness can also be caused by the abundant use of strong tea, spirits, chocolate, coffee, potatoes, flour products, wheat bread, pasta, fatty meat. All these products are best replaced simply by a large number of fruits, primarily citrus fruits, fresh vegetables, and buckwheat.

However, not only food causes bitterness. In this connection, the appearance of unpleasant sensations in cases when the products possessing cholagogic effect are not used, is a sufficient reason for seeking medical help. The reason may be that attention should be paid to the gall bladder or liver. Often you can meet the opinion that bitterness in the mouth after eating is not associated with liver disease, if the latter does not hurt, there is no increase in it, and if the skin does not turn yellow. However, this is an erroneous statement. There are cases when the development of pathology during the first period occurs practically without symptoms, since painful sensations occur only after the liver is enlarged in size. And this does not happen at the same time.

Incorrect work of internal organs

Incorrect work of internal organs

What else can cause bitterness in the mouth? Along with the bad work of the intestine, it should be called malfunctions in intestinal motility. Such a violation indicates that you need to review your diet, paying attention to the so-called heavy food. Smoked dishes, an abundance of spices, everything spicy, fried and salted enters this category. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to refuse the use of such products just before bedtime. Everyone knows that night time is characterized by a significant slowdown of all biological processes in our body, therefore, all organs and systems, including the digestive system, need rest. The use of heavy food a few hours before sleep causes stagnation in the intestine.

At first, after giving up night meals, you may feel some discomfort, because the situation will become unusual. However, our body itself will naturally rebuild to a new regime.

In addition to the above circumstances, the causes of the appearance of bitterness may be different. For example, malfunctions in the functioning of taste buds, called dysgeusia, are characterized by an unpleasant bitter taste in the mouth, which is felt constantly. Hence, something caused a disturbance in the sensations of taste.

Our receptors allow us to distinguish between salty, sweet, sour and, of course, bitter tastes. Some people perceive a predominantly bitter taste. The reason for this is an increased content of phenylthiocarbamide. There are also those who moderately feel a bitter taste or do not perceive it at all. Our taste is directly dependent on age. So, a newborn can count about 10 thousand different taste buds. However, with age, there is a decrease in their number. So it turns out that adults and the elderly are much better than the kids endure the intensity of tastes.

Acid reflux

Acid Reflux

Also, bitterness in the mouth occurs immediately after a person has gone sick, and even with acid reflux. The constant feeling of bitterness is due to pregnancy or the use of certain antibiotics. Often the feeling of bitterness is experienced by smokers. Finally, to cause bitterness can damage the nose or mouth.

It is noteworthy that the appearance of bitterness in the mouth can be associated with stress conditions.

In any case, when there is a stable bitterness, it is very important to consult a doctor, since it can be a serious illness. Let's consider as much as possible the full list of possible problems with health at which bitterness can be observed.

What diseases can be?

So, bitterness in the mouth is accompanied by the following diseases:

  1. Acid reflux. Those who suffer from this disease, there is such a situation: gastric juice reaches the upper part of the esophagus, proving to be in the throat and in the oral cavity. As a result, the person is tormented by bitterness both in the process of food intake and immediately after it. The emergence and development of reflux can be caused by overeating or active use of fatty and spicy food. Also, one of the factors that characterize acid reflux may be an incorrect determination of food intervals. Then, bitterness is also added to heartburn, increased gas production and bad breath;
  2. Dental problems. They often cause bitterness in the mouth. An example of such problems may be sore gums, gingivitis, etc. And still such situation is possible, that the person possesses the raised sensitivity in relation to components of the established seal. Therefore, if bitterness is detected immediately after your tooth has been sealed, inform your dentist about it. And if he finds out that the reason lies precisely in the composite materials of the seal, then there is a possibility that he will re-do everything;
    Hormonal changes in the body

    Hormonal changes in the body

  3. Hormonal transformation. Bitterness in the mouth with food in many cases is a companion of pregnancy. This is explained by the hormonal changes taking place in the body, primarily due to the level of estrogen. In addition to pregnancy, bitterness can also be caused by malfunctions in the production of hormones;
  4. Metal poisoning. In situations of poisoning with mercury, lead or copper, there is always a feeling of bitterness in the mouth. In such cases it is very important to be attentive and responsible: the appearance of bitterness immediately after interaction with mercury is the basis for immediate application for medical assistance. Otherwise, the most negative consequences are possible, since mercury is very toxic;
    Non-compliance with oral hygiene

    Non-compliance with oral hygiene

  5. Non-compliance with oral hygiene. The occurrence of bitterness can be the result of insufficient care of teeth, their careless cleaning. The fact is that violation of the rules of hygiene entails an even more intense multiplication of all kinds of microorganisms. So do not neglect the rule about the need to brush your teeth at least twice a day. In addition, it is important to consider the probability of accumulation of bacteria in the spaces between the teeth, so it is recommended to occasionally, but still use dental floss;
  6. Acidosis. This disease is known to many as a violation of the acid-base balance in the body. Acidosis is characterized by the appearance of bitterness in the mouth after eating, the skin acquires a grayish hue, the tongue becomes covered with a white coating. Additional symptoms are frequent muscle pains that occur after physical activity of any kind, and chronic fatigue;


  7. Cholecystitis. This disease is characterized by inflammation of the gallbladder, which invariably entails the appearance of a bitter taste in the mouth. Additional symptoms may be pain on the right side, dry mouth, vomiting bile, fever. This is the course of acute cholecystitis. Dyspepsia is also possible, i.e.constipation or, conversely, diarrhea in conjunction with a yellow touch on the tongue, irritability and insomnia.
  8. Other diseases. Other diseases that can occur in the form of bitterness in the mouth include jaundice, diabetes, kidney malfunction, and cancer.

How to avoid unpleasant bitterness?

We have already mentioned the need to exclude from the daily diet of sharp, fried, smoked dishes, as well as the desired cessation of late meals. To establish the true cause, which caused the occurrence of bitterness in the mouth, you need ultrasound examination of the abdominal organs, as well as gastroscopy. In cases where bitterness is caused by diseases of a dental nature, it is important to consult a specialist in a timely manner and carefully monitor dental hygiene.

In the fight against stress, not only sedatives will be effective, but also calming plant collections. In addition, along with the elimination of bitterness, such funds will contribute to the normalization of the general psychoemotional state.

Fresh juices

Freshly squeezed juices

The use of freshly squeezed juices is very beneficial. First of all, we are talking about vegetable juices: potato, carrot, juices, squeezed out of greens. Among fruit, special attention should be paid to tangerine and orange. It is important to follow the basic rule: all juices must be freshly squeezed and natural. The fact is that only such juices cause increased salivation, and also have a positive effect on the general condition of the body due to the rich vitamin complex.

Along with juices, due attention should be paid to the abundant use of liquids in general. This will entail an effective cleansing of the body of toxins and wastes, which accumulate and load the liver and the activities of all other systems. Therefore, it is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water every day. You can also drink various broths: from rose hips, viburnum, mint or currant.

In addition, there are effective folk remedies that relieve bitterness in the mouth. Note, however, that the following agents can be used only in the absence of problems with the liver and stomach.

So, it is possible to use the following recipes:

  • Treatment of bitterness in the mouth

    Treatment of bitterness in the mouth

  • Decoction of flax seed. Having carefully insisted such a decoction, you should use it twice a day for 1 glass;
  • Calendula tincture. Cook it in the following ratio: 10 g of marigolds per glass of water. During the day must be drunk not less than a liter of tincture;Sunflower-seed oil. It is used to rinse the mouth together with manganese. Initially, rinse the oral cavity with oil, spit it and start rinsing with manganese;
  • Plants with choleretic effect. These include corn stigmas, as well as rose hips. The use of these plants will help to get rid of bitterness in the mouth;
  • Juice made from carrots, celery and parsley. To make it, mix a glass of carrot juice, 150 ml of celery juice and 60 ml of juice squeezed from parsley.

As you can see, the whole range of causes causing bitterness in the mouth is quite extensive. Unpleasant taste sensations can be caused by a variety of factors, so establishing the true cause of the phenomenon acts as one of the most important steps in the first stage. Obviously, to ignore the unexpectedly emerging feeling of bitterness should not be, because this can lead to untimely treatment of a disease. Therefore at the first signs of the considered phenomenon it is recommended nevertheless to address to the doctor.

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