Lose weight according to the American system

Lose weight on the American system

The main problem of Americans is obesity, with which they have been actively fighting for several decades. The modern rhythm of life does not allow a person to eat normally, as a rule, he only has breakfast, and then a full snack. And snacks are not fruits and vegetables, and fast foods, which are the cause of excess fat deposits.

American dieticians have tried for many years to develop a nutrition program that would help their fellow citizens overcome excess weight, while not starving at all( after all, as you know, Americans are very fond of eating and eating tightly).And now, a few years later, the American diet for weight loss, which has already helped to normalize the weight of more than a thousand people.

What is the essence of the American diet?

The essence of the American diet is to minimize the use of high-calorie food and spices( salt, pepper, sugar, etc.).High-calorie foods promote the formation of fat cells, and spices reduce the metabolic process in the body, leading to weight gain in one pore, that is, a person, even on a strict diet, will not be able to lose weight or it will leave very slowly.

The American diet has no time limits. If you like it, then you can take it as the basis of life and eat under this program until the end of your days. In a day you need to eat 5 times( first breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner), no more, no less. However, the last meal should take place no later than 17:00, otherwise the diet will not bring any results.

Menu of the American diet

The menu of the American diet consists of low-calorie foods.

For this diet there are two variants of breakfast ( they can be alternated):

1 variant : boiled soft boiled eggs, no more than 2 pieces + toast with jam or butter + citrus fruits.

2 variant : diet flakes + 1 banana.

The American diet also includes the second breakfast of .It is necessary to ensure that the feeling of hunger for dinner is not "raged".For the second breakfast you can eat a few slices of cheese of solid varieties, drink one glass of yogurt or eat yogurt.

Lunch , as in any diet, should include meat or fish. Cook them must be steamed or baked in foil, while you need to use a minimum of salt and spices. Also mandatory is the use of a vegetable salad dressed with olive oil or natural yoghurt. Also mandatory is to eat after dinner ½ grapefruit.

Snack is also necessary, it is not necessary to exclude it, because you are very hungry for dinner. So, an afternoon snack is a snack, which can include fruits, vegetables, greens, kefir, cheese or cottage cheese.

Dinner includes a vegetable salad, seasoned with olive oil or natural yoghurt, boiled potatoes "in uniform" or rice, but not more than 50 g. You can also eat lean sausages, ham or fish baked in foil with lemon juice. And also ½ grapefruit.

The American diet is not suitable for those who want to lose weight sharply. Weight, thanks to it, goes away gradually, about 0.5 kg per week. And for those who want to lose weight fast, American nutritionists have developed two more nutrition systems: a roller coaster diet and a diet of American astronauts.

Diet roller coaster

American roller coaster diet

The roller coaster diet is based on confusing the body and preventing it from getting used to a new diet, which causes the metabolism process to accelerate, and the extra pounds are simply concealed.

There is no such menu for this diet. It is made by himself losing weight from the calculation of the allowed kilocalories per day. So, your caloric intake should change every three days. For example:

  • 1 - 3 day - no more than 600 kcal per day;
  • 4 - 6 day - not more than 900 kcal per day;
  • 7 - 9 day - not more than 1200 kcal per day.

Then the amount of calories per day again decreases to 600 kcal and begins to rise every three days. The result is minus 6 - 7 kg per month.

We recommend that you view the following video, we hope it will be useful to you:

American astronauts' diet

The American astronaut diet is another unique nutrition program, adhering to which you can easily change your figure in just a month.

The principle of its work is to minimize the use of carbohydrates per day. After all, as you know, it is carbohydrates that contribute to a set of excess weight. American dieticians have developed a special table, in which each product is awarded points. Find it on the Internet for you will not be difficult.

So, in order to lose weight you need to eat in such a way that the daily number of points does not exceed 40. This will help you get rid of 8 kg of excess weight per month. And to maintain the results, your daily diet should not exceed 60 points. If you on the contrary suffer from underweight, then your diet should be more than 60 points.

Now you know how Americans, even despite the large number of establishments where fast food is cooked, manage to keep their weight in the norm. Now your turn has come to shape yourself!

And you can learn about the results of American diets from the following video: