Distortion of the cervical spine, lumbar and thoracic

  • Causes of
  • Species
  • Clinical picture
  • Diagnostic study
  • Treatment measures
  • Prevention measures
  • Exercises
  • Complications

Distortion is a spinal injury that does not violate its functions and does not move the vertebrae, but is accompanied by rupture of the ligamentous apparatus. Most often there is a distortion of the cervical region, this is due to the fact that the vertebrae of other sections are not so mobile and tightly connected.

Reasons for the emergence of

Factors that provoke the development of an ailment are not so many:

  • physical exercises: gymnastics, wrestling, jumping;
  • sharp lifting of heavy objects;
  • as a result, spine sagging. This may be due to improper sleeping position or too soft bed;
  • a sedentary lifestyle and, as a consequence, weakened muscles;
  • sharp turns of the head;
  • traffic accidents.

Trauma in children is much less common than in an adult, this is due to less physical activity.


By the location of the injury, the distortion is classified as follows:

  • cervical spine distortion;
  • lumbar disruption;
  • thoracic distortion.

The type of damage pathology can be of two types:

  • direct .Occurs as a result of careless twists, unbending, or flexing. The cause acts directly on the vertebral column;
  • indirect .The force of the impact is directly related to the occurrence of trauma. Occurs as a result of possible falls.
X-ray of the spine
Specialist diagnoses after exclusion of a history of dislocations and fractures

Clinical picture of

Symptoms and signs of the disease are the following complaints of patients that are found during the examination and collection of anamnesis:

  • tenderness in the damaged area;
  • in a damaged location is disturbed traffic;
  • severe edema in the area of ​​injury;
  • the pain becomes stronger during palpation.

Diagnostic study of

A patient examination includes the following:

  1. collecting anamnestic data about the patient: what he complains about, and also how the injury was received;
  2. thorough inspection. The doctor focuses his attention on the active and passive movements of the spine, the sensations that arise when feeling the damaged area, as well as the presence of puffiness;
  3. X-ray of the spine. In the presence of distortion, the integrity of the vertebrae is preserved, as well as their normal position;
  4. during the MRI, a ligation of the ligamentous apparatus is detected, as well as the presence of other damages.
Specialist will be able to conduct a comparative analysis with other diseases, which can not be done independently

Therapeutic measures

Treatment of the cervical spine is conservative and should be comprehensive. It includes the following:

  • bed rest for one month;
  • carrying out of medical massage. Improper manipulation can aggravate the condition, lead to increased pain and inflammation;
  • application of acupuncture. The method works on certain points of the spine. Performing acupuncture can only be a professional specialist;
  • the collar of Shantz. It helps to fix the most moving part of the spinal column. This helps to ensure a complete state of rest;
  • exercise therapy;
  • blockade with novocaine;
  • physiotherapy procedures.

Can not be delayed with treatment. As a rule, complications after pathology practically do not arise, nevertheless in the field of an injury can be disturbed aching pains, and also there can be headaches. They can occur if there is no adequate treatment.

Any disease is better to warn than to treat it. Therefore, in order to avoid the development of the disease in the future, it is necessary not only to remember the safety rules, but also to strictly observe them. Also, you must follow the rules of the road, this applies to both motorists and pedestrians.

After the patient has fully recovered, he should take care of himself and follow his movements. Lifting weights should be careful, thus all rules should be observed.

Distortion is a fairly easy trauma, but therapeutic measures should be given an important consideration.

SPA treatments
The back massage in case of distortion, conducted by a specialist, gives a good effect and speeds up the process of recovery

Before arriving of qualified specialists, you can do the following:

  • fixing the cervical spine with a bandage for the purpose of immobilization;
  • position the patient in a horizontal position on a hard surface;
  • under the neck put a cushion or pillow;
  • Immediate delivery to the hospital.

Prevention measures

In order for the disease not to become aggravated, it is necessary to control literally all of its movements. Turns of the head should be soft and neat, there should be no sudden movements.

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Adhere to the following recommendations:

  • back should be straight when doing exercise, look straight;
  • to start better to do squats, do not do slopes;
  • the cargo should be placed along the central part of the body;
  • it is impermissible to perform sharp and intensive movements;
  • the cargo that has been moved should be placed, and then the movements should be performed in the reverse order;
  • lifting should be slow and smooth.

It is worth paying attention to the condition of your mattress. It should be moderately mild, but rather hard. You should also monitor the position of your pillow. It should not be too soft and should not be too high above the bed.


Performing simple exercises will prevent the occurrence of relapses:

  • tilt the chin forward;
  • slowly tilting the head back;
  • inclination of the head in both directions: in the right and left;
  • Perform circular circular movements of the head, first to one side of the direction, and then to the other.

Complications of

With timely and competent treatment, the pathology is almost not complicated in any way. Sometimes aching pain may appear, but this is again associated with improper treatment.

Apparently, the distortion is not such a terrible ailment. The disease is treatable. Do not overstress the treatment of a specialist, take care of your health!

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