Oak bark as a remedy for excessive sweating

Excessive sweating can greatly spoil the mood of a person and leads to a whole series of troubles and inconveniences. Wet palms, a sharp smell of feet, as well as stains on clothes from wet armpits for many becomes a real problem. All sorts of deodorants and various antiperspirants can only relieve the discomfort for a while, while few know that some folk recipes help to cope with sweating much more effectively. One such tool is the oak bark that a person has been using to solve this problem for many decades .

Useful properties of the oak bark

Due to the fact that the oak bark has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic effect, it is often used for medical purposes and cosmetology. It consists of elements such as tannins, acids, pectin substances that affect the sweat glands and normalize their work .In addition, the numerous oak and resinous substances in the oak bark prevent sweating on the hands, legs and armpits.

In absolutely healthy adults, sweat glands secrete an average of 300 to 800 milliliters of sweat daily. At physical exertion and in extreme heat this index increases to 1.5 liters.

In most cases, it is used in the form of decoctions, sometimes in a dry form. In addition, in combination with other natural components, the efficiency of the oak cortex is significantly increased. The finished product can be purchased at pharmacies, but many prefer to dry it on their own. When treating with preparations made from oak bark, you should observe regularity and bring the course of therapy to the end.

Oak bark

Oak bark can be combined with other components, getting even more effective tool

Folk recipes from sweating

The most common folk remedy for excessive sweating is the decoction from the bark of oak .For its preparation, take five spoons of crushed dry bark and fill them in an enamel pot with water. Further, all this is brought to a boil, boiled for thirty minutes, cooled and filtered. Ready-made broth several times a day rinsed underarms, and also make lotions on all problem areas. The course of treatment, as a rule, is one month.

A decoction prepared on the basis of oak bark and lemon juice will quickly and effectively get rid of sweating. First, five spoons of oak bark should be boiled for thirty minutes and cooled. After that, lemon juice is added to the broth. The remedy rubs all the problem areas on the body several times during the day. Before going to bed from the broth, you can make a compress, for which they need to soak gauze and apply for twenty minutes to the armpits, after which it is good to wash off with cool water.

Human sweat is almost 90 percent water, which does not smell. An unpleasant smell comes from the fact that sweat combines with bacteria that are vital in the upper layers of the skin.

If there is excessive sweating, then you can prepare a stronger tool .For this, it will be necessary to divide two hundred grams of crushed bark into two equal parts. From the first half, a decoction is prepared, the second part of the bark is put in glassware, a small amount of honey is added and mixed thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained. For treatment, first use a decoction, which wipes all the problem areas, after which they apply paste from the bark and honey. After enduring thirty minutes, it is necessary to wash everything thoroughly with water. The course of treatment is approximately two weeks.

A decoction made from willow bark and oak will effectively cope with the sweatiness of the feet. It is necessary to take two spoons of oak bark and one spoon with willow. All these ingredients are thoroughly mixed together and boiled for ten minutes. Then the remedy is cooled and filtered through gauze. In the prepared broth, keep your feet about twenty minutes. If the procedure is done daily, then a positive effect, as a rule, occurs within a month.

It should be remembered that in the treatment of sweating the bark of oak can cause a burning sensation and itching. In this case, you must stop the procedure and seek the help of a specialist. However, this skin reaction is extremely rare and in most cases, the oak bark helps to cope with profuse perspiration without negative consequences.