Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder joint( shoulder): how to treat, symptoms

  • Reasons for
  • Stages of inflammation
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  • Methods of struggle
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  • What can I do at home?
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Joint diseases bring tremendous discomfort, particularly severe pain and limited mobility, and an adhesive capsulitis is no exception.

First let's talk about the etiology of the development of this problem.

Reasons for

Adhesive capsulitis is also called a "frozen shoulder".This is due to the fact that the process so affects the shoulder joint, that it becomes completely immobile. In case of inaction, the process is unfavorable, up to disability.

It was not possible to establish exactly the causes that cause the capsulitis of the shoulder joint, and could not be established. Nevertheless, experts know the factors that contribute to the development of pathology, among them:

  • frequent injuries and joint trauma;
  • disturbances from metabolic processes;
  • elevated blood sugar;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • hormonal imbalance, in particular the climacteric period;
  • professional features( if you need to keep your hands in a raised position);
  • on the background of cardiovascular diseases( heart attack, stroke) or as a result of heart surgery;
  • inflammation in cartilage or joints.
Shoulder Capsules
The disease can occur for several years, and in some cases, the arm's mobility is not restored at all

The stages of the inflammatory process

The adhesive capsulitis manifests itself in different ways, depending on the stage of its development:

  1. in the first stage of the , severe soreness appears in the shoulder. Pain has the property to increase due to physical exertion. This stage can last for six months or even longer;
  2. in the second stage of the , pain tolerance is attached to the soreness. The hand of such patients can not rise high, but the elbow and the hand are not involved in the inflammatory process. Speaking about the duration of this stage, it is impossible to say unambiguously. Everything depends on the timeliness and literacy of the treatment;
  3. the third stage of , unlike the previous ones, can please, as this is the period of recovery that comes with the effectiveness of therapeutic therapy.

Apparently, an adhesive capsulitis is a serious enough disease that can not be delayed.

Clinical picture

The shoulder joint capsule has the characteristic symptoms, which include:

  • severe pain that occurs even at night, disturbing sleep;
  • limited motor activity;
  • the patient can not rotate the hand inside;
  • symptoms may appear for no apparent reason, it occurs gradually and spontaneously;
  • without painkillers, shoulder pain does not go away.


This pathology study includes the following:

  • examination by a specialist. When palpation, soreness of certain points of the shoulder is detected;
  • clinical tests;
  • simple tasks will help to identify the amount of traffic. The patient is asked to take both hands by the head, place his hands on the waist, and maximally take them away from the torso;
  • ultrasound;
  • X-ray;
  • MRI.
The doctor examines the shoulder of the patient
An experienced physician does not need expensive methods for determining pathology. It is enough for him to examine the contours of the shoulder joint. In this area, the muscle thins and sinks

Methods of fighting

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Symptoms and treatment are closely interrelated. Even with the appearance of a characteristic picture, indicating the presence of pathology, it is important immediately to begin to treat it.

Treatment depends on the stage of the process. If the treatment was started in the first few months after the onset of the disease and before the onset of clinical symptoms, it usually gives good results and includes the following procedures:

  • physiotherapy;
  • holding blockades directly into the joint;
  • therapy with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

If an expanded clinical picture has already appeared, then often the above measures are modest. When the symptomatology subsides and the body is on the mend, the complex of all these measures is more effective, as it is aimed at increasing the volume of joint movements and reducing painful sensations.

The mechanism of disease development is still something mysterious for scientists, yet methods of struggle are found, and they have already proved their effectiveness.


Exercises should be aimed at relieving fatigue and stress. The following complex will help maintain muscle tone, as well as prevent the appearance of pain:

  • alternate head inclinations sideways;
  • head turns into the hand wallpaper;
  • shoulders: lifting, lowering;
  • inflating the muscles of the neck. In the prone position you need to raise and hold the head as much as possible.
Gymnastics for the shoulder joint
A simple gymnastics for the neck and shoulder will help stretch the muscles.

It is not recommended for neck swelling to make circular motions with your head. All exercises should be done slowly and without sudden movements.

What can I do at home?

Consider proven and reliable ways that contribute to the health of the shoulder:

  • keep emotional calm. Stressful situations can provoke muscle spasm and the appearance of seizures. In addition, anxiety states contribute to faster muscle fatigue;
  • proper breathing;
  • correct posture when working at the computer. To sit it is necessary directly in a convenient pose;
  • correctly hold the phone. Some people used to hold the device between the ear and the shoulder joint. This is wrong, since it can lead to the development of pain in the shoulder joint;
  • water balance. Muscles will be less tired if a person drinks enough water.
Shock Wave Therapy
Shockwave therapy - an excellent method of combating the capsulitis of the shoulder

Traditional medicine

In addition to traditional medicine, a good effect is provided by folk remedies:

  • compresses. A quick result is dimexide, but it can not be applied at an acute stage;
  • laser therapy;
  • ultrasound;
  • reflexotherapy;
  • flat cakes made of blue clay. Unheated clay can be applied for several hours;
  • bath with cyclamen tubers;
  • paraffin or wax applications;
  • ointment from burdock root mixed with butter;
  • mixture( camphor, mustard, vodka, egg white).The healing mixture must be rubbed into the joint every day;
  • infusion from the root of ayr, St. John's wort, hawthorn, melissa, pine kidney, eucalyptus, violet. The filtered infusion should be taken daily for a month.

Before treatment with folk remedies, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

So, an adhesive capsulitis is a serious opponent in the struggle for health, which brings a lot of inconveniences and unpleasant sensations. Nevertheless, it is possible to win it if you turn to a doctor in time and do your health.

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