Nail coating Shellac( shellac).My feedback. A photo. Advantages and disadvantages.

Today I want to talk about the coating of Shellac nails( shellac).There are many disputes on this topic on the Internet, for and against. But everyone has his own opinion and his own successful or unsuccessful experience. I am writing your review. I started to shellak my nails last year, and then, from case to case. I met the master of manicure, I was immediately struck by her work. On how much she does everything neatly and beautifully, very much tries. I visited different salons, but so I have not done a manicure. Degreases the nails, sprinkles on the hands of a disinfectant. After manicure, he lubricates the cuticle with oil, puts cream on his hands and does massage. And all this for the amount that other masters take, without doing what she does. Varnishes are always fresh, as she constantly buys new ones. After reading negative reviews about shellac coating, I did not risk to cover this nail polish.

But still I decided to try. In general, shellac keeps on the nails for about 2 weeks. But the master, from whom I do a manicure, told me that you can walk for 4 weeks. I do not know what features it all depends on, but shellac keeps it exactly 4 weeks. I do a manicure, my nails are short. Plus shellac coating. There are chipped, of course, for 4 weeks already, but I paint them at home with a usual varnish, and then with a colorless varnish.

Nail coating Shellac( shellac).My feedback. A photo. Advantages and disadvantages.

Regarding the removal of the coating, it is better to visit the salon, although they say that shellac can be removed from the nail with an ordinary liquid for removing varnish, but with acetone. You need to remove shellac with an orange stick. I tried. As a result, I burned my cuticle and treated it for a week, that's my unfortunate experience. It's better to go to the master, let shellac take it off. But, this is just my experience.

Here is my nail design for the holidays, photo made with phone, varnish with sparkles. Snowflakes are stickers, in the center of a small snowflake is a rhinestone.

The varnish lasted 4 weeks and this, moreover, that I cook, clean, wash. But, there was a small chipping only on one nail, I painted it with blue lacquer.

Here is a shellac coating I had in the fall, this color is very bright and beautiful "cold raspberry", he is my favorite. The photo is also made with the phone, so, sorry for the quality.

For me, covering the nails with shellac is convenient and practical, the nails always look very beautiful, the lacquer is very shiny and overflows.

Probably it all depends on the master, I was at many masters, but now I only go to one master. How much a person loves his work, does everything with love. It is visible and felt. And we all know how important this is. She does everything with a soul, I have a lot of friends ask her phone and evaluate the accuracy, and the beauty of the work.

Fly the fly in the ointment. The nails after shellac were thin, very broken, I took off the cover. You just need to cut your nails shortly, otherwise your nails just break and break. Last year I took off the cover in the summer. We were at sea and my nails became stronger, no longer flaking and breaking. How to strengthen the nails, you can read in the article "How to strengthen the brittle nails."

As explained to me by my master, gel lac shellak, one of the best compositions for manicure. The composition includes both lacquer and gel, which combines the advantages of both products. You can use shellac both independently and with the master to create the perfect manicure.

Before applying this product, there is no need for an additional "cut" of the nail plate, which does not injure the nail. Plus, the varnish dries in an ultraviolet lamp for one minute or two. The surface of the nail is perfectly smooth, smooth and shiny. Nails look quite natural. Lacquer is odorless, so it does not discomfort neither the master nor the customer.

Plus you can make shellac French manicure. It looks gently and beautifully, it's only 2 weeks that keeps on the nails, and then "it's chipped".The master himself warns about this, so everyone decides for himself. A monochrome coating is more practical. Plus gel varnish with small glitter, as the master claims, lasts 3-4 weeks. And everything depends on the lacquer itself, fresh varnish and expired two big differences. Well, of course the master.

In any case, everyone decides himself about the coating of nails with shellac and each person can have their own opinion on this. I wrote my review. And your opinion, you can leave in the comments.