Diseases of the elbow joint: the most common diseases of the elbow, their treatment

  • What diseases affect the elbow
  • What is epicondylitis
  • Inflammation of the elbow joint
  • What is tunnel ulnar syndrome
  • What other diseases affect the elbow joint
  • Joint injuries
  • Treatment
  • Folk methods of treatment

Elbow is a complex joint that is a junction of threebones. Because of this, and also because it is often subjected to a heavy load, there are many diseases that affect it. Diseases of the elbow joint are not a danger to the life of the patient, but can cause him a lot of inconvenience and suffering.

What diseases affect the elbow

Many people are concerned about pain in the elbow joint area. Some try to take them off with pills or folk remedies, believing that they just overworked. But there are diseases that, without proper treatment, lead to serious complications. Therefore it is advisable, if it hurts the elbow, to see a doctor for the correct diagnosis. In this area, such diseases can occur:

  • due to degenerative changes in cartilage and bone tissue, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, gout, chondrocalcinosis develops;
  • inflammatory diseases( arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, epicondylitis, fasciitis);
  • tunnel ulnar syndrome, neuritis and nerve root damage due to other diseases;
  • various injuries of the elbow joint.

What is epicondylitis

This is an inflammatory disease that occurs due to intense physical exertion. It occurs in athletes, in those who perform monotonous hard work. This disease is most often in people older than 35 years old, but young people can suffer from it, for example, after trauma. And old people and patients with osteoporosis encounter epicondylitis even after small loads.

Inflammation and pain in the elbow may occur in representatives of such professions:

  • masseurs;
  • carpenters;
  • athletes tennis players, golfers, weightlifters and others;
  • artists and painters;
  • of agricultural workers.
Pain in the elbow joint
Inflammation and pain in the elbow may occur due to muscle and ligament damage

Epicondylitis is characterized by the defeat of muscles and ligaments, usually on one arm, which is subjected to great stress. Unlike other diseases of the elbow joint, it is characterized by such features:

  • elbow hurts only with exercise, at rest, the patient does not bother;
  • mainly pain occurs when the joint is bent or unbent;
  • decreases muscle tone, the hand can not hold some objects;
  • the appearance of the joint does not change;
  • at night the pain appears rarely.

Often the disease acquires a chronic form, periodically exacerbated after exercise. She can give in the forearm and even a brush. If the treatment is not carried out for a long time, the inflammation of the ligaments can spread to other tissues and cause, for example, bursitis.

Inflammation of the elbow joint

If the inflammation develops in the joint or near it, it can be understood by such symptoms:

  • swelling and reddening of soft tissues;
  • severe aching pain, independent of physical activity and often occurs at night;
  • limitation of the mobility of the hand.
Bursitis of the elbow joint
Bursitis - inflammation of the elbow process, it can be recognized by the formation of cones on the elbow

Depending on where the inflammation is localized, several diseases of the elbow joint can be distinguished.

  • Bursitis of the ulnar process occurs most often on one arm. Its cause can be a traumatic effect on the outer part of the joint. After bruises, constant pressure on the elbow inflammation synovial bag of the joint. Recognize the disease can be the formation of a painful tumor in this place.
  • Arthritis affects most often both elbow joints. The disease usually develops suddenly, edema develops, pain appears. It intensifies in the morning. Most often this place is affected by rheumatoid arthritis, associated with a violation of the immune system. At the same time the disease develops gradually and acquires a chronic form.
  • Elbow tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendons. It occurs often as a complication of other diseases.

What is Tunnel Elbow Syndrome

The main ulnar nerve passes through the joint cavity. Sometimes it is jammed between the tissues of bones and ligaments. This is due to injury or after periodic nerve compression during exercise.

The most common causes of tunnel syndrome are the wrong position of the hand when working at the computer, the long use of armrests when driving a car or working behind a machine. This neuropathy can occur when swelling of tissues due to an inflammatory disease.

Symptoms of the disease are "shooting" pain, which often extends to the entire forearm, numbness and tingling in the fingers. Often there is weakness or atrophy of the muscles of the hand. The patient can not hold objects, clench his fingers in a fist. Numbness and paresis can affect almost half of the brush from the little finger. In some cases, the hand resembles a clawed paw, because the fingers are forced to spread out.

To treat a disease is difficult, often requires surgery. Conservative therapy is possible in the early stages, when sensitivity is not yet impaired. Apply NSAIDs, remedies that reduce edema, improve metabolism and blood circulation. An important component of the treatment is exercise therapy, you must avoid unnecessary strain on the joint.

Often, the tunnel syndrome leads to a complete loss of efficiency of the hand. Therefore, it is important to follow measures to prevent nerve infringement: do not allow prolonged exposure of objects to the elbow area, perform regular exercises to strengthen the muscles.

Epicondylitis of elbow
Elbow pain can occur due to muscle, ligament or ulnar nerve injury

What other diseases affect the elbow joint

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  1. Very rarely, the elbow is affected by arthrosis only if the degenerative processes in the late stage affected all the joints of the body. This often happens in old age. With arthrosis, the volume of synovial fluid decreases, ligaments and cartilaginous tissue are affected. Therefore, during movement, there is pain, stiffness, a noticeable deformation, a crunch is heard.
  2. Chondrocalcinosis is characterized by the deposition of calcium salts in the joint. The usual treatment with such a disease is ineffective, it can only relieve the symptoms. You can remove crystals only by rinsing the joint cavity.
  3. Gout rarely affects the elbows, but it does happen. It is a disease of the deposition of uric acid salts, which cause severe pain, swelling and redness.
  4. Pain in the joints of the hands can be caused by diseases and injuries of the spine, in which nerve fibers are damaged. It can be fractures, hernia, osteochondrosis. As a result of these diseases, the biceps muscle is atrophied and mobility in the elbow joint is impaired.

Injury to the joint

This is the most severe lesion of the elbow. They are often accompanied by damage to nerves and blood vessels. These can be bruises, dislocations of the elbow joint, fractures of the bones that make up it, rupture or stretching of the tendons, muscles. All diseases associated with injuries cause severe pain, especially when moving, often there are joint deformities, swelling of the tissues, hematoma.

Even after normal elbow bruises complications are possible. In the joint fluid can accumulate, develops arthrosis. Sometimes the function of muscles and ligaments is disturbed, and it is very difficult to restore them completely.

According to statistics, the most common injury of the upper limbs is the dislocation of the elbow joint. It happens due to the fact that this is the most complex compound, formed by three bones. They are all rather thin, so a dislocation is always accompanied by a fracture of one of them. In this case, ligaments, muscles and nerves are often damaged.

Injury of the elbow joint
Injuries to the elbow cause severe pain, swelling and bruising

Treatment of

Common symptoms of all diseases of the elbow joint are pain, stiffness in movement, sometimes swelling. Therefore, the treatment is basically the same. It should be aimed at reducing inflammation and pain, restoring mobility and regenerating damaged tissues. You can treat the ulnar joint diseases by such methods:

  • Cold compress or ice will help relieve pain and swelling. Apply it for no more than 30 minutes.
  • Ensuring the immovability of the joint. If this is difficult to do, you need to use an elastic bandage or a special orthosis.
  • Use of ointments and creams with anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective action. It can be "Nyz", "Voltaren", "Diclofenac", "Nimesulid."NSAIDs can also be taken orally.
  • With many diseases prescribe the reception of funds that improve blood supply, restore bone tissue, normalizing metabolism. Injections of B vitamins are made, preparations containing calcium are taken.
  • Physiotherapeutic procedures are also effective. Ultrasound, Bernard currents, phonophoresis, UHF, paraffin applications, massage, exercise therapy are used. Usually a course of 10 procedures is prescribed, in complex cases an individual treatment program is prepared.

In addition to these methods of therapy, a special treatment for elbow disease, which has been diagnosed in the patient, is mandatory. In case of trauma it is immobilization, with inflammations - NSAIDs, antibiotics, other drugs are also prescribed. Treatment is selected individually, depending on the characteristics of the patient's condition.

Ointment for elbow
Ointment with anti-inflammatory action will help relieve pain in the elbow joint

Folk methods of treatment

It is possible to remove joint pains with the help of folk recipes. But they can be used only in addition to the basic treatment prescribed by the doctor. What methods are the most effective:

  • can make baths with sea salt or coniferous broth;
  • rub the joint with tinctures of propolis, Kalanchoe or elecampane;
  • make compresses with blue clay;
  • rub the elbow with a mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar;
  • impose applications with celandine juice;
  • to take inside the broths of dandelion, calendula, sabelnik, St. John's wort, chamomile;
  • well relieves the pain of a pack of grated potatoes.

Diseases of the elbow joint cause serious inconvenience, as they block movements and cause pain. To avoid this, you need to eat right, protect the elbow from injury and in time to treat inflammation.

Pain in the elbow