Gastritis and nutrition: can I drink vodka with gastritis?

Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach that occurs most often due to the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Gastritis has many forms and varieties: with increased and decreased acidity, acute and chronic. Most often occurs chronic gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice.


  • 1 General information about gastritis
  • 2 Action of alcoholic drinks on the stomach
  • 3 Is it possible to drink alcohol with gastritis?
  • 4 Diet and inhibitions for gastritis

General information about gastritis

Chronic gastritis

Chronic gastritis is a lesion of the gastric mucosa.

Chronic gastritis differs from acute depth of lesion. With acute gastritis, inflammation is superficial, and in case of chronic gastritis it penetrates deeper. Acute gastritis is treated more quickly, and chronic is a series of remissions and relapses.

Chronic form of gastritis requires constant compliance with the diet, as any deviation from it can cause an attack and exacerbation of the disease. There is also an erosive gastritis, which is characterized by increased tendency to bleeding, rigorous gastritis accompanied by deformation of some parts of the stomach.

Patients noted pain in the abdomen, in the upper part, usually at night, in the morning or on an empty stomach, as well as nausea, less frequent vomiting, severe heartburn, belching and bad breath. Provoke a bout of gastritis can not only starve, but also alcohol, smoking, stress, fatty and spicy food, medications, mastrelated chewing food.

The gastroenterologist is engaged in the treatment of gastritis. He examines the stomach, prescribes tests and tests. People suffering from gastritis have to go through the FGS procedure. After the diagnosis is given, a diet and medication is prescribed. Treat gastritis is necessary. The acute form can go to the chronic, and then into the stomach ulcer and even cancer.

Patients are often interested in whether it is possible to drink vodka with gastritis. As a rule, a doctor is recommended to completely abandon alcohol at least for the time of exacerbation of the disease. But this issue has its own nuances. The effectiveness of treatment largely depends on the patient and his responsible approach to this issue. It is necessary to take medicines on time, follow a diet and get used to fractional nutrition, not allowing long starvation.

The patient should be careful about the drugs taken. Such a medicine, like aspirin, irritates the walls of the stomach, causing seizures. He is often prescribed for the treatment and prevention of thrombosis, but with gastritis should ask a doctor to change medicine.

It is necessary to read the instructions to all drugs, among the contraindications there should not be gastritis and other diseases of the stomach.

Action of alcoholic drinks on the stomach


Alcohol has a bad effect on the body.

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Everyone knows that alcohol has a negative effect on the whole body. Two-thirds of all people who abuse alcohol, suffer from various gastrointestinal diseases, among which gastritis is especially popular. Alcohol is not always a cause of gastritis, but it always provokes an exacerbation.

The composition of alcoholic beverages includes ethanol, which is actively absorbed, and then withdrawn. Absorbed almost 90% of ethanol, and only 10-12% is output. And it can be displayed for several days. At this time, the digestive system experiences overload, the food is absorbed worse than usual, the mucosa is in an irritated state. If there is already a gastritis, it is certainly aggravated, pains, spasms, heartburn begin.

Russian people are accustomed to drinking alcohol abundantly, with fatty meat, shish kebab, fish, smoked sausage, bacon, etc. Together, these two things lead to destructive processes in the stomach. Alcohol in large quantities inhibits the development of secrets, digestion worsens, and the ingestion of fatty foods in the stomach creates an additional burden. This may exacerbate not only gastritis, but also pancreatitis, duodenitis, etc. This does not mean that alcohol can not be snacked, but the snack should be right.

Sometimes people who are accustomed to regular use of alcohol are sure of the opposite, in that alcohol softens the symptoms, reduces inflammation. However, this is an erroneous opinion. Due to the fact that alcohol acts as an alkali and neutralizes the acidity of the gastric juice, it may seem that after taking alcohol it really gets easier.

But after a while, when the process of removing ethanol from the body begins, the gastritis will "talk" again. He will become aggravated, there will be strong pains, nausea, which mistakenly write off this for poisoning. Neutralization of the acid is a temporary phenomenon, then the gastric juice begins to be released in large quantities, irritating the stomach.

The question of what is harmful, vodka, beer, alcoholic cocktails, is only particular. However, doctors say: the stronger alcohol, the stronger the damage to the stomach. The rule that light alcohol is more destructive than strong alcohol, is effective only for diseases of the intestine. With regular intake of alcohol, gastritis quickly turns into an ulcer, which can bleed.

Can I drink alcohol with gastritis?

Action of alcohol

Drinking alcohol with gastritis is bad for the stomach.

The best option for chronic gastritis is to stop using any alcohol at all. But it's often not possible not to drink at all for a Russian person. Therefore, there are some rules and recommendations that do not guarantee harmless intake of alcohol, but will help reduce the toxic effect on the stomach:

  1. It is absolutely forbidden to drink sparkling wines and champagne, beer, cocktails, all fizzy, with aromatic and flavoring additives. In small doses, high-quality strong drinks are rarely allowed: cognac and vodka. It should be clarified that alcohol should be tested and quality and drink need rarely and a little, that is, on holidays 1-2 glasses.
  2. Despite this, doctors strongly recommend the maximum reduction in the use of vodka with gastritis.
  3. Do not drink on an empty stomach. Alcohol is absorbed faster, it irritates the stomach. But, as mentioned above, eating fatty foods is also not recommended. Better before drinking alcohol is a hot dish, preferably not fried and not fat.
  4. If after alcohol it became bad, gastritis worsened, do not immediately take medication. Drugs with alcohol are not compatible. The best way out is to rinse the stomach.
  5. You can consume a small amount of alcohol only during remission. During an exacerbation, you must refuse from any alcoholic beverages.
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There is an opinion that most gastroenterologists do not share. Munich scientists found that high-quality unfiltered beer favorably affects the stomach: disinfects, activates gastric juice, improves digestion, and hops removes toxic substances from the body. This opinion did not have time to become generally accepted, therefore it is not recommended to drink unfiltered beer with gastritis. In addition, it may be substandard or stale.

It is allowed in small doses to drink vermouth, cider. Drinks should be of high quality. They contain a small amount of alcohol and chemicals, so they will not do much harm if used sparingly. It is worth remembering that a rare use of alcohol in small doses does not cause significant harm, but still slows down recovery. Even a sip of light wine worsens the digestive capacity of the stomach several times.

It is necessary to completely abandon mixed cocktails. Even a light cocktail of several ingredients will cause harm and will cause nausea.

Diet and inhibitions for gastritis


Diet for gastritis is very important.

During treatment of gastritis, it is necessary to refuse not only alcohol, but also from other products and bad habits. Diet is half the success in the treatment of gastritis. No medicine can restore the mucous, if not change the way of life that led to gastritis.

It is necessary not only to eat the right products, but also to comply with the regime. Do not take breaks between meals for more than 3 hours. There is a need often and in small portions. Do not eat too hot food, it damages the mucosa of the esophagus and stomach. The following types of food are prohibited:

  • Spicy food. It is necessary to forget about all the spicy dishes. They strongly irritate the stomach, lead to an ulcer. It's not just about black pepper, but about all the spices. You can dried fennel or parsley. Also need to abandon marinades and home-made pickles.
  • Fried dishes. All fried is always tastier than stew and boiled, but it is harmful food. Frying in oil leads to the development of carcinogens. People with chronic gastritis will have to buy a steamer. Not always dishes for a couple of fresh and tasteless. You can find a lot of recipes on the Internet about how to cook food for a couple. Flour products. Some types of flour products are not recommended for eating with gastritis. For example, black bread. It increases the acidity of the gastric juice. White bread can be, but preferably in the form of crackers or toast.
  • Sweets. It is not necessary to completely refuse sweets, but consumption should be reduced. You can not at all cream cakes and cakes, in small quantities you can dry, marshmallow, lucum, sweet crackers. It is good to replace sweets with dried fruits.
  • Fruits. Fruits are useful all, but with gastritis one can not eat acidic fruits, that is grapes, pomegranates, citrus fruits, as they irritate the stomach and increase acidity. Without fear, you can eat pears and apples.
  • Carbonated drinks. It is necessary to exclude them completely. They are harmful to everyone, not just for gastritis. Soda, beer, cocktails, lemonades, carbonated mineral water - all this is harmful to the stomach and intestines. Flavored black teas and kvass are also recommended to be excluded from the diet.
  • Salt. The less salt gets into the body, the better. It delays water and leads to many problems. You can salt food, but in limited quantities.
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These restrictions will help to stop the development of the disease and lead to better health. Taking care of yourself in combination with medicines always helps to achieve a good result.

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